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Fire escapes are very important component of a building’s design, especially in urban areas. But in recent years, fire escapes in America have been decodified as an acceptable solution for a second means of egress by many building codes and authorities having jurisdiction… Architect Peter J. Lagomarsino explores the beauty and functions of this dying feature of American architecture in twenty-five cities in America in his book The Fire Escape: A Visual Survey (Second Edition). thatfireescapebook dot com
2 Feb 2018
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An electrical fire spread in an office building in India causing all the fire escapes to be blocked
29 May 2006
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fire escaped
1 Sep 2007
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Due to the poor condition and quality, the firefighters on the fire escape caused it to break down injuring the people on it and standing under it.
19 Mar 2018
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23 Sep 2008
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Big Brother
15 Sep 2010
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15 Sep 2010
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15 Sep 2010
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Leading online supplier of high-quality, affordable child & baby safety products including window guards, safety gates, fire escape ladders & many other childproofing products. Contact us now at (508) 757-0820 Visit – ***********/
3 May 2010
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*******www.helpingyouto****/escapeladders - AMAZING LIFELINE FIRE ESCAPE LADDERS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF AN IPOD! - AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES. - Fully patented in UK and USA. Fully patented in UK and USA. Prevention Having the LIFELINE Fire Escape Ladder could eliminate the need to jump from a burning building and could prevent you from serious/fatal injury Compact The LIFELINE fire escape ladder measures 12 inches/30cm in length 5 inches/13cm deep 3 inches/8cm wide Making it easily one of the smallest in the world to date and will snugly fit under a window sill or radiator. Weight Weighing no more than 1Kilo it is easy for children to use. The ladder will take up to 1000 lbs/436kg making it possible to carry three people, each rung carries 20 stone/127kg comfortable. Escape ladders like this are hard to find!
14 Jul 2011
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*******www.safeescape**** call Us at 888-735-7522 We are all about Keeping the family safe in a fire emergency, especially the kids. We offer a large variety of fire safety products at competitive online pricing. We're sure that you worry about the safety and well being of your family. Fire ladders, Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms and so much more that we offer for your peace of mind.
5 Feb 2013
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Cameron Diaz gets into character as Miss Hannigan on set of the remake of 1982 musical Annie.
13 Nov 2013
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