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Fire Marshall Bill in School ( Jim Carrey )
13 Jan 2009
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Fire Marshall Bill in National Fire Safety Week
7 Sep 2009
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TV's funniest sketch comedy show returns to MyNetworkTV. Hosted by David Alan Grier, and featuring behind-the-scenes stories, their wildest moments and the show's most outrageous sketches ever! Don’t miss Jim Carrey as Fire Marshal Bill, Damon Wayans as Homey the Clown, Jamie Foxx as ugly Wanda Jackson and much more!
17 May 2008
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jim carrey doing fire marshall bill..
5 Oct 2009
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This is my first non claymation upload its a vid of jim carrey in the old show in living color he plays fire marshal bill
6 Sep 2009
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It's Fire Marshall Bill dressed up as old Saint Nick
7 Oct 2009
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Fire Marshal Bill Burns is one of the most popular fictional characters to emerge from the sketch comedy show In Living Color. He was portrayed by actor Jim Carrey and appeared in 10+ sketches. He is the only character to appear consistently throughout all 5 seasons of ILC. A common sketch would be for Fire Marshal Bill to appear unexpectedly then show how unsafe ordinary activities were by showing himself engaging in off-the-wall, dangerous activities which he responded with "LEMME SHOW YA SOMETHIN!!!!" Examples included where he warned against drinking cocktails on a cruise liner because it would be dangerous if one was holding a vial of hydrochloric acid in the other hand. The climax of the sketch occurred when he would perform the most destructive act involving explosives which would inevitably destroy the set, only to have people running for their lives and his response '"Do not panic, I am a fire marshal!" before the expected destruction. Despite sometimes losing limbs(in one sketch, only his head was left) Fire Marshal Bill was never killed, as he was then seen among those forced out of the destroyed structure. His immortality also lends itself to long life as he apparently performed the same standard of service as a fire marshall on the Titanic as in his own words "Unsinkable? I showed them". The character is widely known to have been modeled as a caricature of Mr. Rogers. The idea was suggested to Carrey by longtime friend and fellow actor Daniel Lichtblau. "Fire Marshal Bill" is a term used to describe someone who is engaging in very risky behavior, such as a man who smokes a cigarette while pumping gas. Examples of Fire Marshal Bill's destruction * Lighting the pilot light when a meteor shower occurred, burning down a house. * Injecting himself with nitroglycerin and then Farting, resulting in an explosion destroying a hospital. * Arming the self-destruct sequence on a futuristic space station, vaporizing it. * Defusing a plastic explosive only to send it to a cruise liner's engine room, reigniting it and forcing everyone to abandon ship. * Throwing a grenade into a fireplace during a Christmas party. * Throwing an explosive in a bar during the Super Bowl, blowing the bar up. * Chopping off his thumb for no reason. * Blowing up a blimp. A video of the Hindenburg's explosion was shown after. * Stop, drop and rolling on thumbtacks. * Setting a fish tank on fire using gasoline. * Plowing a Barbie Power Wheels through a wall. * Dipping his hand in liquid nitrogen then smashing it with a hammer. * Plugging in a projector while standing in a tub of water. * Doing a self operation extracting his intestines and a TV remote then stapling himself shut. * Amputating his own leg. * Drinking an alien from a jar and having it burst from his stomach. * Pouring Gatorade on himself while holding a microphone in his mouth causing him to blow up into a big screen TV. * Having people throw darts at his face. * Sucking laughing gas then shocking his ear and mouth with a defibrillator. * Burning his face on a skillet. * Chopping off his fingers while preparing stir-fry. * Slamming his hand in a door on purpose. * Drinking acid which caused his teeth to launch out of his mouth and onto the chin of a bride. * Jamming an orange in the vibrating bed. * Bouncing on the bed causing him to be impaled on the ceiling lights. * Inflating a sex doll with Hydrogen and igniting it with static electricity blowing up a hotel. * Slamming his hand in a waffle iron. * Sticking his foot under a tree getting it caught in a bear trap. * Replacing a snowman nose with lit dynamite. * Jabbing a sea urchin in his eye. * Squeezing a lemon wedge in his eye. * Shoving and churning his hand through a meat grinder. * Roasting a marshmallow using his index finger
5 Jan 2012
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Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill
7 Aug 2013
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Subscribe for more videos ***********/subscription_center?add_user=hdfunbox Fire Marshal Bill Burns - Jim Carrey portrayed a masochistic (and supposedly immortal) fire marshal with a manic grin and scarred face whose safety advisories usually include demonstrating (on himself) the very disaster he's warning against. (Every sketch illustrates a timeline of readily-visible damage on Bill from previous episodes). Usually, the warnings are against ridiculous situations that would never come to pass, such as a crab people invasion or an outbreak of psychotic elves. Every sketch ends with Fire Marshal Bill blowing up the facility he's teaching at. Despite each sketch showing him lose parts of his body(in one sketch, only his head remained), Bill never died. Catchphrases included "Lemme show ya something!!", "Don't worry folks, i'm a Fire Marshal!" and "It can be very, very DTUHHH-DTUHHH...DEADLY!" (In at least one sketch, the character's full name is given as Fire Marshal Bill Burns.) fire marshal bill fire marshall bill pictures fire marshall bill photos in living color fire marshall bill fire marshall bill quotes fire marshall bill in living color fire marshall bill youtube youtube fire marshall bill jim carrey as fire marshall bill picture of fire marshall bill snl fire marshall bill fire marshal bill burns jim carrey fire marshall bill fire marshall bill laugh fire marshall bill in space fire marshall bill video firemarshall bill fire marshall bill movie fire marshall bill clips fire marshall bill pics fire marshall bill videos fire marshall bill burns fire marshall bill wiki fire marshall bill jim carey in living color fireman bill fire marshall bill costume jim carey as fire marshall bill firemarshal bill jim carey fire marshall bill inliving color fire marshall bill images fire marshall bill hospital fireman bill in living color in livin color in living color full episodes in living color tv show fire marshall bill christmas jim carrey fireman bill fire marshall bill gif inlivingcolor watch in living color online free fire marshall bill episodes livingcolor in living colo jim carey fire marshall liar liar fire marshall bill tv show in living color jim carry funny face jim carrey fireman in living color episodes online watch in living color online living colours youtube living colour in living color full episodes online free new in living color show watch in living color episodes online in lving color living colour show in living color wayans in liveing color in living color episodes online free in living color watch online jim carrey s character on in living color livingcolour watch in living color full episodes keene n i living color watch in living color full episodes online free in living color tv series wayans in living color watch in living color episodes online free keenen waynes the living colour jim carrey tv shows living color movie jim carrey tv series in living colours the living colors livingcolours fire marshal bill fire marshall bill in living color jim carrey statue pouring milk april fools joke haunted house drew barrimore dj khale stuart mad tv skater snaps arm shprockets ghost rapist chris farley chippendales hoodrats gilly the kid fier mrshol bill coolness rocky spoofs doin your mom robort chicken florida fire marshal g i joe 1985 camp jeremy bianca ryan hangover fire marshal santa snl jim carrey comidians snl lunch lady chimneyswift11 darrell toney creepy bubbles commercial citizen soldier evilution of dance buddy holly captain bob copper clappers bobcat goldthwait city hall heart of glass ebay jim carey snl san francisco 49ers dry ice guy arab making bea white white baby funny akatsuki roaches billie rush the trees crip walk ali up wifi wep key jim carrey ice seagram hfng dj rowdy a jim carrey color fier marshil biill savin me chris rock police what is love wkrp venus flytrap william gallas eye flip books harry carry carlos mencia frank caliendo bear trampoline bird wndsheild drew oliver t.i hancock trailer season 6 madtv homey sock deuces chris brown hank williams jr. in my mind smosh jeff foxworthy general patton birthday funny era de milo fluffee fire farts smoke weed jamie foxx boxer im comin home fire and rain fire machal bill iron man dave chappelle hoobastand the reason fart definition fern gully
22 Sep 2013
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KRAZI Bill does it again
14 Dec 2008
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24 May 2009
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the audio sucks, i know but this is hilarious!
12 Oct 2009
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Bill does it second time
17 Nov 2009
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jim carry doing skit from in living color
9 May 2012
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1 Sep 2012
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