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Firon Ki Lash Dunya Kay Liye Ibrat Ka Nishan Hai...Jis Ka Zikar ALLAH ny Quran Me Farmaya Hai.. *******maulanatariqjameelsaab.blogspot****/
13 Dec 2011
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Khawar usman Haral(dhab) chakwal (pakistan)
29 Apr 2009
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The deadbody of firaun......A sign of Allah
6 Sep 2009
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We shall preserve your body today that you may be lesson for those who come after you! As many, a man is heedless of our signs! (The Quran 10-90,92) A miracle, by definition, is a supernatural event beyond the laws of science; it is fulfilled only by Allah's will and power. It has significance and can be confirmed only by those who directly witnessed the event in time. When Francisco Mitra became the president of France in 1981, France requested from the Egyptian government to host the mummy of Pharaoh. For the purpose of running laboratory and archeological examinations on the mummy of the most notorious dictator ever lived on earth. Upon arrival, very royal attendants were there including the French president himself and all ministers who bowed in honor for the Firaun Mummy. When the ceremony ended, the mummy was carried to a specially-designed section at the Archeology Centre of France. Were it started to be tested by the greatest French archeological and anatomical scientists in order to discover more about such a great Firaun Mummy. The scientists were headed by Professor Maurice Bucaille. The scientists were trying to restore the mummy while Professor Maurice Bucaille was mainly concerned with how did this mummy died? The final report of the scientists was released late at night which states that the remaining salt in the mummy is an overt evidence that it was drawn in the sea, and the body was rescued very shortly where it was immediately embalmed to be saved. An amazing thing was still confusing Professor Maurice Bucaille is that how could this body possibly be safer than any other mummy despite being taken out of the sea up until this time. Professor Maurice Bucaille was writing his final report on what he thought would be a new discovery about saving Pharaoh's body immediately after his death and embalming it.
5 Dec 2010
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Join us at Facebook Maulana Tariq Jameel (Official Page) : ********www.facebook****/MaulaanaTariqJameel?ref=stream Maulana Tariq Jameel Fan page : ********www.facebook****/pages/Molana-Tariq-Jameel-lectures/258262980895251 Tablighi jamat 6 numbers Six Principles The method adopted by Muhammad Ilyas was simple. It was to organize units (called jamaats, Arabic: جماعتِ ‎ meaning Assembly) of at least ten persons and send them to various villages. This unit jamaat, would visit a village, invite the local Muslims only to assemble in the mosque and present their message in the form of Six Principles. Muhammad Ilyas articulated six demands in the form of Six Principles which are quintessential to Tabligh Jamaat's teachings. These six principles are: 1. Kalmah: An article of faith in which the tablighi accepts that there is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is His Last messenger". Yet it is not as simple as proclaiming tawheed, rather it also has to do with having conviction that every single thing is done by the will of Allah. Moreover, the fact that not a leaf can fall from the tree yet it has been decreed by Allah. The means of bringing this conviction in one's life requires one to follow the Sunnah (way) of the Prophet Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him). 2. Salah: "Five daily prayers that are essential to spiritual elevation, piety, and a life free from the ills of the material world" The notion that through one's salah, one can directly attain from the treasures of Allah (SWT). However it is not simply praying salah, but praying it in the manner of the Prophet Muhammad, i.e. With concentration and devotion. 3. ilm and Zikr: "The knowledge and remembrance of Allah conducted in sessions in which the congregation listens to preaching by the emir, performs prayers, recites the Quran and reads Hadith as is described in the books like "Tabligi Nisaab' comprising of Fadhaa'il Aa'mal' and other books 4. Ikraam-e-Muslim: "The treatment of fellow Muslims with honor and deference" To Like for other what you like for yourself. 5. Sahih-Niyyat: "Reforming one's life in supplication to Allah by performing every human action for the sake of Allah and toward the goal of self-transformation" 6. Dawt'o' Tableegh(Dawah): "The sparing of time to live a life based on faith and learning its virtues, following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, and taking His message door-to-door for the sake of faith.
18 May 2013
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Islamic Da'wah World *******www.dawahworld****
5 Jun 2014
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20 Apr 2009
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This is the Worst End of a Worst Person in the World.. An Example 4 the Cruel kings of this World..
31 Jul 2012
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Great orator, Author Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi Khalifah Majaaz Astana Aliya Kachocha shareef (India) President ISCC (Islamic supreme council) IN USA Vice president: Moon Sighting Committee of North America Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi was born in Lahore Pakistan; his father Allama Pir Talib Husain Shah (May Allah send mercy upon him) was also very popular Khateeb in Pakistan. Allama Naeemi completed his primary and secondary education in Jamiya Naeemiyah Lahore. He graduated with a B.A from the University of Punjab, after which he was accepted as a student at the Islamic Nehemiah University. After completing B.Ed, from Allama Iqbaal University Islamabad, he graduated with a MA from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences Tanzeem-ul-Madaaris Karachi and MOL Muslim oriental law. Thereafter, he completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology from the Punjab University. Allama Dr. Sefaraaz Naeemi Motivated him to get Islamic Knowledge, so Allama Dr. Sarfarz Naeemi Shaheed was his First teacher .Dr sahib taught him Arabic Morphology and Arabic syntax. Allama Mukhtar shah Naeemi Ashrafi started to deliver lecture in 1988 and in 1998 he went to Dubai for speech. He did Umrah in 1998 and in 1999 he performed Hajj by Road. He gave speeches in Makah and Madinah. In June of 1999, the American Muslim of New York invited him to give speech on Milaad Jaloos. Next year in June of 2000, Allama Naeemi Again Invited for lecture, giving lectures in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, charlotte, Michigan, California san Francisco, live Chicago, Florida, Dallas And Houston. So Houstonians requested him to stay permanently. Since September 7, 2000 till now (February 2012) he has been in one mosque named MASJID Ghous-e Azam Humble (It is Allah's mercy). He visited many countries to propagate Islam including Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada (Calgary, Toronto and Montreal), Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Oman and continues to visit more. Books These books written By Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi, 1. Baat Se Baat 2. Bismillah And Our Life 3. The Answers of 4 Questions Asked By An American 4. Aah (sorrow) 5. Superman in the World 6. Qatl hi Qatl (killing) 7. Muhabbat Kia He (what is love) 8. Father 9. Mother 10. Khutabaat-e America (lectures in America) Teachers His Father Allama Pir Talib Husain Shah, (May Allaah send mercy on him) Allama Mufti Muhammad Husain Naeemi (May Allaah send mercy on him) Dr Sefaraaz Naeemi Al-Azhari Shaheed, (May Allaah send mercy on him) Syed Yaqoob Sha (May Allaah send mercy on him Janab Qari Abdul Majeed Ajmal (May Allaah send mercy on him) Allama Ghulaam Rasool Saeedi, (commentator of Muslim Shareef) Syed Shah Turab ul Haqq Qadri (of Karachi) Allama Dr Professor Tahir-ul-Qadri (founder of Minhaj-ul-Qur'an) Professor Safder Hayaat Safder (famous Advocate in High court) Janab Professor Shakir sahib Spiritual guidance:- First Khalifah he received from His Father Pir Talib Husain Shah (May Allaah send mercy on him) this ceremony was held in Nonariyan(Multan road Lahore) and at that time a popular speaker named Syed Yaqoob Shah of Phaliyah gave Jubbah Cloak to Allama Naeemi. Second Pir Syed Raza Shah Gilani of Pir Kot Shareef (May Allaah send mercy on him) gave khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar shah Naeemi Ashrafi. Third Sheikh Ul Islam Allama Pir Syed Madni Miyan Sajjadah Nasheen Astana Aaliyah Kachocha Shareef India gave khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi on August 26, 2001 in America. Fourth Pir Tareeqat Teacher of Teachers Hazrat Allama Zubair Naqshbandi Malki Attaasi Alvee Gave Khilaafat to Allama Mukhtar shah, in 2008. Activities In America Allama Mukhtar Shah Naeemi Ashrafi started his career on September 7, 2000 and with the mercy of Allaah he is still there propagating Islam day and night. He has given lectures for 9 years on the radio before Maghrib Azaan. In Ramadan Allama sahib gives 90 lectures: one during the morning on the radio, second before Maghrib Azaan on the radio and third after taraweeh at the mosque and by end of the Month of Ramadan, the total reaches to at least 90 lectures. In last 10 years, 25 people have accepted Islam through him. Awards Allama Dr Tahir-ul- Qadri sahib gave him Ijaza permit to narrate the Ahadith with all chains. In 2011 Syed Shah Turab-ul- Haqq taught him Hadith and took him as his student.
18 Dec 2012
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smoker firon
8 Mar 2012
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