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First boot and set up of my new iPhone 4S.
20 Oct 2011
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This is how a MacBook boots. First you get a nice logo then a welcome message in many languages. Then... Okay, see for yourself. You have to know this before purchasing a MacBook, don't you.
14 Oct 2007
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My iMac G3 Starting into Mac OS 9
10 Mar 2008
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this is my macbook unboxing with a good processor
27 Jun 2009
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When you first boot your new Macintosh with Mac OS X Leopard (the latest version), this video plays. It's really cool! To see it in HD high resolution, download it with the Metacafe application.
12 Oct 2008
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Update::::4/16/08 Since Iv posted this, its gotten quite a few views (more than I expected), so I feel their is a good deal of interest in people doing this mod themselves. It gotten alot easier since I first did itso here are the simplified instructions (faily tx2000z specific): 1)Make a partition ~10gb 2) Restart computer with LEO4ALL DVD, so much easier than the zepherous DVD for the tx series. 3) Press f9 to boot from cd, choose boot from cd 4)It will start to load and then stop, slide the power button once or twice, it will continue. 5)When you get into the install screen, go to disk utility (somewhere at the top) and choose your 10gb partition and erase it and change it to a journaled partition. 6)Exit that and continue with install, choose correct partition but go to settings/options. 7)Choose AMD patcher and anything else you think will work (nothing else really worked for me). 8)install. 9)Pretty good chance it wont boot when you restart. You need to insert your windows recovery cd and fix the boot order. You may have to go to command line and make your first windows partition active using disk part (google for instructions)to be able to fix the boot order. 9)reboot and you can choose to boot into windows or NST MAC of something like that. Windows should work and choosing mac and the the second or third partition option on the next screen should boot you into mac.**** **** You may have trouble setting mac up. This at least means your close. If it goes into a setup loop, just type "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32". It should change the resolution and bypass the setup screen. You only have to do that once and it auto setsup and root account. You're done. Ryan This too me forever to get running. As alot of people know, a few gurus have been working hard to get Leopard running on regular PCs. You usually have to have special hardware (like specific motherboards etc). However after many many hours of work I got it to run on the super propriatary HP TX2000Z. It is HPs new tablet, and it makes it the first tablet MAC that Iv seen anywhere!!!! I followed the Nihilist guide (which looks to have been taken down). I installed to my desktop which was much easier (becuase its custom built with hardware that is compatible). After you do one or two of these installs then you may try one on a brand name laptop. All laptopo are different too, some much easier and other impossible. Anyway whats different from this pc from you average laptop install is the following: 1) You need to press f9 in bios startup to choose boot from cd everytime you startup from the install iso. 2) I had to use the zepheryth (spelling?) ISO becuase this was a AMD install which is a modified kalyway disk. You may have to try several time to get a working install because there are several configs to choose from. Make sure you install darwin boot loader if vista is already installed. 3) When the disk is first booting (after you told the bios to boot from cd), you MAY need to slide the power button on the laptop over to get it reading from the disk. Its weird but is a sata pata hdd controller issue. Im not sure why it works, i figured it out on accident becuase i was giving up and trying to turn my laptop off. 3) Once everything is installed you may have to lower the resolution the first time to get the OS X to boot because this will disable the setup mode. You have to disable setup to avoid 'transferring from tiger' unless you have an old tiger setup readliy available. NOTE: i also had to command line it to think the install was already completed. I had to google for instructions on how to do this, was tough to find. Anyway all of this is from memory from a month ago, good luck. Let me know if you get it working! Also...sadly my install stopped working when i tried to Nject drivers for nvidea. Dont do that unless you know more than i did about it! Dont have the patientce to get it working again. Ryan
2 Sep 2008
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My first boot of my brand new hp touchsmart computer.
3 Mar 2009
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Justin and Paul discuss the women’s Lucchese 1883 boots. Appropriately named for the year Lucchese created it's first boots, the 1883 brand is reminiscent of the traditional hallmarks of handcrafted boots noted with that era. With 1883, Lucchese rededicates its century-long commitment to craftsmanship and quality while incorporating “fashionable up to the minute” styling for your lifestyle. Lucchese 1883, a true modern classic. Check out PFI’s exclusive Lucchese Black and Brown Quilled Ostrich Boots. Great to wear with boots and skirts. Watch Shopping Western Style each week on RFD-TV or at *******www.pfiwestern****/shoppingwesternstyle
17 Mar 2009
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Here is a video guide (speed is fast forward so that you do not have to wait) on how one can effortlessly install latest Ubuntu 9.04 to dual boot with Windows XP. Installation process is quite straight forward, nevertheless this is a video to show you how easy it is. :) Note after ubuntu installation, when you first boot to Windows, it will detect someone shrink it's partition and will help you to fix it, do not skip it and let it run. Once finish watching the video, why not visit my tech blog at *******idavespot****. Cheers :)
3 Aug 2009
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In this video Monica, from La Habra California, talks about *******BootCampFX**** and the results she experienced after just 10 days of her first boot camp. You Can Be next! Go to *******BootCampFX**** for the Try Before You Buy Special: Try Boot Camp FX for 1-Week! Enroll Online and You Get $100 Off!
10 Jun 2009
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Nick Reece, 23, Narranga, Financial Manager, talks about how he enjoyed his first Boot Camp session at New Farm Park with Personal Trainer Chris Tuck
14 Oct 2009
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Download From Here : ******* Fully automatic installation. - Quick installation of the operating system using the image DiskImage. Installation: Prepare min 20 GB of disk-Section Burn ISO to DVD Make a DVD-Rom as the first boot Loads System requirements: 1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor 2 GB RAM 20 GB of free disk space CRC32: 2B9E3A24 MD5: A7759CE3C4F801EB267E85B3DA1E4DF1 SHA-1: EB8F62F09F5E4507C1337E8DF8D328EBC742A198 On file: Enabling | reg code: not required Language: English File Format: iso Platform: 64bit
17 Jan 2013
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*******www.WindowsXPRepairedin27Minutes**** How To Change First Boot Device in BIOS To Enable Windows XP Repair Boot from CD or DVD Drive How To Change First Boot Device to CD To Enable Windows XP Repair Boot from CD or DVD Drive
18 Oct 2012
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ATI HD 3780 Ati2dvag.dll problem: This is fresh&clean XP without anything on hdd.
29 Oct 2009
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Please donate any amount of money to my paypal which is kivi12kaol**** Better Quality: ******* This is a tutorial on how to dual boot windows and backtrack. To do this you will first need a copy of windows installed on your computer and you will also need to download and burn to a disk a copy of backtrack live cd. ok first boot into the live cd and open up a shell. Its alot of code so just hang in there :) Steps: 1)mount 2)umount (the hda drive) 3)qtparted (follow vid) 4)fdisk /dev/hda 5)n (for new) 6)p (for partition) 7)2 (number of partition) 8)hit enter for default 9)+64M 10)n 11)p 12)3 13)hit enter 14)+2048M 15)n 16)p 17)hit enter 18)hit enter 19)t 20)3 21)82 22)a 23)2 24)w 25)mke2fs /dev/hda2 26)mkswap /dev/hda3 27)swapon /dev/hda3 #enable the swap 28)mkreiserfs /dev/hda4 29)mkdir /mnt/bt 30)mount /dev/hda4 /mnt/bt/ 31)mkdir /mnt/bt/boot 32)mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/bt/boot 33)cp --preserve -R /(bin,dev,home,pentest,root,usr,boot,etc,lib,opt,sbin,var) /mnt/bt/ 34)mkdir /mnt/bt/(mnt,tmp,proc,sys) 35)chmod 1777 /mnt/bt/tmp/ 36)mount -t proc proc /mnt/bt/proc 37)mount -o bind /dev /mnt/bt/dev/ 38)chroot /mnt/bt/ /bin/bash 39)nano /etc/lilo***nf 40)Edit the 2 lines that i showed in the video 41)hit control-o 42)hit control-x 43)lilo -v 44)exit 45)reboot Ok thats all. If all worked it should look the same as in my video. If you need any help feel free to PM me or shoot me an instant message, a donation would also be appreciated. You can instant message me at: AIM - kivi12kaol**** WINDOWS MESSENGER - kivi12khotmail**** YAHOO MESSENGER - kivi12kymail****
6 Aug 2009
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I have tested this and it worked for me. I hope you like, any questions regarding this topic please don't hesitate to ask. Note: Don't forget to change your first boot device to CD-ROM in BIOS setup inorder to load the OPHRACK. NOTE: These softwares are FREE. 1. Download OPHCRACK software here: *******ophcrack.sourceforge****/ 2. Download CD Burner. *******www.snapfiles****/download/dlburncdcc.html or from other websites. BurnCDCC allows you to burn an ISO file to a blank CD or DVD disc. If you install other CD Burner softwares they might ask for Administrator password, when installing BurnCDCC it will not ask for Administrator Password. Click on the link to view screen shots of OPHCRACK setup step by step: *******pcsupport.about****/od/toolsofthetrade/ss/ophcracksbs.htm Before the password recovery process starts, OPHCRACK will give you 3 options. 1. OPHCRACK Graphic Mode 2. OPHCRACK Graphich VESA mode. 3. OPHRACK Text Mode. I did text mode. ---------------------------- HOW TO BOOT FROM USB DEVICE? 1. Extract or Burn the Ophcrack iso file to USB drive. 2. You have to download a file if you want to boot from USB. The file name is "usboph" The link is the following: *******www.pendrivelinux****/creating-a-bootable-usb-ophcrack/ Download the file and extract it to USB drive along with OPHCRACK files, then open usb drive there will be file named "MakeBoot". Double Click the file, a Dos window will appear , Press any Key. Thats it! --------------------------------- NOTE: This may not work on some systems.
15 Feb 2010
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