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Nothing beats having a 2 hour traditional Chinese rub down at an Asian Massage Parlor. They spend the first hour stimulating all the acupressure points in the feet which connects your meridians (energy channels) to the rest of your body.
29 Aug 2010
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Breastfeeding babies immediately after birth can prevent a significant number of neonatal deaths in developing countries, said UNICEF during this year’s World Breastfeeding Week. Werner Schultink, UNICEF Chief of Nutrition: "There are scientific evidence that shows if children are given breast milk within the first hour after birth, in conditions like Ghana or other African countries, there is a substantial reduction in neonatal mortality. If we were to breastfeed all children all children exclusively for six months, we could possibly save more than 1 million child lives every year." Breast milk is so much more than just food; it protects babies from diseases such as diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections; it also stimulates the immune systems and improves their response to vaccinations. Despite all the benefits, there are still many mothers around the world who don't breastfeed. Werner Schultink, UNICEF Chief of Nutrition: "The very first milk which a mother secretes immediately after birth contains a great deal of substances, which no infant formula can provide. It contains a specific amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins - ideal for the newborn. The protective factor is so unique, that no single formula can provide. If you want, it's basically the first immunization the child gets in his or her life." Working with partners, UNICEF continues to promote breastfeeding as the best way to provide food for a baby's first six months. Here in Venezuela, mothers from the indigenous Wayuu community are learning about breastfeeding during a nationwide health campaign. At this community hospital in Burkina Faso, lactating mothers are receiving treatment for illnesses like malaria. Supporting breastfeeding means caring for the health of the mother as well as the health of their babies. Through supporting the government policies, and improving community-based health care, UNICEF supports mothers around the globe to exclusively breastfeed, and breastfeed immediately after birth.
28 May 2008
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Make sure to breastfeed your baby within the first hour after birth. This keeps baby healthy and strong, and strengthens the bond between mother and child.
10 Sep 2008
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gabes first hours
2 Nov 2009
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*******www.Prevent-Sweating**** - You’re about to learn 4 little known herbal remedies for sweating that are sure to alleviate the perspiration where all other deodorants and treatments have failed. When I first found these 4 herbal remedies for sweating and started implementing them, the effects were nearly instantaneous. Within the first hour (one of them within just minutes) the sweating was stifled and I was dry throughout the day.
24 Apr 2009
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If you really liked the videos .. join the "sharma production fan club" community on orkut.
5 May 2008
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BY JOE DEUTSCHMANN Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Mike Tyson may be notorious for brutality in the ring and antics on the screen, but a new Animal Planet series about the man’s love for pigeons could put his legacy in a more positive light. MIKE TYSON: “The first day I ever fought, I must have been a ten-year-old kid. This was the most frightening day of my life. The reason for the fight was because the guy ripped the head off my pigeon. It’s the first thing I ever loved in my life: the pigeon.” (Animal Planet) The show is called Taking on Tyson, and it focuses on the former heavyweight champion’s efforts to train pigeons for competitive racing in New Jersey. It may sound bizarre, but it’s what some are calling Tyson’s true comeback. The Chicago Tribune’s RedEye says the show was surprising. “I first thought it was another odd turn in Tyson's tumultuous life, maybe even a ploy to return to the spotlight. But through interviews with his friends, archive footage and Tyson's own words, he's convinced me that he's quite sincere.” But not everyone is convinced. In guest commentary for The Huffington Post - PETA president Ingrid Newkirk says the show is good for Tyson’s wallet, but bad for the birds. “Tyson has expressed his excitement … at the fat check he is getting from Animal Planet. …Many of the boxer's fans will casually acquire birds and just as quickly tire of the idea when their birds fail to come home in one piece or at all. Taking on Tyson will sentence countless birds to life in a cramped cage and a bad end.” Newkirk isn’t the only person frustrated by the show. Here’s what Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter had to say about the six-episode series: “The series repeats itself so many times during the first hour that you’re tempted to bite the remote in half.” Repetitive or not, the show highlights a side of Tyson most people have never seen. Here’s a clip of Tyson reflecting on his childhood: “My life sucked as a kid. I was bullied. I hate my childhood life, but you know, it is what it is. I don’t miss this neighborhood, but I’m proud that I’m from here. I’m proud. Yeah, I’m proud.” New episodes of Taking on Tyson will air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to receive updates in your stream Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
8 Mar 2011
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this footage was shot from our balcony in a resort on the turks and caicos islands...this was our very first hour being there....we got slammed! stay tuned for more mayhem and the aftermath of hurricane's Hanna, Gustave, & Ike, as we survived all three!
17 Dec 2008
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Doing videos is kind of addicting. I did like three in the first hour! Hey, if I'm gonna catch a ghost on video. Like a clear, real life ghost... something no one else has every seemed to do (even those stupid ghost hunting shows on TV) I'm going to have to get used to the camera. So here you go, more about me and my awesomeness... oh and my room.
12 Feb 2011
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If you really liked the videos .. join the "sharma production fan club" community on orkut.
5 May 2008
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Friday Prayer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 1: Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) saying, "We (Muslims) are the last (to come) but (will be) the foremost on the Day of Resurrection though the former nations were given the Holy Scriptures before us. And this was their day (Friday) the celebration of which was made compulsory for them but they differed about it. So Allah gave us the guidance for it (Friday) and all the other people are behind us in this respect: the Jews' (holy day is) tomorrow (i.e. Saturday) and the Christians' (is) the day after tomorrow (i.e. Sunday)." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 2: Narrated 'Abdullah bin Umar: Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) said, "Anyone of you attending the Friday (prayers) should take a bath." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 3: Narrated Ibn 'Umar: While Umar bin Al-Khattab was standing and delivering the sermon on a Friday, one of the companions of the Prophet, who was one of the foremost Muhajirs (emigrants) came. 'Umar said to him, "What is the time now?" He replied, "I was busy and could not go back to my house till I heard the Adhan. I did not perform more than the ablution." Thereupon 'Umar said to him, "Did you perform only the ablution although you know that Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) used to order us to take a bath (on Fridays)?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 4: Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) said, "The taking of a bath on Friday is compulsory for every male (Muslim) who has attained the age of puberty." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 5: Narrated Abu Said: I testify that Allah's Apostle said, "The taking of a bath on Friday is compulsory for every male Muslim who has attained the age of puberty and (also) the cleaning of his teeth with Siwak, and the using of perfume if it is available." Amr (a sub-narrator) said, "I confirm that the taking of a bath is compulsory, but as for the Siwak and the using of perfume, Allah knows better whether it is obligatory or not, but according to the Hadith it is as above.") -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 6: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) said, "Any person who takes a bath on Friday like the bath of Janaba and then goes for the prayer (in the first hour i.e. early), it is as if he had sacrificed a camel (in Allah's cause); and whoever goes in the second hour it is as if he had sacrificed a cow; and whoever goes in the third hour, then it is as if he had sacrificed a horned ram; and if one goes in the fourth hour, then it is as if he had sacrificed a hen; and whoever goes in the fifth hour then it is as if he had offered an egg. When the Imam comes out (i.e. starts delivering the Khutba), the angels present themselves to listen to the Khutba." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 7: Narrated Abu Huraira: While 'Umar (bin Al-Khattab) was delivering the Khutba on a Friday, a man entered (the mosque). 'Umar asked him, "What has detained you from the prayer?" The man said, "It was only that when I heard the Adhan I performed ablution (for the prayer)." On that 'Umar said, "Did you not hear the Prophet saying: 'Anyone of you going out for the Jumua prayer should take a bath'?". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volume 2, Book 13, Number 8: Narrated Salman-Al-Farsi: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "Whoever takes a bath on Friday, purifies himself as much as he can, then uses his (hair) oil or perfumes himself with the scent of his house, then proceeds (for the Jumua prayer) and does not separate two persons sitting together (in the mosque), then prays as much as (Allah has) written for him and then remains silent while the Imam is delivering the Khutba, his sins in-between the present and the last Friday would be forgiven."
3 Jan 2010
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The over-the-top snowboarding franchise is back and we've got hands-on playing the first hour!
29 Feb 2012
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