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Today we are going to start looking at Canada in more detail. I will share a little history, the way each province and territory is today and then reveal some of the must see’s and do’s. I will begin our journey in Newfoundland and Labrador.
27 Feb 2012
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Canada travel has to mean travel to Ottawa, Ottawa, Canadas capital. Ottawa may be may be one of Canadas best kept Canada travel secrets. Ottawa is a winter and summer Canada travel destination, but we like it in the winter especially. Ottawas magnificent neo-Gothic parliament building is one of the most impressive in Canada and in North America. The changing of the Guard at Ottawas parliament building is a colorful, dramatic spectacle making Canadians proud and delighting Family Travelers. Ottawas five mile Rideau Canal, may be the longest, happiest ice skating rink in North America. Kids, grandparents, couples in love fill the skate the canal with a hot chocolate in hand or cup of coffee. Ottawas heart is the ByWard Market and no Travel Canada or Canada Travel holiday is complete without a visit to the market. ByWard is similar to Bostons Quincy Market and the waterfront of Baltimore. Moroccan, Turkish, German restaurants are side by side and Ottawa is alive here with antiques, Chinese art galleries and shops selling books and furniture and hot sauce. Visit Ottawas National Gallery, one of Canadas best. It looks out at the Basilica of Notre Dame and Parliament Hill. Visit Ottawas Museum of Civilization. Exhibits honor Canadas many First Nation peoples. If Quebec City is very French, Ottawa is very British making Canada Travel very rewarding.
10 Apr 2007
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Lake Demons: airs Wednesday April 15th at 9PM - A fifty-foot monster is said to lurk beneath the cold, isolated waters of North America. The stories from Lake Okanagan date back to the earliest First Nation peoples, who lived in fear of this terrifying creature in the lake that became known as “Ogopogo.” According to eyewitness accounts, this ominous creature has a large snake-like body, large eyes and can move at high speeds Visit the official website at *******www.history****/monsterquest
10 Dec 2010
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