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My first PIC microcontroller project, using cell phone, motion detector (and/or smoke detector), laser barrier.
4 Jan 2008
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My basic robot uses 2 Pna4602M Ir Sensors, pic 16F628A, 2 modified Rc servo motors. It avoids something at the video.Project was built at 2006
17 Jul 2010
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Please subscribe for regular movie news. This time Justice League Of America will be live action, despite earlier rumours. Lindsay Lohan is doing the opposite of a JLo First pic of the Sex And The City movie Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to star in Paul First review of Doomsday? omg Michael Bays Friday 13th remake
27 Sep 2007
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First photo of Del Toro in Wolf Man mode as he meets legendary make-up guru Rick Baker.
19 Sep 2007
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21 Nov 2009
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Radar Online reports Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have rejected a $4 million dollar offer from an Australian news outlet interested in publishing the first photos of their baby daughter, North. The reason? Kris Jenner! The Kardashian family matriarch's talk show is sinking, so she gets to reveal the first pic on Friday's episode in hopes of boosting ratings! But believe it or not Kim and Kanye were never waiting on the highest bidder and were always planning on giving it all away to charity anyways! Supposedly, there is still a $10 million dollar offer out there and you guessed it, the couple is still considering taking it... for charity of course!
25 Aug 2013
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September 2001 My first time in Sharm El Sheikh My first pics taken with little underwater camera... ... Look for same pics in Metacafe (slideshow) Enjoy...
24 Jun 2007
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first i love this song second thats my family pic and the first pic is my friends so hope u like it
15 Oct 2007
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Great song by Ruslana, winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2004. I neither own the song nor the pictures. First pic: *******karmasymphony.webs****/b33797.jpg Second pic: *******www.undergroundwebworld****/Videos/ruslana.large.jpg Hope you enjoy! ;]
18 Mar 2013
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Check out my FB Page! : *******www.facebook****/Jmac1000000 Link to first pic: *******good-wallpapers****/pictures/6290/Black%20Rock%20Shooter.jpg Link to Second pic (high demand) :*******www.testriffic****/resultfiles/24884DarkAngel.jpg I do Requests! Comment below or pm me! I do not own the original content. I just remixed it Skillet's whispers in the dark, good song, possibly made better? You decide. Dont forget to rate and sub :D
30 Mar 2013
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Selena Gomez kissing Drew Seeley for the movie "Another Cinderella Story" btw, the first pic IS NOT photoshopped! Pictures: OCEANUP.COM Song: BURNING UP by the JONAS BROTHERS!
6 Sep 2009
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Copyright to the owners, etc. I do not own this. Song:Infinite Dreams Album:Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Band:Iron Maiden first pic is the LIVE single and the second is the album "Infinite Dreams" is about a man who sees disturbing visions about afterlife and other mystic things in his dreams, but is scared about if he will ever be able wake up again. It starts with a soft guitar solo, which is then joined by Bruce Dickinson's singing as well as the rest of the band. The song starts out quite peaceful, but gets progressively heavier towards the songs climax. The LIVE version was the only one released as a single. It was recorded in November 1988 on the tour promoting Seventh Son of A Seventh Son and was released the following year.
4 Nov 2011
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My weight loss progress in pictures. For more information: diet.rosierambles****/ FYI, I just noticed a typo "I will make another video." I don't feel like editing again. Also, I am not promoting eating disorders (or any extreme), but recovery. Lastly, my weight loss was not eating disorder related. I go through up and down periods of healthy weight loss and this is my progress. Highest weight: 195 lbs Weight of first pic (left): 147.0 Current Weight: 126.0 lbs (most recent pic) Total last in pictures: 21 lbs Total loss to date: 69 lbs
29 Oct 2011
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Video with name of allah and miracles First pic i see this ward الله with my eyes mashaalah
30 Jun 2014
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Bad Apple!!! - Music Box Version OKAY!!! THEN THERE IS COPYRIGHT, SO WHAT?!?!?!?!?! JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG PLEASE!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD I made this remix for not gaining anything of it or earning money with it, soooooo you shouldn't have a problem with this video :3 I used a few notes from an orchestral synthesia tutorial by Spiritsoulxx, gonna search for the link, the vid is worth a like :D BTW, I'll reupload the song to Mediafire :) IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS MUSIC BOX VERSION: YOU MAY!!!!! Just CREDIT me!!!!!!! :D Made with my favourite music app for Apple iPod/iPhone and iPad, "Music Studio 2"!! This song is one of my absolute favourite japanese songs, so I decided to arrange it an make a music box version of it. Enjoy!! Follow me on facebook! I am glad about every like I get!!! If you do not have facebook but want to contact me: xxsingmusicforeverxxgooglemail**** or, if you know how to do it (I do NOT) send me a message via YouTube! I do not own the pictures I used, they belong to their rightful owners, I just found them on Google. I will not shut the links (below) down, but you must understand that I don't want to get any problems and do not upload any other picture from now on. Link to the Moukou Pic at 1:18: *******imgur****/DSEcB First Pic: *******imgur****/CJbiJ
12 Jun 2013
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Watch in 720p HD for better audio and video! FIRST OFFICIAL STILL LINKS First poster: ***********/media/rm3212018944/tt1324999 Bella clutching feathers: *******www.heyuguys******/images/2010/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-first-pic.jpg Bedward in bed: ***********/media/rm3749938432/tt1324999?slideshow=1 Bedward in the bathroom: *******images4.fanpop****/image/photos/18300000/Robsten-twilight-series-18377923-640-422.jpg First Isle Esme picture: *******cullenboysanonymous****/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/IsleEsme.jpg Carmen and Eleazar Denali: ***********/media/rm922663168/tt1324999 Bella and Edward's embrace: ***********/media/rm905885952/tt1324999 Volturi: ***********/media/rm889108736/tt1324999 Bella and Edward play chess: ***********/media/rm872331520/tt1324999 Isle Esme breakfast: ***********/media/rm855554304/tt1324999 Jacob running: ***********/media/rm838777088/tt1324999 Pre-wedding Bella and Alice: ***********/media/rm821999872/tt1324999 Bedward waterfall embrace: ***********/media/rm1073658112/tt1324999 Bedward in Rio de Janeiro: ***********/media/rm1056880896/tt1324999 Jacob riding his bike: ***********/media/rm1040103680/tt1324999 Esme and the Denali sisters: ***********/media/rm939440384/tt1324999 There are many more out there, these were just the first few ones! :) Official Trailer link: ***********/watch?v=U4d_qIGAiCE In case you're having trouble hearing the voiceovers, this is what they say: CHARLIE: "You look beautiful..." BELLA: "Thanks." EDWARD: "I promise to love you every moment of forever." BELLA: "Rosalie..." EDWARD: "You don't want this." BELLA: "I can't believe you said that." JACOB: "Not before you've... you've even lived!" BELLA: "I decided this, not him." BELLA: "Why are you so against it?" JACOB: "It makes me sick... Bella... Please..." ALICE: "They're coming here." BELLA: "I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face-to-face with death... Dying in love seems like a good way to go." Disclaimer: Don't own clips or music. All rights go to their rightful owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
26 Nov 2011
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