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The is an excerpt from a documentary on the first responders at ground zero. John Sferazo, President/Co-Founder of Unsung Heroes Helping Heroes is interviewed by Charlie Frick. Visit for more info: www.unsunghhh****
14 Mar 2008
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911 - First Responders Game Video
4 Sep 2008
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Respond is a short, 7 minute compilation which depicts the health effects of the toxic dust from the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11 first responders. These heroes volunteered their time after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and are now paying the ultimate price. Please feel free to download a DVD image of this video, burn it to disc, and show first responders in your area what their brothers and sisters in New York are going through. Find the DVD ISO file at *******www.departure-productions****/respond/ Donate today to the Fealgood Foundation at *******www.fealgoodfoundation****/ The creators of this video are not associated with the Fealgood Foundation in any way, but we appreciate their fine efforts, and we encourage you to find a way to support them and the 9/11 first responders who are suffering.
6 Sep 2008
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Texas residents in Bridge City have been devastated by the flooded waters in their homes. As first responders meet the needs of the community, Operation Blessing is helping residents such as Sheriff Deputy Mike Leleux remove debris and gut out his home. By providing disaster relief services such as removing drywall and clearing out debris, Operation Blessing is helping the community of Bridge City to get back to normalcy as they rebuild their lives after Ike's devastation.
27 Sep 2008
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Matt Bruce is a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Dedicated War Veteran, and First Responder to the World Trade Center with the FDNY (New York Fire Department) He discusses what it was like to be in the FDNY responding to the World Trade Center after its collapse, our Government and how our freedoms are in peril to a bloated Government.
30 Dec 2010
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The World Trade Center Health Program claims there is not enough scientific evidence that some 9/11 First Responders are suffering from rare cancer because of their rescue efforts on September 11th (therefore they will not get public funding to treat their illness). Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.
9 Aug 2011
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Here what this eyewitness say caused the 47 floor skyscraper to come down.
25 Mar 2008
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Senator Charles Schumer visited the crash site for the first time today, getting a close look at the crash scene of flight 3407.
17 Feb 2009
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Safety is top concern at The Next Chapter of LNG Fire Protection symposium Marinette, Wisconsin, USA – November 22, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Complete fire protection for human lives, communities, facilities and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) itself was the main focus of the two-day symposium that ANSUL hosted October 17 – 18, 2006. Industry experts spoke on such safety topics as "Facility Emergency Response," "Challenges Facing First Responders," "Exposure Protection," and "LNG Preparedness" among others. Over 70 attendees from around the globe came together to participate in this one-of-a-kind information and technology exchange symposium. Their attendance showed their support for LNG as a valuable energy source. "LNG has a very low incident rate and is a relatively safe product compared to other energy sources such as petroleum or gasoline," said Dennis Kennedy, Vice President and General Manager, Engineered Systems/Foam Products. "However, many attendees voiced their concern over the misconception the general public has regarding the safety of LNG," said Kennedy. Education of the public on the safety standards set in place was part of a roundtable discussion at the symposium and it was determined that more needed to be done to inform communities about LNG safety. The public would benefit from knowing the strict standards governing LNG safety are overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), U.S. Coast Guard (USGC) within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) within the Department of Transportation (DOT). With government agencies working alongside private companies such as ANSUL, the public can be assured that all matters of safety are being addressed. ANSUL provides more fire suppression products throughout the world than any other one company and is committing its knowledge and resources to make the LNG industry as safe as possible. The ANSUL research and development department, its full line of fire suppression products and world-famous training capabilities are keys to LNG fire protection peace-ofmind.
20 Dec 2006
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Michelin Offers Tire Safety Videos Online and a Chance to Thank Local Safety Providers Michelin has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for unmatched customer satisfaction every year since the tire awards began, but for all of its product superiority, there are some things that even Michelin can't do, like check the tire pressure and tread wear on your vehicle every month. Michelin marks the beginning of National Tire Safety Week, April 22-28, 2007, by encouraging drivers to keep tire maintenance top of mind during the upcoming summer travel season and throughout the year. Michelin will also kick-off year two of Michelin's Driving America's Safety program for first responders on April 23 as part of its broader tire safety awareness and education campaign that will run throughout the summer and fall.
20 Apr 2007
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John Feal participates in a rare tripple kidney transplant operation to bring awareness for organ donation needs to help the ailing 9/11 first responders. Visit *******peppini**** or *******fealgoodfoundation**** for more.
2 Sep 2007
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For decades automakers have researched crash safety with controlled experiments. And the use of seat belts, airbags, and roll cages have all dramatically improved occupant safety. Until now, real world crashes were too unpredictable and therefore difficult to gather accurate information from. Safety researchers trying to reconstruct injuries in a crash have had to rely on engineering estimates of collision velocities and vehicles motions, before, during and after the collision to make dynamic assessments. But now, improved vehicle technology is making it possible to study actual crashes. A new partnership between The University of Michigan Medical School and OnStar is working to collect crash and injury information from specific vehicle crashes. Acting as an eyewitness, OnStar’s Advanced Automatic Crash Notification transmits the crash severity, number of airbags deployed and location of the vehicle to an adviser, who passes that information along to first responders. With the permission of the owners and occupants the medical information, histories and x-rays are gathered and combined with the vehicle information to get a greater understanding of why injuries occur. This new research tool has the potential to improve emergency medical response techniques and improve vehicle safety. Produced for General Motors
27 Sep 2007
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Verizon Wireless, owner and operator of the nation's most reliable wireless network, has been called upon by state officials to serve as a vital communications link for first responders in the areas affected by the extreme drought and forest fire conditions impacting South Central and Southeast Georgia.
6 Mar 2008
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Pelican Flashlights and LED Flashlights are bright, durable & dependable. Many First Responders rely on the quality of Pelican Flashlights everyday. *******www.envirosafetyproducts****/category/pelican-flashlights.html
1 May 2008
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Truth Rising feat. Alex Jones + WeAreChange *******www.infowars****/truthrising/ Seven years after the attacks of September the Eleventh, a global awakening has taken place, the likes of which the world has never seen. As the corporate-controlled media dwindles into extinction, a new breed of journalists and activists has emerged. Join Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and others as they set out on a mission determined to expose the ruthless global elite, and alert the masses to the truth about 9/11 tv fakery (oops ;). Strap in and get ready to ride along as criminal overlords David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, John McCain, and many others are confronted about their lies and manipulation. Join also 9/11 TV Fakery (oops ;) Including interviews with Jesse Ventura, Rosie O'Donnell, George Carlin, Willie Nelson and Martin Sheen, this film is unlike anything you have ever seen. the only question after viewing it is, will you become part of the Truth Rising. The documentary provides an in-depth look at the plight of 9/11 first responders, many afflicted with serious health problems from the toxicity of Ground Zero and Video Manipulations (oops ;). Truth Rising reveals and challenges the astounding arrogance and negligence of the government in regard to the heroic efforts of first responders, police, and fire-fighters. Truth Rising indicts the administration of Rudy Giuliani and that of the EPA and Christine Todd Whitman, who proclaimed the air in lower Manhattan was safe to breathe, contrary to numerous warnings to the contrary. Truth Rising is a tool for 9/11 activists and no-planers (oops ;) The 9/11 TV Fakery Chronicles (oops ;): Part One, Truth Rising is the first extensive documentary on the 9/11 truth movement. It serves as an ideal educational tool for those either uninformed about this growing movement or those wanting to know more. It is imperative that Truth Rising reach as many people as possible. Please purchase a copy of Truth Rising, make copies, and give them to your family, friends, and strangers on the street. Featuring 9/11 TV Fakery.... oops ; Truthrising Alex Jones 9/11 Chronicles Truth Rising Luke George Carlin Giuiliani Clinton Obama McCain Bush WTC7 Truthrising Alex Jones 9/11 Chronicles Truth Rising Luke George Carlin Giuiliani Clinton Obama McCain Bush WTC7 inside job no-planes 911tvfakery *wink to Test Dpt.- Total State Machine, Zoviet France - Monomishe, Disco Circus - Martin Circus
30 Aug 2009
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Article taken from Raw Story: During a town hall event in Portsmouth, OH on Wednesday, John McCain was asked by a member of the audience whether his links to the parent organization of the Project for a New American Century explain why he has been reluctant to support calls for a new investigation of 9/11. The questioner began, "I was curious about a document. Back in September of 2000, the Project for a New American Century, or PNAC, whose members included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz, wrote a document entitled 'Rebuilding Americans Defenses.'" As McCain turned and paced away from him, the questioner continued, "In it, they state, quote, "The process of transformation, even if it bring revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor." "Now, many Americans believe that that 'new Pearl Harbor' event took place on 9/11," the questioner went on, as McCain grimaced slightly. "And according to a recent New York Times and CBS News poll, 84% of Americans believe that there were some criminal elements of our government involved in 9/11." Calls of disapproval began to arise from the audience, but the questioner shot back, "Hold on!" and continued asking McCain, "Can you tell us about your role as -- hold on -- as president of the 'New Citizen Project,' founded in 1994, which served as a chief fund-raising and parent organization to PNAC? And is this one of the factors that has made you so reluctant to support the victims' family members and first responders who are begging for a new investigation into 9/11?" The boos became louder at that point, and McCain grimaced again, turned his back and walked away, but the questioner insisted, "It's a serious question." "I have a serious answer, sir," McCain replied, "and that is that it was Joe Lieberman and I -- a Democrat -- that sponsored the legislation for the 9/11 Commission. ... And very frankly, the administration was not, shall I say, enthusiastic about the establishment of that commission. ... I am proud of what the 9/11 Commission did. I am proud that we have enacted many of the reforms ... that they recommended. And I will stand by their recommendations and their conclusions, as will the overwhelming majority of Americans." "It's a free country," McCain concluded. "You are free to disagree with their conclusions. But I am proud to have been one of those who was, along with Joe Lieberman, responsible for the establishment of the 9/11 Commission." After McCain didn't even mention the main point of the question which was his direct connection to Project for A New American Century. I personally went up to confront him about the fact Tower 7 wasn't even mentioned in the commission which he held so high. I also got a good response from a lot of potential McCain supporters outside of the event while I was passing out flyers. For more information visit: *******www.wearechange****/ *******www.wearechangeohio****/ *******www.infowars****/ *******www.prisonplanet****/ *******
22 Jul 2008
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