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Join a Revolution! Isn't it time we stop feeding people one day at a time and finally realize its time to teach people how to fish for a lifetime!!! Freedom is here let the Revolution begin!
26 Nov 2008
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Tom and Holly Vasel talk about some great kids games. Barenstark Toss Your Cookies Funny Fishing for more info, check out my website, www.thedicetower****, or subscribe the videos here: *******thedicetower.libsyn****/rss
2 Dec 2008
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*******www.catfish1**** Fishing tips for catfish in the winter time. Learn how to fish for Blue Catfish during the winter time periods. Use smaller catfish baits and fish deeper for catfish.
24 Dec 2008
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Learn how to fly-fish for wild Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi River with Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures in New Brunswick, Canada. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
20 Jan 2009
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Easy and fast way to take the filet out of a fish for beginners. This fish is called dorade can be used for sushi or sashimi. Taste like chicken but tottaly diffrent.
21 Jan 2009
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The many diverse fishing habitats that make up the Top End of the Northern Territory make it a truly world class fishing destination. Lush billabongs, tidal rivers, mangrove-lined estuaries, a scattering of islands and hundreds of kilometres of unspoilt coastline comprising pristine coastal waters are teeming with a wide variety of fish, so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. The barramundi is best known as one of the world’s greatest sport fish and is abundant in Northern Territory waterways, some up to 130 centimetres in length. Huge, wide rivers like the Daly and Victoria are prime barra haunts, as are the networks of beautiful waterways found in World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park and the Mary River area. This video, set at Kakadu’s Yellow Water Billabong, shows how to go about catching one of those famous fish! For more information visit: *******en.travelnt****/experience/fishing.aspx fish, fishing, barramundi, Northern, Territory, Kakadu, National, Park, Mary, River, darwin, catch
9 Jul 2009
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Tom and Melody Vasel review Cat and Fish For more info, check out my website, www.thedicetower****, or subscribe the videos here: *******thedicetower.libsyn****/rss
28 Jan 2009
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Kayak fishing for flathead in the Clarence river, Maclean Nth NSW Australia, Feb 2009
1 Mar 2009
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Short video clip of Fly Fishing for Shad on the River Wye at the Red Lion Hotel, Bredwardine. UK The article accompanying this video is at <a href="*******hubpages****/hub/River-Wye-Fishing">*******hubpages****/hub/River-Wye-Fishing</a>
26 Mar 2009
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Whilst kayak fishing for snapper offshore at Forster NSW I quickly discovered that shovelnose sharks were the only hungry creatures that were interested in the baits I was offering.
26 Mar 2009
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Fly fishing for Colorado rainbow trout on the Blue River in Summit County with angler Trapper Rudd
8 Apr 2010
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If you go to work everyday, 9-5 and then hand over about a quarter of your income to the government every month and you're not angry about the current banking F-up, then you’re either one of the financial or political elite that have been ripping off the world since time immemorial, or you’re a snivelling, subservient little slave and you deserve all the subjugation you get. In a follow up to our Fishing for Bankers film we decided to have a whip-round outside the offices of RBS for a new charitable organisation called GBFMYC (Give us Back our Fucking Money You Cunts). Full article here: *******www.dontpaniconline****/magazine/progress/royal-bank-of-scotland---cash-back
8 Jan 2011
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