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Smart Blonde and Philadelphia fishermen bailed out when they went to: *******www.CarKeyLocksmithPhiladelphia****/ 215 407 5942
27 Oct 2011
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Visit *******www.marinews****/knots/ For more knot videos. This Squid Rigging method works when rigging large or small squid. Estuary fishermen can work a this rig as a lure, casting around jetties and drop-offs.
10 Feb 2012
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When you can think that electric outboards will limit your range and speed, and you have to troll quietly, it might function as site for you. In the event you depend inside your engine to stem the tide, you have to stick with your gas engine for a while longer. Things to find - Twist-grip tiller throttle - look out permanently labeling and robust construction. Friction control - needs to be tight enough to go away the engine to influence itself. Stop button and kill cord - it's possible for your lanyard to acquire twisted up if you spin the engine. Mounting bracket - must have a nut or nut wing, or possibly a captive pin. Screw clamps - look for loops ultimately in the screw clamp handles. It might be padlocked to discourage from robbery. Moving handle - designed to carry the engine easily. Fuel cap and tank breather - the cap needs to be easy to remove. Gear leaver - small outboard engines haven't any reverse and so the leaver selects neutral or forward. Oil sight gauge - that is vital. If oil leaks out, most sumps simply take a mug full of oil. Fuel tap - search for apparent labeling. Tilt mechanism - some designs include multiple tilt positions. Electric outboards - Electric outboards might be the long run. They're quiet, eco-friendly little. However, many require a heavy battery which will limit your range. Electric outboards are usually useful for trolling - designed to move huge boat inside a low speed while using primary engine switched off, frequently employed by American lake fishermen. Getting used, electric engines are eco-friendly. Buy just how can they recharge? The atmosphere advantage is lost if you want to run the engine for several hours to charge battery again. The solution may be shoreline energy. If you are going to marinas a good deal, you'll be able to charge the batteries if you berth. Or you will buy a spare battery and maintain it charged. You may think about using your boat's domestic batteries, there is however the risk of compromising energy here. You might consider buying one more domestic battery and interchanging it with one inch your battery bank - so almost always there is one on charge then one getting used. Why not trickle charge your battery getting a wind turbine or cell? Ideally you'd have two batteries Body charging as well as the other getting used. Pc Performance Electric tips - 1. If you motor while using engine on maximum, it'll draw a substantial current. By decrease in the speed by half a notch, the current will probably be cut in two without compromising speed a lot of. 2. Unlike gas outboards where a leg can be a fixed length, electric outboard's height could be modified. Trim choice the lower limb reaches right angles for the water to improve efficiency. 3. Use wing nut battery products to clamp and release the power cables, without needing a spanner. Crocodile clips are another choice; however they might be easily pressed off. When you can think that electric outboards will limit your range and speed, and you have to troll quietly, it might function as site for you. In the event you depend inside your engine to stem the tide, you have to stick with your gas engine for a while longer.
2 Mar 2012
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Thousands of fishing boats were lost during the tsunami in Japan; now, Operation Blessing is helping fishermen regain their livelihoods by replacing their boats.
22 Mar 2012
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Wicked Tuna : New Series Premieres SUNDAY APRIL 1 at 10P: *******channel.nationalgeographic****/channel/wicked-tuna/Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there’s a special breed of fishermen. For generations they’ve used rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal. New Series Premieres SUNDAY APRIL 1 at 10P on National Geographic Channel
2 Apr 2012
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Wicked Tuna : New Series Premieres SUNDAY APRIL 1 at 10P: *******channel.nationalgeographic****/channel/wicked-tuna/ Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there’s a special breed of fishermen. For generations they’ve used rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal. New Series Premieres SUNDAY APRIL 1 at 10P on National Geographic Channel
2 Apr 2012
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Jaws Movie Clip - watch all clips ******* click to subscribe ******* After witnessing a shark attack firsthand, Brody ("Roy Scheider":) is left helpless during the ensuing panic. TM & © Universal (2012) Cast: Jay Mello, Chris Rebello, Roy Scheider, Jeffrey Voorhees, Alfred Wilde, Fritzi Jane Courtney, Lee Fierro Director: Steven Spielberg MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: ******* Join our Facebook page: ******* Follow us on Twitter: ******* Buy Movie: ******* Producer: Richard D. Zanuck Screenwriter: Peter Benchley, John Milius, Howard Sackler, Robert Shaw Film Description: Based on Peter Benchley's best-selling novel, Steven Spielberg's 1975 shark saga set the standard for the New Hollywood popcorn blockbuster while frightening millions of moviegoers out of the water. One early summer night on fictional Atlantic resort Amity Island, Chrissie decides to take a moonlight skinny dip while her friends party on the beach. Yanked suddenly below the ocean surface, she never returns. When pieces of her wash ashore, Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) suspects the worst, but Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), mindful of the lucrative tourist trade and the approaching July 4th holiday, refuses to put the island on a business-killing shark alert. After the shark dines on a few more victims, the Mayor orders the local fishermen to catch the culprit. Satisfied with the shark they find, the greedy Mayor reopens the beaches, despite the warning from visiting ichthyologist Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) that the attacks were probably caused by a far more formidable Great White. One more fatality later, Brody and Hooper join forces with flinty old salt Quint (Robert Shaw), the only local fisherman willing to take on a Great White--especially since the price is right. The three ride off on Quint's boat "The Orca," soon coming face to teeth with the enemy. jaws,"jaws clip","jaws theme song","jaws part 1","roy scheider","jay mello","lee fierro","chris rebello","jeffrey voorhees","alfred wilde","fritzi jane courtney","steven spielberg","raft videos","towel videos","classic horror movies",classics,monsters,"richard d zanuck","failure videos","fear videos","life and death videos","weakness videos","beach videos","ocean videos","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V++++25912,/m/0ch98pz,/m/0ch98qw,/m/015wfg,/m/0ch98p6,/m/0ch98qd
31 Mar 2012
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Xcorps ROAD TOUR Crater Lake ANIX - Xcorps TV drove across the continental USA from Boston to San Diego finding fun and adventure shooting HD video for our audience! This segment features action along the super scenic road that circles the deepest lake in the USA - Crater Lake Oregon along with great music and video from the LA based band The ANIX.

Show host Jason Lazo is at the wheel on yet another everyday adventure Xcorps style rolling big and wide across the USA edited with a cool synth-PoP RIVE promoted music video to match from Electro / Rock / Alternative band The ANIX making the trip even more worthy!
You will miss these scenes from 30,000 feet so Xcorps went East Coast to West Coast traveling US HWY 80 windows down and cameras rolling! To get the shots we strapped real HD cams NOT GO PROS on the dash and sides of the car and used super wide angle fish cams to capture all the action and scenery. We also took many off the thruway routes to remote less traveled locations. Look a pronghorn antelope!
On the Xcorps we feature bands and music videos that roll with our action and adventures and the ANIX band fits the bill and carries the groove down the highway with Jason rolling the blacktop around Crater lake, an ancient monster volcano now filled with almost 2000 feet of crystal snowmelt water which is kept from freezing from lava heat not too far under! Oh yes there is also the legend of the giant mutant crayfish that lunges out of the depths grabbing foolish fishermen from the shores!
Influenced by The Police, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Queen, Rush and the German industrial sounds of Die Krupps, The Anix electrocutes grunge with alternative high watt riffs and melodic harmonies that echo hauntingly long after first play. This music video 'Glass' from the same song on the Sleep Walker album is directed by Chris Do is well shot and produced future noir style with tight edits and a techno darkness that matches the bands airbrushed makeup!
The three piece LA based Cleopatra Records band ANIX includes singer/guitar Brandon Smith, drummer Logan Smith, and keyboardist Greg Nabours. Follow Jason as he takes a steep hike from the volcano crater rim down to the waters edge with the wildlife along the least traveled path dancing for a handout! Jason gives a little background history on this far from average lake that used to be a place of fire and very worthy of a place to stop on a road tour!

Closing scenes with Wizard Island -- a second volcanic cone rising out of Crater lake and Jason hitting the road for the California coast and the next leg of the Xcorps cross country tour! Stay Tuned! 

See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
 3-2012 TrT-7:31 JSE
©2012 TheXcorps 
22 Apr 2012
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*******bestflights***.za/internationalflights/france/nice - Visit for more information on Nice, France Pronounced as the English word “niece”, Nice is located on the French Riviera on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. Nice is very popular amongst young and old holiday goers and has something to do for everyone. The ‘Promenade des Anglais’ is the city’s most famous attraction. The city enjoys mild Mediterranean climate and with its spectacular natural beauty Nice is a city that one should not miss to visit. What to see • Promenade des Anglais • Colline du Chateau • Parc Phoenix • Old Town • Cliff Walk • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art • WWI Monument • St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral • Seafront • Bischoffsheim Cupola • Zone Pietonne (Pedestrian Zone) • Opéra de Nice • Fort of Mont Alban What to do • Mars aux Musées – exhibitions around the city’s museums • Nice Côte d’Azur Boat Show • Nice Half Marathon • Festival C’est Trop Court – short-film festival • Fête de la Misuque – national music festival • Ironman France Nice Triathlon • Fête de la Mer – traditional fishermen’s procession • Fête du Château – modern music festival • Nice Jazz Festival • Les Nuits Musicales de Nice – chamber music concerts • Blues Festival • Nice-Cannes Marathon • Prom Classic – 10km race along the Promenade des Anglais • Paris-Nice International Cycling Race
14 May 2012
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Well you know what they say about fishermen and sheep: nothing.
22 May 2012
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This video covers February 27, 2011, the first day of our visit to the Cochin aka Kochi in the State of Kerala in the south of India. Highlights are St. Francis Church from the 18th C, net fishermen using a method introduced by the Chinese over 700 years ago, markets stalls close to the old waterfront, and a walk through the a “Jew Town” virtually without Jews residents. The video is Part 12 of our India Wow! Trip. Our Travel Diva Hessie + "ad" himself (tony to you) of ad Guida Video Productions went on location in India in February 2011. All video was taken on location on February 26, 2011. Same is true for photos except as noted. Next we take a boat ride on Lake Vembanad, one of India’s top holiday destinations. This video was recorded in HD, 16:9 aspect, by ad Guida Video Productions. Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads are ok. Anything else please contact a d Guida Video Productions adguivideocomcast**** To view other videos of ours on metacafe go to our channel *******www.metacafe****/f/channels/TonyGuida/private/ Some words by Tony Guida may be found at: *******home****cast****/~adguidavideo/site/
21 Jun 2012
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Fishing Derby review. Classic Game Room reviews FISHING DERBY for Atari 2600 from 1980. This Activision produced classic video game features two pistol capped fishermen competing for big points by fishing to the death (maybe it's friendlier than that, but maybe not!) Fishing Derby is a cute game for a few minutes but gets old quickly and one wishes for dynamite to speed the job up. CGR Fishing Derby video review features the Activision classic Atari game, Fishing Derby, where you race to 99 points by catching fish. Fish near the surface score 2 points, the deep ones can score up to 6! Play one or two player. Fishing Derby footage from Atari 2600 Jr. shows Fishing Derby video game gameplay in HD action.
23 Jun 2012
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Stop believing in Steveston Village's fairy tales and tourism brochures. There is unreported and under-reported crime in Steves Town (Steves-ton) in Richmond BC, as these actual residents state. The so-called "homeless man" (a bum, who is an alleged drug user, too) may be behind break-ins to condo recycling bins. A woman in this video claims she saw a bike theft. Three fishermen talk about the homeless bum and his downward spiral from booze (alcohol) and alleged implied drug addition. Think about this befor buying real estate from property developers. Realtors selling Steveston homes probably don't want you to watch this video.
19 Sep 2012
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Boats From Video: *******RcFishingWorld Subscribe for New Videos! Watch Tonight Sept. 30th 8 pm e/p om Animal Planet's "Off The Hook Extreme Catches" with Eric Young! Presents BIG Catfish and BASS for BIG Fishermen ONLY! ------ *******www.rcfishingworld****/animal_planet_off_the_hook_extreme_catches.htm (2 and a half minutes into show see Rc Fishing) lol If you like fishing and remote control boats you're going to enjoy this NEW Video! TWO Rc Fishing Expeditions in One here! Two Adventures One Video! Watch a 5 pound Catfish get owned by a rc boat, maybe the biggest fish possible without sinking the boat? And a Cool New Rc Fishing Jingle!
9 Nov 2012
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East of the Hague Line is an adventurous, dramatic and quickly paced suspense novel written about life at sea commercial fishing in the Gulf of Maine and the far reaching tempestuous North Atlantic. Maines rugged Coastline is comprised of more than three thousand miles of bays, inlets, and peninsulas that create isolated close-knit fishing communities. The people who live in these seaside towns have one thing in common, a deep-rooted bond with the ocean. East of the Hague Line takes a close personal look at what it takes to live the life of an offshore fisherman. Writer Gordon Holmes, a Maine native, captures the rhythms and tensions of life aboard a commercial fishing boat. The crew of the fishing vessel Jubilee is comprised of four hardened fishermen, hopeful for good fishing, whose loved ones wait at home, fearful for the lives of their men. Fishermen depend on a good catch to earn their living& but what happens when manipulation, deceit and betrayal by a trusted crewmember changes the tide? Young Tom Anderson fulfills a lifelong dream when he signs on with Captain Joseph Scanton to go fishing aboard the Jubilee on the North Atlantic. He gets far more than he bargained for when his captain is forced to take his boat and crew into a perilous situation in uncharted waters east of the Hague Line. Scantons decision puts their freedom and their lives at stake as they sail into a trap that will change their destiny& forever. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.trafford****/Products/SKU-000562522/East-of-the-Hague-Line.aspx
7 Dec 2012
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Some fishermen from Sweden singing "Kiss from a Rose" with kitchen appliances.
8 Jul 2013
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