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Fishing in Yakutia. Fishing in December in an ancient way
5 Mar 2017
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Super FISHING in Thailand!
12 Mar 2017
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Husband and wife catching fish in a good place, super fishing 100% you will also want to go there
13 Mar 2017
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Super fishing in Kazakhstan! Unexpected and unusual catch. What a carp! I want to go fishing there
13 Mar 2017
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Trout fishing is one of the most fun and relaxing experiences that we as anglers can have. If you want to know how to trout fish, especially when you're talking about catching trout in Lake Taupo, Central Plateau Fishing is your one-stop destination. Having the Lake Taupo’s fishing guide Brett Cameron with you will improve your chances of hooking up with stocked rainbow trout your next time out. So, to make the most of your trout fishing in Lake Taupo, book your charter with Central Plateau Fishing. Trout fishing is a highly territorial endeavour and every trout fisherman seeks the best trout fishing opportunity. Brett Cameron ensures that they get the best fishing experience, taking them to the best trout fishing spots in Lake Taupo. Even if you’re first-time angler he’s always ready and willing to help you with fishing. There’s no other better what to enjoy what the water of Lake Taupo offer.
23 Feb 2017
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Have you ever thought about doing the Discover Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera on your holiday? If you want to try scuba diving but not enough time or you’re not ready for a PADI scuba diving course, then discover scuba diving is a great way to “get your feet wet” (pun intended). BADLADZ Scuba Diving offers a beginners level dive called Discover Scuba Diving. We offer this program to ages as young as 10 years old and you can dive to maximum of 12 meters. The discover scuba diving program is quick and easy way to plunge into the water and see hundreds of different fish in a healthy coral reef just 5 minutes from our Puerto Galera dive center. We are located at Muelle Bay which is awarded as One of the “Most beautiful bays in the world” and is a few meters from docking area we launch from. Cheers, Sean
10 Mar 2017
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Sea fishing in Norway is a fantastic experience. Arctic Fishing offers relaxation and nice food in a wonderful environment. The north of Norway is also well-known for it's magnificent nature. You will find high mountains, deep valleys and last but not least, a brilliant fishing. The fishing The fishing in Norway is different from other fishing adventures. The distinguish is the unbelievable range of multitude. Cod, Pollock, Trout, Mackerel, Haddock, Herring, Plaice, Torsk, Flounder and so on.
22 Feb 2007
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fish in the bech ( mea ram peung bech )
15 May 2007
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Join Rex Hunt as he enjoys a nice day out fly fishing in England.
20 Jun 2007
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Big Fish In Kutub Utara
10 Jan 2008
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Amazing Fish In The Sea
25 Aug 2007
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We were out fishing in florida and saw some pelicans so i whistled and destroyed there calm hehe!
5 Sep 2007
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many fish in bangkok river
14 Nov 2007
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0:34 fish in tub easily within a couple minute can grab the fish even in a water
6 Jan 2008
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0:32 Enjoy and watch out
16 Jan 2008
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4:12 These snakes like eat fish. In case of not availability of the same and snakes that live in water prefer snails, small fish.
28 Jan 2008
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