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*******tinnituscure.expertscb****/ - Tinnitus treatment - Cure ears ringing and ear infections Tinnitus Surgeries Don't Always Work and Can Worsen Your Tinnitus, or Cause Irreversible Damage to Your Hearing Surgery should be considered when there is a clear structural reason for tinnitus that can be improved with surgery. One should only consider surgery for tinnitus if you were diagnosed with a tumor, osclerosis, or fistula . Even so the success of the surgery is 50%, with the inevitable consequence of irreversible deafness. If you want to eliminate Your tinnitus, you must to visit this link now! *******tinnituscure.expertscb****/ - Tinnitus treatment - Cure ears ringing and ear infection
5 Nov 2011
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How the different root end infections affect the body - By Dr. George Meining, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.. There are three main kinds of root end tooth infections, but in most instances they are simply referred to as abscessed teeth.. The three main root end tooth infections are called granulomas,cysts and condensing osteitis.. Granulomas and cysts, though they appear to be quite similar, have distinctly different characteristics.. Fistulas are channels that carry pus from the infection area to the outside ofthe face or mouth. They help the body drain away excessive amounts of pus.. Condensing osteitis is rarely mentioned as a root end infection process, but Dr. Price found its presense to be accompanied by some very specific infection related reactions.. Dr. Price made bacteriologic examinations of three different dental infection areas. To his surprise, he found, for the most part that no matter how large an involved area or how much pus was flowing, comparatively few bacteria were present. He interpreted this to mean the body's white blood cells and other defense mechanisms had good control on the infection process present.. Furthermore, in such cases he found patients to be in relatively good overall health and that they did not exhibit the expected signs and symptoms of systemic illness.. Dr. Price reasoned that the large areas of bone destruction and pus about these infected areas were not a measure of the severity of infection, so commonly believed, but were in actuality expressing the goodness of the involved patient's immune defense capability.. He (Dr. Price) further found that though the organisms spread locally, they did not spread to other parts of the body until the infection had persisted for a prolonged period of time.. Condensing osteitis cases proved to be quite different. This condition exhibits a very dense area of bone, sometimes with very little loss of bone at the tooth's root end.. Patient histories and in-depth studies revealed that people exhibiting condensing osteitis suffered more serious consequences from their infections. Price surmised that in such a case the patient's defense system was poor and the body was trying to wall off the infected area with dense bone in order to contain its effects.. However, the tissue as the root end was incapable of controlling the bacterial growth in these cases and consequently some bacteria escaped through the bloodstream and set up diseases in other areas.
12 Apr 2010
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formarea fistulei anala, evolutia fistulei anale si perianale si metode de tratare a fistulei anale si perianale
4 Jan 2010
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This inspiring documentary tells the heartbreaking story of five Ethiopian women who suffer from devastating childbirth injuries. Rejected by their husbands and ostracized by their communities, these women are left to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness and shame. Instead they make the long and arduous journey to Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa where they reclaim their lost dignity. The trials they endure--and their attempts to rebuild their lives--tell a universal story of hope, courage, and transformation. (Running time: 1:25). In English, Amharic, and Oromiffa with English subtitles. Now Playing in NYC at Quad Cinema Opening in LA 2/29/08 at Sunset 5 More Info: www.walktobeautiful****
16 Nov 2009
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Composix Kugel Mesh Patch recalled due to defective memory recoil ring that can break under stress. It may be linked to bowel rupture or chronic intestinal fistulae. Symptoms: unexplained/persistant abdominal pain, fever & tenderness at surgery site.
17 Nov 2008
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28 Sep 2008
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27 Jul 2008
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Halima Gouroukoye is one of the few to receive treatment for fistula - a preventable and treatable childbearing injury that leaves women incontinent, ashamed and often isolated from their communities. She is an activist with UNFPa helping other women
23 Mar 2008
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This video will give you brief description of causes,types of diseases related to anorectal region,preventive measures & different treatments related to Piles & Fistula.
26 Sep 2012
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A Kenyan mother gives birth to her new baby at home on her room's floor due to extreme poverty in one of the poorest slums in Kenya. (Please be patient to watch to the end).
22 Apr 2012
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Health - What happens when doctors slip up? Here in France, 900 medical errors are committed every day. We start with unnecessary treatment for cancer and why more people are being diagnosed with a disease they would have otherwise never noticed. Next, we go to Ethiopia, where obstetric fistulas caused by difficult births are a devastating disability. Finally, we consider the dangers of cosmetic surgery. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7 *******www.france24****/en
18 Aug 2011
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There are three different kinds of fistulas, including those that can be treated with antibiotics and those that are treated through surgery. Discover how fistulas can recur frequently with help from a licensed RN in this free video on treating fistulas. Expert: Kayti Brosnan Bio: Kayti Brosnan has been a licensed RN in the state of Texas since 2003. Filmmaker: Todd Green
16 Aug 2010
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I have a kidney disease and was on dialysis for 15 months until Sara, a kind stranger, offered to donate a kidney to me. Look for my future video "Kidney Transplant". This was my last dialysis session. I recorded it for future patients who have to go on dialysis. Hopefully this will help you understand what you will be going through. Q: Does it hurt? A: Not after you develop a button hole (where you use the same hole every time) kind of like the air hole in a basketball. Q: Are you afraid of needles? A: Yes, and I look away when drawing blood. Oddly enough, I usually put in my own needles but had to hold the camera this time (that's why she was asking me about the angle). Q: What is that knot on your forearm? A: It is an "AV Fistula" (*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Arteriovenous_fistula). It is an operation which attaches an artery to a vein to get the arterial pressure needed for dialysis in an accessible location. Q: What is she doing with the syringes? A: She has to "flush the line" to make sure there isn't a clot or blockage and to make sure that the needle is actually in my vein. If it isn't, I'd feel a lot of pain from what I understand. Q: What are all those beeping sounds? A: Funny, but I completely tuned those out when making this video because I'm so used to them. The machines are continuously monitoring patients and if anything is out of tolerance (blood pressure too high or too low), or you move your arm too much and the arterial/venous pressure is too much for the machine, it will beep. Usually, it is a matter of pressing a button on the screen or checking on the patient -- I've never seen anything "serious". Q: Why are there different colored needles? A: Although they are both the same type (blunt), I think it helps the technician know which one goes to the arterial line and which goes to the venous line of the machine. See Dialysis Part II for how one gets taken off dialysis. UPDATE: I've posted another video of my recovery from transplant one year later. Please check it out. ***********/watch?v=fKVqV398xh8 Damon Danieli
11 Jun 2010
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Here is a short one I made so you all can see what a dialysis patient must endure every other day. If you know someone suffering from kidney disease let them know you understand their struggle a little better now.
20 Apr 2010
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Arteriovenous fistula construction (brachio-cephalic)
26 Nov 2009
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color M Mode:diastolic flow from the septum to the left ventricle
18 Oct 2009
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