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29 May 2009
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18 Sep 2009
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Http://Www.Weightlossimproves.ComFor a lot of people, dancing has become a form of therapy. I have seen near-Senile people stand up and twist to the tune of ballroom music. For them, dancing is the only thing that keeps them going. But for most, dancing is an artistic way of relieving themselves of tension and stress. Toiling in the office the whole week can really work some beastly stress and these people always look forward to weekends when they can start dancing their stress off.So if you want to manage your weight or maintain what you have right now, or just sweat yourself out, you might want to dance your way to fitness. Dancing can be as effective as any other customary exercise in burning calories. And the good part about dancing as a way to fitness is that does not require any gym instrument, weight, or contraption, or even gym clothes. In fact, you can perform dancing in the comforts of your home, right in front of the mirror or the television if you are watching an instructional dance video.Some of the benefits of dancing your way into fitness include:%U2022 Dancing your way to fitness boosts the body's stamina and energy. Just like any other exercise, it promotes a healthier and stronger you.%U2022 Dancing improves the body's flexibility. Say goodbye to rigid muscles and weak bones.%U2022 Dancing enhances the body's blood circulation. And of course, good blood circulation means all the other glands in our body will start functioning well. The blood carries much needed oxygen to the brain, helping you think and decide better. Good blood circulation helps the heart beat consistently and removes tits burden of pumping through blockages. Good blood circulation also helps in easing the body of stress and tension.%U2022 Consistent dancing tones the muscles just right creating a better looking you. This in turn increases your self esteem.%U2022 Dancing also increases the body's strength thereby creating a better you in terms of health.%U2022 By joining other dancing groups, and with the increased self esteem that you have just gained brought about by incessant dancing, you will be able to connect yourself to the social pipeline.Whatever your musical inclination is, whether classical or reggae or the modern hiphop, when you groove to whatever music you are into, you are effectively dancing your way to fitness. And what makes dancing as a way to fitness more "attractive" is due to the fact that it is really fun. And at the same, dancing is convenient and inexpensive. In fact when you are at home, your movement becomes more uninhibited and this equates to more calories burned.
15 May 2010
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