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This rollercoaster ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will give you the scariest and thrilling enjoyment of all time. Do you have the guts to ride this madness?
15 Nov 2017
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23 Oct 2017
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Info from Licensor: "It was Friday night and we were at a home football game. Max and Amelia are both superfans. We lead the cheers and get the student section pumped up at many sporting events. At the volleyball game on Tuesday we had 'parted the red sea.' We had all the students separate and Max ran up and down the bleachers with his flag. It worked well, so we thought we should try it at the football game. There were a lot more students at this game, but we thought it would work the same. Max prepared and Amelia thought to videotape it, in the case that it worked out well. Max fell pretty hard. He was taken to the ambulance and was cleared. He returned to the game and watched from the sidelines after his elbow was checked again. Max went home that night and went to the hospital the next day. There he found out he had fractured his elbow, but no concussion. He returned to school on Monday with just a sling."
1 Nov 2017
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- THE EXPERIENCE GOES CAMPING - When a group of friends decide to go camping, they learn about each other in ways they never would've guessed. Starring: Salvatore Marino Jonathan Gray Nicholas Emig Eric Dill Adycen Cooper Jackson Sager Jonathon Huffman Mark Dill Jillian Sennett Created by The Experience Shot & Edited by Augustin Huffman Original Art by Trevor Lynd Thank you for watching! We, in no way, claim the rights to the songs featured in this video, and we have no intention of monetizing the video. Please don't flag us.
1 Nov 2017
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Batman In Six Flags what a rush.
25 May 2006
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The American flag all over the planet.
11 Jun 2006
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Combo Trailer of Clint Eastwood's "Flag of our fathers" and "Red Sun, Black Sand". Enjoy it!
17 Aug 2006
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Every morning thousands gather to watch the flag go up over Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. I woke up early and walked down to see the flag go up on the last day that I was there. They stop traffic briefly while the soldiers cross from in front of the Forbidden City to the the square. I was very surprised to see how many people turned out on a Thursday morning.
13 Nov 2006
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Cinema Scene's Mort and Richard review "Flags of Our Fathers". Clip from Cinema Scene 61.
20 Dec 2006
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cool optical illusion, see the flag when nothing is there! no stupid things jumping out at you either!!
26 Dec 2006
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POV of The Texas Cyclone Roller Coaster at Six Flags Astroworld, Houston, TX. A mirror image of the Coney Island Cyclone but about 3 times larger. Shot on the last day of Astroworld. The park has closed its doors forever and has now been reduced to an empty field. Rated as one of the best coasters in the world when it opened in the 1970's. Still my favorite wodden roller caster.
29 Dec 2006
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"The members of Anti-Flag are awesome for three big reasons: They put on an amazing live show, they are hilarious smartasses, and they are all really passionate and intelligent. Those things should be enough to tell you that all four of these guys support animal rights. For more info on Anti-Flag and peta2, check out *******www.peta2****/outthere/o-antiflag.asp?c=tube."
21 Jan 2007
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