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Learn how to hack a simple flashlight and transform it into a night vision flashlight! The items need for the project cost less than 10$ and u get perfect night vision view !
20 Dec 2007
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This video shows you an in-depth look at my latest high-powered red laser I've constructed. If you have any questions on how to construct one of your own, feel free to contact me or post a comment with your question.
15 Oct 2007
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How would shine a flashlight with halogen lamp?
29 Sep 2007
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Making a burning laser pointer out of a minimag flashlight, this is a very easy project to do and coted me $38.66
12 Jan 2008
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Here's a hack to turn a cheap hand-crank flashlight into an incredible portable generator with lots of electrical storage. You may never need to worry about running out of batteries again!
24 Feb 2008
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The world brightest single led flash light(torch) useing a 10$ dorcy flashlight and a ssp7 bin c 900 lumen led. Gives you a cheap powerfull light, that can be focused. Came with 3 AAA batters, useing a 18650 rechargble you mite blow the led with out a power control. The first led flahlight hack and brightest.
29 May 2008
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See how you can turn a cheap flashlight and a light up toy top into an awesome projected light show!
28 Jul 2009
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This video teaches you how to make a device to control your tv without using the remote.
27 Apr 2008
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Using a simple trick, you can power a flashlight with just using a pear, toilet paper and some rubbing.
28 Mar 2007
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Liz Wears a braless saree and blouse causing a wardrobe malfunction. She has a legacy of wearing revealing dresses. But it appears at the age of 44 Elizabeth Hurley is still not ready to give up the game. The actress attended the Love Ball charity fundraiser last night in a dazzling blue sari which appeared see-through under the glare of the camera flashlights. It was evident that she still has the voluptuous figure to carry off even the most risque numbers.Hollywood Backstage on twitter: *******twitter****/hollywoodbstage
2 May 2010
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Useing to of the worlds brightest LEDs to make the brightest Flashlight. Put your sunglasses on for this one.
29 Oct 2008
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Find whare is the laser locate in the cd-rom drive :D
21 Jun 2008
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World most powerful flashlight.. See it in action!
20 Jul 2008
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TICKETS - *******hauntedhollywoodsports****/cdnite This Oct. 4th, 2014, we will be hosting an airsoft event at Hollywood Sports Park, from 7pm to midnight. Sam, Niko, and the rest of the NODE crew will be leading and participating in a series of custom games. Tickets are $25, and if you can make it, we'd love to have you join! If you do not have airsoft gear, you can rent it at the park. If you have a flashlight and airsoft pistol, please bring them! We will be organizing a Trouble in Terrorist Town game, which works best with pistols.
28 Sep 2014
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