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Nestled on the slopes of North Point on Hong Kong Island, this desirable, 1141 sq.ft. 'Central Mid-levels style' duplex is a designer home for modern living. On the 24th floor of a 25-storey building, it boasts unobstructed, panoramic sea views. This well-appointed flat is being advertised in HK Magazine and the China Daily Newspaper. It is quietly and conveniently located near a main thoroughfare where major banks, supermarkets and the Fortress Hill MTR station are only 5 minutes away. Fully renovated with parquet floors, high ceilings and new air-conditioners, it has 4 bedrooms converted to 2 spacious bedrooms with bay windows and purpose-built wardrobes. These are re-convertible to their original layout. Its 2 bathrooms have new fixtures and marble-tiled shower stalls. Its 2 kitchens are fitted with new appliances. The living room and separate dining room receive ample natural light. Kingsway Garden has a sky garden, fitness centre and swimming pool. This is for URGENT SALE.
26 Mar 2008
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curling your hair with flat iron curling iron hair straightener its the best one i had
31 Mar 2008
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HORMONE BALANCE AND LOSING WEIGHT Before hormones became a hot topic on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. C.W. Randolph had treated hormone imbalances in more than 100,000 patients using bioidentical hormone replacement treatments. His book, "From Belly Fat to Belly Flat," was written from 20 years of experience working as a recognized authority in the field of hormone balance and hormone replacement. More about Dr. Randolph's book, "From Belly Fat to Belly Flat", go to ABOUT THE AUTHORS Dr. C.W. Randolph (Jacksonville, FL) graduated from Auburn University’s School of Pharmacy and later received his medical doctoral education at Louisiana State University’s School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2000, Dr. Randolph attended Columbia University Medical School where he completed an intensive training in the field of integrated medicine under Andrew Weill, M.D. He is a frequent key note speaker at medical organizations, including Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), and the American Chiropractic Association. He is the coauthor of From Hormone Hell To Hormone Well, a primer in the field of BHRT. A noted expert in the field, Dr. Randolph averages 3-5 radio interviews a month. Genie James, M.M.Sc. (Jacksonville, FL) is a writer and consultant whose areas of professional emphasis include women’s health and integrative medicine. She also serves as the Executive Director of Women’s Medicine, Inc., an organization dedicated to offering women natural medicine products. She is also the co-founder of The Natural Hormone Institute of America. Ms. James often speaks with Dr. Randolph on the topic of BHRT in forums such as the Speaking of Women’s Health or Vanderbilt’s All About Women Forum. More about Dr. Randolph's book, "From Belly Fat to Belly Flat", go to
31 Mar 2008
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The key to getting a good lower ab (or six pack abs) workout with this exercise is to keep your back flat at all times by using you lower abs to keep your back pressed against the floor and... You should always feel the ruler or pencil on your lower back at all times and if you don't... You need to put your legs up higher and if it's too easy put your legs out lower and/or hold out your legs longer than 2 seconds or... Another way to make this exercise more effective for flatten your lower abs is to use ankle weights to tone up your lower ab area even more. I recommend you do only 1-to-2 ab exercises for ab workout but if this is the only lower ab exercise you're going to use then... You should do 3-to-5 sets of 8-to-12 reps twice a week If you have any comments or questions... Leave them below the video or go to to see more stuff for building six pack abs, getting flat abs & losing love handles for a complete midsection workout(All free)
21 May 2008
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This demonstration on the Video will show you how to paint a color washed faux finish over a flat wall surface.
12 Apr 2008
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Century Flat Bed tow Trucksoffers more versatility for hauling more exotic and low clearance cars by giving you the ability to hing the low section of the carrier deck when needed.Proven technology is the right approach for Flat Bed Carriers
23 Feb 2009
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3BR, 3.5 Bath Main House PLUS! 2BR, 1Bth Garage Guesthouse in Bedford County, Moneta, VA on super flat lot only: $749,000. Sellers are "negotiable" and looking at offers in 2010. This Smith Mountain Lake Waterfront Home looks at the Smith Mountain Lake State Park so it will have a green view forever as no one can ever build on the land across from it. This home is located just off of Airport Rd. before the Virginia Dare and Portside Restaurant property, so it has easy access to marina, gas, dining and entertainment. Lakefront Realtors specialize in waterfront properties at Smith Mountain realty. SML MLS plus More "For Sale By Owner Smith Mountain Lake, VA" real estate and lakehouses can be found at: For More Information on this Featured Smith Mountain Lake House visit:
19 Apr 2008
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0:58 Ker’in discusses flat irons, the effects they have on your hair and explores the ceramic versus ionic debate.
1 May 2008
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Save your soda from going flat. The last drink will be as good as the 1st, even with 2 or 3 liter drinks!
16 May 2008
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flat out
12 May 2008
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(Flat Roof Repair Santa Fe NM)*505-818-9462 http// Experts Reasonable Prices: ask about Google Video DISCOUNT ROOF REPAIR: pueblo style/flat'm or hate 'em? (Albuquerque, Santa ... Jul 13, 2007 ... "Pueblo-Style" IS New Mexico. Frankly, I've always wished Albuquerque had stiff zoning laws like Santa Fe's, so flat-roofs would be New Mexico › Albuquerque pueblo style/flat'm or hate 'em? (contractors ...‎ Anybody with NM photos? (Alamogordo, Clayton: fence, abandoned ...‎ Question About Pre Fab Homes In Santa Fe - New Mexico (NM) -Santa ...‎ Ask about out Flat Roof Repair Special 35% OFF Fix it NOW! Quality Materials applied to your Roof. Our Repairs Guaranteed Elastomeric Roof Coatings (Albuquerque, Santa Fe: house, buying ...‎ More results from » Flat/Foam Roof Repair Santa Fe NM
26 May 2008
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How to change a flat tire on a bicycle
7 Jun 2008
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F-18 With Flat Tire Doing Amazing Stop
15 Jun 2008
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Magdalene birthday fall on the same day on Flat World Dinner D'Fortune Restaurant Menjalara..
16 Jun 2008
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The French Solution To A Flat Car Tire
17 Jun 2008
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0:21 to see how I made my tummy flat 6 pack ab exercise equipment abbs abdominal allen schwartz as seen on tv belly belly fat body fat build muscle burn fat crunches diet diet plans dieting diets exercise exercise equipment exercises fat fat burning fat loss fitness flat belly flat stomach get a six pack get in shape health how to get a 6 pack how to get a six pack inq7 lose belly fat lose fat lose stomach fat lose weight muscle pecs quick fat loss six pack six pack ab stomach stomach fat styrene waistline weight weight loss weight training work out workout workouts abs 8 minute flatten harden belly stomach
18 Jun 2009
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