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Flew my Edge 540 Redbull Nitro for my mother on this windy day and did some simple cool aerobatics. whether the day is calm or windy, this planes flies awesome.
1 Jul 2008
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nuptialstv**** When Avril Lavigne married fellow pop punker Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Sum 41, the couple threw a surprisingly classy affair. Lavigne, who is better known for wearing tank tops and men's ties, looked stunning walking down the aisle in her father's arms wearing a tissue organza Vera Wang gown. Lavigne's Rolls Rice driver took her to the wrong mansion, where another wedding was being held, before he got the directions right and took her to the gorgeous setting for her to exchange her vows. After the ceremony, guests sipped cocktails by a pond that had two swans floating in it and crystal chandeliers hanging from the trees. The “Complicated” singer then slipped into a more comfortable Chantilly Lace Dress, also designed by Vera Wang, for the reception, which was thrown in a red tent filled with gothic touches that made the location unmistakably Avril. Guests could take home custom designed guitar picks with “Avril picked Deryck” inscribed on them as they left the unexpectedly classy and glamorous evening before the happy couple flew off to Italy for their honeymoon. Where I'm sure they got back to their pop punk rock star roots and trashed their hotel room.
18 Aug 2009
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Children glad to fly their kites in Sanur Beach. They bought it from home and flew it here, no matter the distance. Sanur Beach is 6 km from Krisna's home. Read about Kite Flying at *******sapteka.wordpress****/2008/06/09/kite-flying-in-sanur-beach/
2 Jul 2008
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Check out this awesome RC Simulator Realflight G3.5 FPV and Chase view Video. I flew RC Boeing 747 with 4 Turbines from one airport and landed at another. Beautiful flight, very realistic physics and graphics. It's a must have RC Sim for all RC pilots.
8 Jul 2008
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getthedaily**** A 48-year-old man flew more than 200-miles across the Pacific Northwest over the weekend in a supped-up lawn chair. Kent Couch added about 150-giant-helium-balloons to the chair. His journey across the Oregon desert took about 9-hours and it was reportedly Couch’s third balloon trip. He had dozens of volunteers helping to fill-up and attach 6-thousand-dollars worth of helium-balloons to his lawn chair. According to Couch, each balloon could lift 4-pounds of weight. And if you’re wondering how the man got his flying device to lower to the ground, he brought along his BB-gun to shoot balloons one-by-one. While most of the long fourth of July weekend was marked with American celebrations, a few firework mishaps nationally left locals with a different sentiment. A fireworks shell in a northern Iowa town misfired and injured 37 spectators. According to the state fire marshall’s office, the fireworks blasted horizontally towards the crowd versus the intended vertical explosion. Officials do not know the cause of this particular accident. Other fireworks accidents include an Ohio occurance where a man lost part of his leg when a firework went-off inside his suv and in New York where a child received second-degree burns from a firework landing in her lap. Wildfires continue to blaze in Northern California. Containment of the Basic Complex area near Big Sur was last reported to be at 5-percent. As of Monday morning, the fire had burned more than 68-thousand acres of land along the Pacific Coast Highway, and threatens more than 17-hundred homes and 20-commercial properties. Over the past 2-weeks, several fires started by lightning have burned across 500-thousand acres. About 14-hundred-plus residents have been evacuated, and about 20-thousand federal firefighters have been fighting the blaze from Santa Barbara to Big Sur.
8 Jul 2008
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This is the last day of our road trip. Me and Shawn flew to NYC to pick up our friend Aly and her dog Kinsey and drive them across the country back to CA.
10 Jul 2008
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Flew my Large Scale RC Spitfire MKII again. This time for my mom as when I bought this plane she was working in Pakistan. So I flew it just let her see our big bird ruling the skies :)
9 Mar 2010
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The F-22 Raptor Air Tactical Demo at the 2008 Joint Service Open House in Andrews AFB, MD. Also the F-22 flew in the US Air Force Heritage Flight in formation with the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-4 Phantom, and the legendary P-51 Mustang.
14 Jul 2008
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At 02:30 26/06/08 There was a very loud noise that flew over my house.I decided to go and investigate, whilst looking out the kitchen window I could see a bright light just hovering in the air a few hundred meters high. It looked odd so I started to film the object. After a few minutes some helicopters arrived to have a look aswell.This is what I captured. Enjoy!!
14 Jul 2008
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I flew to Broome from Perth, collected a Motor Van and accompanied by another Tourist drove down 3,200kms in 5 days back to Perth along the coastal road. The scenery is much the desert sand and bush...the first stop was Port Hedland a distance of 650 kms from Broome. Yes, I will do it was a wonderful experience
7 Feb 2009
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The prototype YF-22 won a fly-off competition against the Northrop/McDonnell-Douglas YF-23 for the Advanced Tactical Fighter contract. In April 1992, during flight testing after contract award, the first YF-22A prototype crashed while landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The test pilot, Tom Morgenfeld, was not injured and the cause of the crash was found to be a flight control software error that allowed and created a pilot-induced oscillation.The F-22 Raptor is a fifth generation stealth fighter aircraft. It was originally envisioned as an air superiority fighter for use against the Soviet Air Force, but is equipped for ground attack, electronic warfare and signals intelligence roles as well. Faced with a protracted development period, the prototype aircraft was designated YF-22 and, as F/A-22 during the three years before formally entering United States Air Force service in December 2005 as the F-22A. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is the prime contractor and is responsible for the majority of the airframe, weapon systems and final assembly of the F-22. Along with Lockheed Martin, partner Boeing Integrated Defense Systems provides the wings, aft fuselage, avionics integration, and all of the pilot and maintenance training systems.The first production F-22 was delivered to Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, on 14 January 2003. F-22 Dedicated Initial Operational Test and Evaluation occurred on 27 October 2004. As of late 2004, 51 Raptors were in service, with 22 more ordered under fiscal year 2004 funding. The first crash of a production F-22 occurred at Nellis Air Force Base on 20 December 2004, during takeoff. The pilot ejected safely moments before impact. The crash investigation revealed that a brief interruption in power during an engine shutdown prior to flight caused a malfunction in the flight-control system.The technical data for the aircraft has been amended to avoid this problem in the future. USAF officials were planning to reuse the remains into a new airframe.The dual afterburning Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofans incorporate thrust vectoring. Thrust vectoring is in the pitch axis only, with a range of ±20 degrees. The maximum thrust is classified, though most sources place it at about 35,000 lbf (156 kN) per engine. Maximum speed is estimated to be Mach 1.72 in supercruise mode and without external weapons; with afterburners, it is "greater than Mach 2.0" (2,120 km/h), according to Lockheed Martin. The Raptor can easily exceed its design speed limits, particularly at low altitudes; max-speed alerts help prevent the pilot from exceeding the limits. General John P. Jumper, former U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, flew the Raptor faster than Mach 1.7 without afterburners on January 13, 2005.
18 Jul 2008
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8 Aug 2008
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Download this song FREE at *******www.myspace****/songsbymel Photographs by Alejandra Mavroski & Rick everystockphoto**** Video footage "Time Trailer" & "Looping Star Field" archive**** There are two interesting sounds in this video .. 1. at the end under the morse code is the sound of "The Big Bang" as the author John G. Cramer puts it "listen" to the cosmic background radiation during the first 760,000 years of the birth of the universe. The other sound is me backing in to a chair while singing, crash :) Written & Performed by Mel ************************************** She came to me like a dream in the night Danced before my eyes with her magical delight She said I will touch your soul like a warm desert breeze I can steal your breath away with the greatest of ease Hand in hand we slipped away We flew by the stars beyond a sun She said open your eyes what you see is real Listen to your heart tell me what you feel And she said, love is the answer And love is the way And your love will come home some day She took from me all of the things that I knew And cast them out on an ocean of light She filled my head with the language of love Lead me back through the dark of a night And she said, love is the answer And love is the way And your love will come home some day Your love will come home some day love is the answer love is the way And your love will come home some day. ©2008 MelMadeMusic. All rights reserved
16 Aug 2008
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This video is created to depict the idiocy of the people who are supposed to be governing this country. This is not an attack on Filipinos. I love my country and the 90 million of the nicest, most-hardworking and some of the smartest and most talented people in the world. If you fail to see my point, that's not my fault. This song is an expression of thought. My thoughts. My opinion to how stupid this country is being run. The government prioritizing short-term solutions to our country's problems to save their shit-deep popularity (or notoriety) is a huge showing of lack of morality and decency. Or as I see it, just plain IDIOCY. Don't tell me I missed some points or I should have said this or do this. Because the points I mentioned here are what I think are the most relevant... according to my own view of things... I don't need to explain further because that would mean you don't clearly understand my point. I don't need to include all ills of the society because I believe all societies aren't perfect. Go to other countries and you'll discover that the best place to live in is still the Philippines. Even if you're a moron (like user: gagokanto) who doesn't understand this song... this song is still not written for you or about you. So stop acting like a know-it-all and just shut it. And to those who've appreciated and understood... thank you very much. Enjoy. My version of greenday's amazing song American Idiot. Music used is by greenday dancing clip from video owned by jibjab...or ansfav... my apologies. lyrics and voice by ME!! harhar... enjoy! please rate or comment! dedicated to all filipinos around the world!!! Justice to all victims of this regime!!! Politician Idiots Don't want to be a Filipino robot. Don't want my nation Pwn'd! by the media And can you hear the laugh of little gloria? The ugly poster girl of hysteria Welcome to our land of confusion. All across the Asian nations. Where everyone else are well, okay. While senate dreams of tomorrow. We are the ones who needs saklolo. at least they're there to argue. engineers in saudi arabia is this a part of a wicked agenda? all the doctors flew to america. All good teachers moved to south korea . We fucked up edsa revolution. seen All across the asian nations. everyone thought we're all okay. while congress eats our tomorrow. pork barell drains us all to zero and no one's there to argue. I want to be in a Filipino revolt . One nation boycotting BunyiTA. Information from Bunye and Ermita. Fucking the minds of all in Manila Politicians fucked up inflation. All you did was destroy our education. and everyone stinks in Doj. Are there still food left for tomorrow? Or bet our lives in PCSO's lotto. or wowowee will kill you.
14 Nov 2008
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here is my home made Yak 54 made of foam, and double folder wings for the airfoil, mount flew off in mid flight so will be a second flight soon.
20 Sep 2008
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We were in a train one day and it flew. We had a pretty nice view of the sky we did. There was also some sort of UFO in the sky.
28 Aug 2008
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