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Download this song FREE at *******www.myspace****/songsbymel Photographs by Alejandra Mavroski & Rick everystockphoto**** Video footage "Time Trailer" & "Looping Star Field" archive**** There are two interesting sounds in this video .. 1. at the end under the morse code is the sound of "The Big Bang" as the author John G. Cramer puts it "listen" to the cosmic background radiation during the first 760,000 years of the birth of the universe. The other sound is me backing in to a chair while singing, crash :) Written & Performed by Mel ************************************** She came to me like a dream in the night Danced before my eyes with her magical delight She said I will touch your soul like a warm desert breeze I can steal your breath away with the greatest of ease Hand in hand we slipped away We flew by the stars beyond a sun She said open your eyes what you see is real Listen to your heart tell me what you feel And she said, love is the answer And love is the way And your love will come home some day She took from me all of the things that I knew And cast them out on an ocean of light She filled my head with the language of love Lead me back through the dark of a night And she said, love is the answer And love is the way And your love will come home some day Your love will come home some day love is the answer love is the way And your love will come home some day. ©2008 MelMadeMusic. All rights reserved
16 Aug 2008
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This video is created to depict the idiocy of the people who are supposed to be governing this country. This is not an attack on Filipinos. I love my country and the 90 million of the nicest, most-hardworking and some of the smartest and most talented people in the world. If you fail to see my point, that's not my fault. This song is an expression of thought. My thoughts. My opinion to how stupid this country is being run. The government prioritizing short-term solutions to our country's problems to save their shit-deep popularity (or notoriety) is a huge showing of lack of morality and decency. Or as I see it, just plain IDIOCY. Don't tell me I missed some points or I should have said this or do this. Because the points I mentioned here are what I think are the most relevant... according to my own view of things... I don't need to explain further because that would mean you don't clearly understand my point. I don't need to include all ills of the society because I believe all societies aren't perfect. Go to other countries and you'll discover that the best place to live in is still the Philippines. Even if you're a moron (like user: gagokanto) who doesn't understand this song... this song is still not written for you or about you. So stop acting like a know-it-all and just shut it. And to those who've appreciated and understood... thank you very much. Enjoy. My version of greenday's amazing song American Idiot. Music used is by greenday dancing clip from video owned by jibjab...or ansfav... my apologies. lyrics and voice by ME!! harhar... enjoy! please rate or comment! dedicated to all filipinos around the world!!! Justice to all victims of this regime!!! Politician Idiots Don't want to be a Filipino robot. Don't want my nation Pwn'd! by the media And can you hear the laugh of little gloria? The ugly poster girl of hysteria Welcome to our land of confusion. All across the Asian nations. Where everyone else are well, okay. While senate dreams of tomorrow. We are the ones who needs saklolo. at least they're there to argue. engineers in saudi arabia is this a part of a wicked agenda? all the doctors flew to america. All good teachers moved to south korea . We fucked up edsa revolution. seen All across the asian nations. everyone thought we're all okay. while congress eats our tomorrow. pork barell drains us all to zero and no one's there to argue. I want to be in a Filipino revolt . One nation boycotting BunyiTA. Information from Bunye and Ermita. Fucking the minds of all in Manila Politicians fucked up inflation. All you did was destroy our education. and everyone stinks in Doj. Are there still food left for tomorrow? Or bet our lives in PCSO's lotto. or wowowee will kill you.
14 Nov 2008
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here is my home made Yak 54 made of foam, and double folder wings for the airfoil, mount flew off in mid flight so will be a second flight soon.
20 Sep 2008
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We were in a train one day and it flew. We had a pretty nice view of the sky we did. There was also some sort of UFO in the sky.
28 Aug 2008
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Flew Edge 540 Redbull by dusk. Check out speed aerobatics n passes. Got some good zoomed aerobatic clips. My sweetheart is doing a very good job with the camera now :)
2 Oct 2008
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Mad About Options, the daily video news program on, E. Matthew Buckley, whose call sign was “Whiz,” has a unique take on Boeing. For 15 years he flew the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet for the United States Navy. Now as the CEO of the Options News Network (, Mr. Buckley joined his Chief Investment Strategist, Jud Pyle, to discuss Cramer’s recent opinion of BA. Mr. Buckley also discussed BA on last week’s “Options Cocktail” program, where he discusses their proposal for the U.s. Air Force $40 billion tanker program.
2 Sep 2008
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Boyce Thompson Arboretum Trail Superior, Arizona "Baby,you make my tree bark" While out for photos, I was a snappen, little did I know what would happen. I fell in love with this creature. She made me light with every feature. What could I do, what could I do? The desert garden produced this women. So hot and sexy, round and luscious, Like the hummer, My heart beat faster, then it flew, then it flew. Hot and sexy, round and luscious. The day was cool. Oh so cool. "Baby, de hacer mi árbol de corteza" Si bien para las fotos, yo era un snappen, poco me hizo saber lo que sucedería. Me enamoré de esta criatura. Ella me hizo la luz con cada característica. ¿Qué podía hacer, lo que podría hacer? El desierto jardín producido esta mujer. Por lo tanto, caliente y sexy, redondos y luscious, Al igual que el Hummer, Mi corazón lata más rápido, entonces se voló, entonces se voló. Caliente y sexy, redondos y luscious. El día fue frío. Oh para que se enfríe. ******* photos ***********/taoist25/BoyceThompsonArboretumTrailSuperiorArizona
3 Sep 2008
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Flowsik is a rapper from Queens NY. Directed and Edited and co-shot by George Gross. www.georgebgross**** Made in 2006. Much of is shot on a still camera. The rest on 16 mm. Co-shot by Derrick Fong with Alex Corn Gaffing. Steven Little Production Design. Doug Fitch helped with editing. Nick Perez flew the airplane and Mindi Paquin, Marika Hacking, Jori Stigers, and Ned Martin kindly helped me shake the christmas lights.
18 Sep 2008
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I was flying my Zing Wings ZB 28 model glider one day. It attracted a bird called a night hawh that flew with it, I tink trying to attack it. The insect like noises are made by the night hawk. There is also a swooshing sound you'll hear near the end of the video that is caused by the bird diving and then pulling up quickly. Pretty cool!
9 Dec 2008
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Chapter 31 After they found Joe's phone everyone was exhausted and fell quickly asleep. Well, everyone but Kirsten.. Kirsten's POV It took me forever to fall asleep. I couldn't help but think about Nick. He was on my mind all the time anyways, and this just made it worse. I had just finally drifted into an uneasy sleep, when I felt someone's hand touched my shoulder. The hand was icy and cold, and my eyes flew open. I was about to scream, when the hand covered my mouth. Terror filled my body. I struggled to escape from the persons hands. It was dark and I couldn't see who it was. Suudenly the person flipped me over and whispered in my ear. ????: Stop moving brat. Kirsten: SAM!? Sam: What? Kirsten: Let me go! Suddenly a new voice spoke... ?????: No way bitch! You stole my boyfriend, and it's time to get rid of you. Realization sung in when I heard the voice. I knew I had to make a scene or I was in trouble. I had to get Joe or Kevin to wake up! Kirsten:....Miley.... Miley: Mhmm? Kirsten:...Sam.. Sam: What? Kirsten: Sam, why are you teaming with her!? I didn't do anything to you!! If you want her back, you think you can force her to go out with you to get me back? She's not like that!! Miley: Just shut up slut!! Ok, this wasn't working. I had a plan. I lay still a nd quiet for a whole two minutes, and they thought I had fallen asleep. Sam: What is she doing? Miley: I dunno. Maybe she died. Sam: *cough* idiot! She's planning something!! Miley: No she's not! Or..well.. i dunno... Both of them started arguing, so I braced myself, Sam's hand let go of me and I bolted to the bedroom door screaming the whole time as loud as I could. I didn't make it far; Miley tackled me, but a light came on and in flew....NICK!?? Nick: MILEY!?? Suddenly Joe appeared at the door, followed by Kevin, then Alyssa and Abbey. Joe: NICK!?? Alyssa: SAM!!?? Kevin: MILEY!?? Abbey: Uhhh ABBEY!!! *This time, it was Alyssa's chance to shove Abbey* Alyssa: Sam!! Oh my god! What is your freakin problem!? Can't you just stay out of my life!?? Abbey, can you go call the cops. I'm getting him gone for good. Joe: Miley's in trouble too. They both broke in. Kevin: Kirsten, are you okay!? Kirsten: Yeah I'm fine! They were gunna 'get rid of me' in Miley's words... Nick looked at Miley. Nick: Are you still so not over me that you have to try and kill my GIRLFRIEND!? *Kirsten's face lit up* Miley: Nick!! Please don't call the cops! This kid here dragged me into it!! Nick: I'm sure. Now your ruined, Miley. You could've had a bright future... Joe looks at Sam angerly. Joe: Can I punch this kids guts out please!? *Sam backs against the wall, remembering that Joe packs a powerful punch* Alyssa: No, Joe, you don't wanna end with the same fate as Miley. *turns towards Abbey who just finished calling the cops* Are they coming?\nAbbey: Mhmm. Sam: *Starting to panic* Alyssa! please! I-I-I-I just love you still! Alyssa: Sam, if you loved me you wouldnt try and kill my best friend or boyfriend, and you would just be my friend. *Sam gets desperate, and lunges forward to Alyssa and starts kissing her. Joe acts fast and rips Sam away from her.* Joe: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT WAS ABOUT!? Sam lunges forward and this time, kisses JOE!! Kevin: WHAT THE ****!!?? *Joe pushes Sam off of him and both Alyssa and Joe wipe their mouths and look disgusted* Alyssa: Who are you!? I don't even know you anymore... *Alyssa starts to cry and Joe wraps her up in his arms and holds her tight. Sam has a look of jealousy on his face* Suddenly the police crash through the door, and head straight for them. They immeaditely grab Sam and Miley and protestingly, drag them out the door. *After the police had left, and questions had been asked.* Abbey shut the door behind the police and shook her head. Abbey: Watch the news tomorrow...this'll be across the world... Kirsten was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, slightly shaken. Nick was standing behind her but she didn't realize it. Kirsten: That was frightening... Nick:...And so was the thought of losing you. Kirsten wiped around and stared at Nick
28 Feb 2009
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My J3 Cub Nitro on it's 3rd Flight. Had some good speedy passes. It was cross winds again but the bird flew very well
4 Oct 2008
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This part of my travels is to Huanglong Scenic Area. My Chinese student friend, Chenjie and I flew from Chengdu on 15 July 2008 and were met by a guide at the airport near Jiuzhaigou. We were driven immediately to Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) and spent a wonderful day walking to the head of the valley in view of snow capped mountains
7 Oct 2008
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Wanna see videos of sprinters in the Olympics? This one shows Usain Bolt celebrating his gold medal win and Jamaican pride by dancing! Did you know that he wore Puma sneakers as he flew by other sprinters in the Olympics? Watch this to see sprinters in the Olympics lose to the fastest man alive. sprinters in the olympics, video, Bolt from Blue, puma, run
7 Oct 2008
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I was trying out my new video camera, shooting video of the hills from my patio deck when this THING flew across the screen , I didn't even notice it till I watched the video. I have no idea what it was !!!! I was holding the camera in my hands so the video is a bit shakey. What do you think it was?????
13 Oct 2008
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Vintage Pitts Biplane runs out of gas and goes down in a cornfield. Amazingly the pilot was not hurt. One of the rescue members fell in the search, but he is okay. No animals were hurt and no damage was done to the Plane. It flew again. This 30 year old Byron Pitts S2A is a strong bird with an unusual sound and is running a Rossi speed .61 on a belt drive. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe, as there is more to come. Thanks for watching, Dave
16 Dec 2008
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I flew half way across the world to track down the Torchwood actors and find locations. What can I say... Girls just wanna have fun! *grins* Song: Girls just want to have fun, by Cyndi Lauper. I really hope you guys like the way I’ve showcased my photos. This was an extremely personal project, because it’s me in a quite a few photos, which is... well... scary! Shhh...(mid-life crisis) Hope you all enjoy!
25 Dec 2008
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