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28 Mar 2017
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Heres some of my flourishes that I do handed fan, one handed pressure fan, trinary cut, swivel cut, tudor cut, ladder cut, classic table spread, classic hand spread, and the riffle transposition (one of my latest creations)..****ments would be much appreciated thx
15 May 2006
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Encyclopedia of playing card flourishes.
22 Mar 2006
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Knuckle Flip Flourish
13 Feb 2007
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Card flourishes: Cobra Strike Opener 1 Card Fan Catch Running L Cuts Viereck (Square, Self Standing Sculpture) Triple Transfer Really Long Dribble a.k.a. Anaconda Dribble Crossed King Cobra with Packet Switch Catches
16 Feb 2007
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cool vid with card flourishes card magic and stuff p.s it says magic freek 101 because that is my you tube name but i think meta cafe owns youtube please comment and rate
21 Apr 2007
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Get the trilogy at *******www.learnmagics**** with flourishes tricks and everythingelse
23 Jun 2007
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just some of the flourishes i can do [im ready and willing to make tutorials for the ones i made!!]
3 Jul 2007
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my latest floursih tutorial plus a sneak peak of my newest flourish
4 Jul 2007
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just me doing some flourishes
9 Jul 2007
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just another video of me doing flourishes
13 Jul 2007
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A short, visual tutorial explaining an awesome little card spin flourish. The card jumps off the deck and goes several feet in the air!
29 Aug 2007
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Tutorial - Learn how to perform a few basic card flourishes such as the card spin, the dribble, and the corner spring. I slowed down the flourishes so people can follow along and learn. In lesson four I will be going over the mechanics and the reason why people perform card flourishes. Watch after the credits to see some definitions of flourish from dictionary**** *If you didn't like my card spin please watch this video. ***********/watch?v=xvzUlxWIwCk Enjoyed my video(s)? Even if it was just a bit help out by subscribing (click the subscribe link below). :-) ***********/subscription_center%3Fadd_user%3DForFun808
17 Sep 2007
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A card flourishing video!Sorry for my bad editing.New generation of playing cards!
30 Oct 2007
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Back to Basics - Flourishing by Cap Casino - Volume 1 card magic dvd available from ************* For more information please visit *************/magic.asp?id=1477
1 Nov 2007
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A card flourish tutorial!
2 Nov 2007
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