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4 Apr 2018
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17 Apr 2018
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27 Mar 2018
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6 Apr 2018
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The internet is a great tool for investors, providing a source for researching investments and trading securities with unprecedented ease. Unfortunately, the lack of rules on the web also makes it the perfect place for fraud to flourish. To avoid getting burned into any scam or fraud, take precautions. Jarl Moe shares those five ways to reduce your odds of becoming the victim of fraud/scam.
9 Apr 2018
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Heres some of my flourishes that I do handed fan, one handed pressure fan, trinary cut, swivel cut, tudor cut, ladder cut, classic table spread, classic hand spread, and the riffle transposition (one of my latest creations)..****ments would be much appreciated thx
15 May 2006
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Encyclopedia of playing card flourishes.
22 Mar 2006
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Card flourishes: Cobra Strike Opener 1 Card Fan Catch Running L Cuts Viereck (Square, Self Standing Sculpture) Triple Transfer Really Long Dribble a.k.a. Anaconda Dribble Crossed King Cobra with Packet Switch Catches
16 Feb 2007
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cool vid with card flourishes card magic and stuff p.s it says magic freek 101 because that is my you tube name but i think meta cafe owns youtube please comment and rate
21 Apr 2007
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Get the trilogy at *******www.learnmagics**** with flourishes tricks and everythingelse
23 Jun 2007
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just some of the flourishes i can do [im ready and willing to make tutorials for the ones i made!!]
3 Jul 2007
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my latest floursih tutorial plus a sneak peak of my newest flourish
4 Jul 2007
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just me doing some flourishes
9 Jul 2007
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