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While searching for his missing father, Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck—a special card deck that allows the carrier to transform into a Kamen Rider and utilize unique weapons and powers—and uses it to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He butts heads with Len, who serves as Kamen Rider Wing Knight, but the pair join forces after Kit learns that an alien warlord named General Xaviax is responsible for his father's disappearance and intends on abducting him and the entire human race to gain power and rebuild Xaviax's homeworld. Xaviax tricks people on Earth into working for him by promising them whatever they want, or in some cases, by exploiting their fears and desperation. Kit wonders why Xaviax has to trick them and why he doesn't just find bad guys to do the work for him. Len tells Kit that the decks were only made for one person, and that only a person with an exact DNA match to the original Ventaran rider could use it. This is why Kit is able to use the Dragon Knight Deck: he is the exact Mirror Twin of Adam, the original Dragon Knight, who betrayed the original team. One of the new Earth Riders, Chris Ramirez (serving as Kamen Rider Sting and tricked by Xaviax into believing he is working in a special ops government program to fight alien invaders), joins forces with Kit and Len when he discovers he has been deceived, but is Vented—a process which traps defeated Riders in the "Advent Void" between dimensions forever and removes their Advent Decks—along the way. Kit vents Albert Cho, brother of Danny Cho, in retaliation. This leads to a personal hatred between Danny and Kit, as Danny seeks to avenge his brother against Xaviax's orders.
21 Jan 2018
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Spider-Man Friend or Foe for PSP
28 Sep 2007
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Music video for "Favourite Foe" by Mike TV (formerly Pickled Dick) off their upcoming self-titled album.
13 Jun 2008
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11 May 2009
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Xena and Gabrielle has to know all about each other until they can answer the REAL question-- are they friends? Or are they foes?
19 Feb 2012
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Just a video of me playin my favorite game on my favorite console. I made this all in one day so I only got 2-3 hours of raw footage.
21 Feb 2007
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Yah this is the new game coming out this oct 2. All the bad guys from spiderman movies is in this game. Gonna be awesome. Here is the trailer. Have fun
26 Jul 2007
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Inspired by the Spider-Man film trilogy
20 Sep 2007
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Get Your *******AutoGoFast****/spiderman.htm Inspired by the SpiderMan films
24 Sep 2007
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17 Nov 2008
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Another AMV
1 May 2009
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im nh hes too
6 Aug 2010
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*******focasperu**** para los que les gustaba los dias miercoles, cuando teniamos que correr la s4 millas, y los que no hacian el tiempo tenian que regresar el sabado, para repetirla. si quieres saber mas visita *******focasperu**** un blog dedicado a los miembros de la Fuerza de Operaciones Especiales "la Comunidad de los Focas"
16 Sep 2011
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*******focasperu**** Video de introduccion a la Escuela de Demolicion Submarina, o Escuela de Operaciones Especiales, un curso sobre las tropas de elite, su formacion fisica y sicologica, si quieres conocer mas sobre sus miembros ingresa a *******focasperu**** y comparte con ellos tus inquietudes
16 Sep 2011
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