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LA NEW YORK PARIS MONACO YOUR PLACE THE RECORD-KILLERS are a collective of producers, songwriters, and music creatives collaborating with new and mainly up 'n' coming artists with unique material from around the world. Their unique and innovative approach to music production techniques embraces the natural abilities of the artist, and allows them to explore the spirit and translate the real feel of music. With a strong will and determination the RK's are helping to push new artists forward and continue to drive their development and success. Check out their newest productions below, and get in touch with any questions about THE RECORD-KILLERS. NEXT LEVEL SHH...
Little Engine That Could is Jumpstart's first Read for the Record selection
5 Oct 2008
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Today guest readers read the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle to children around the world in this year's Read for the Record event.
9 Oct 2009
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*******www.4-britney***.nr Britney Spears 'Sets The Record Straight' In Documentary Airing November 30 On MTV -- Check Out A Preview Here! *******www.4-britney***.nr
14 Oct 2008
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The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel reports that Washington DC will get more snow Saturday than they usually get then entire winter.
20 Dec 2009
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mariah carey dance
2 Mar 2010
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23 Feb 2011
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14 Nov 2011
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Maybe Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL, but he hasn't been around as long as these guys. They're two sure-fire Hall of Fame, record-breaking QBs. But who is better: Drew Brees or Tom Brady?
1 Aug 2012
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Henry Winkler is interviewed about Hank Zipzer books (Grosset & Dunlap) and dyslexia for Jumpstart's "Read for the Record"
5 Oct 2008
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A guy was teaching kids in Korea English, and they put on a play based on "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar." For the record, the little girl is saying "kiss my hand" and not what it sounds like. Very cute.
2 Jul 2006
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The CNN reporter whose bathroom conversation was broadcast to millions of people over Bush's speech shows she is a good sport and appears on Letterman to present a top 10 list of excuses why it happened. (For the record, no talent turns off their own mic, it is the soundman's job, so it's the soundman's mess up.) Click the link below to view the original newscast.
3 Nov 2006
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ok. My brother always wanted to become a wrestler. Since he is only 7 years old I decided to teach him some techniques. I was thinking the earlier you learn the more you learn. So I was acting like I knew what I was doing and decided to teach him. After I taught him we had a little match to post it on the internet to let others watch him and see his talent... and just for the record... I let him beat me.
21 Jan 2007
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