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For every fan of crossdressing, sissification and forced feminization. True events and stories, fiction and practical guides. Full version will be soon available with english subtitles. Check our website or this page regularly. From April 9th, 2008. www.femhim**** (Sorry for delay, we are preparing another video).
20 May 2009
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This is a short video clip to introduce my new forced feminization hypnosis MP3 called Female Transformation Hypnosis it is designed to help you transition from male to female changing your mind and transforming your body. Along with my MP3 recording of Female Transformation Hypnosis you will also receive a mantra that you must learn by heart and say to yourself every day to feel the full effects of Female Transformation Hypnosis. I also have a few questions for you, asking about what type of lingerie you like, textures and colours as I do love to hear from all of my wonderful feminine transformation women of the world and find out all about you. All of these things will be sent to you once you commit to me, just click the link below and say to yourself 'Yes I Am A Woman' and before you know it you will step into my world. Don't be afraid pretty girl just take my hand and I will lead you. This video was designed solely for entertainment purposes. If you have a request for a future video please feel free to leave a comment on the video I would love to hear from all you wonderful women of the world. Thank you for all the views and subscriptions, please keep the comments rolling in it's such great fun to hear from you. A big red lipstick kiss and special thanks to all my viewers who share my videos on FaceBook. Thank you so much and enjoy the video. Then simply click on the link below to come and listen and learn lots more. Red lipstick kisses x *******shop.madam-raison-detre******/Female-Transformation-Hypnosis_B25YJW.aspx *******shop.madam-raison-detre******
12 Sep 2013
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milda7のメインサイト「女人化研究所」からの編集作品です。 強制女装の妄想に萌えてしまうあなたのお力になるべく日夜創作しております。 下記サイトには本作品並びにさらに多くの強制女装の世界が拡がってます。 是非お越しくださいませ。 *******milda7.web.fc2****/nyonin2_001.htm
15 Aug 2010
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Free Download: *******www.slideshare****/Teresabowers/forced-feminizationguide
14 Dec 2012
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La fantasía de la feminización forzada es sin duda bastante controversial... sobre todo cuando evoca ciertos recuerdos de niños que fueron alguna vez vestidos como niñas....por sus propios padres.... Las ilustraciones corresponden a la fantasiosa creatividad de la muy famosa artista Christeen.
26 Oct 2009
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Version 2 of the TG Factory. A young man finds out he is doomed to live a life as a female love slave.
3 Jul 2010
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"Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the most fairest of them all?" said the Prince who was seeking his bride to be. "Why, you of course," chuckled the Mirror. And with that the prince became a princess who then went to seek a groom.
3 Jul 2010
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This is the trailer to the 2006 tiny-budget film, Silk Seduction, a romantic film for those who love crossdresser entertainment.
4 Jul 2010
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Priscilla ironing and steaming her panties
5 Sep 2010
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Brazilian transgender transformation show, beautiful girls who were once boys model lingerie, watched by their brothers and mothers (this is a spoof - it's not real, guys!)
18 Nov 2011
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a "beneficial humiliation" for your husband - find the complete video here *******feminization-net.blogspot****/2010/09/forced-feminization-video-husband.html
28 Oct 2013
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