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Nikki sanders watches her tape where she was forced to strip
19 Jun 2010
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indian young girl forced to strip
2 Sep 2013
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enjoy thisssssssss
29 Jul 2010
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Model Refuses to go Semi-Naked You'll not be surprised probably, to read that I'm not a fan of reality shows like [your country's] Next Top Model, for many reasons. Only one of which is they promote an unrealistically thin version of how to be a woman, and glamorize it to the nth degree to their mainly teen audience who are incredibly vulnerable to the message. Anyway. When my MSN opened this morning, I noticed in the news popup that one of the contestants in a competing show, a 17 year old called Sarah Longman, has refused to participate in a segment where she was wearing a gstring and body paint and parading in Federation Square. This apparently gives the models the opportunity to "use their bodies as art". Nicer, I suppose, than saying "let's try to boost our ratings using sex". So I clicked the link and went to the news page. Of particular interest to me were comments like: * If you want to be a model you just have to do what the client wants -- lots of those * Just get your gear off and show us your tits, that's the only reason guys watch the show. Heartrendingly, there were way way more messages supporting Sarah's decision. It's worth noting that Sarah is only 17 years old. Takes a lot of guts for a 17 year old to stand up for a principle in the face of huge media scrutiny and no doubt pressure from the show's producers, though of course they're publicly saying they support her decision. This brings up two questions for me: Since I don't watch the show for the reasons stated above (plus I think it would be boring), I wonder how many men watch the show? Straight men, obviously. If you're a man, would you watch the show? Why or why not? Second question: Do the needs or wants of the client mean that you MUST compromise your personal values to get the job?
7 Apr 2014
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Watch: Hot Jenny McCarthy forced by lady cop to strips search. Looks her sexy humorous acts and curves figure in pink lingerie.
3 Mar 2015
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Mel (Peyton List) & Jules (Cameron Goodman) are abducted by a shuttle bus driver & forced to strip before him & an associate. Movie written & directed by Edward Anderson.
5 Nov 2009
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A General Hospital video about Courtney going through a rough time in her life, resorting to pills after being forced to strip to pay off her husband's debt. Jason helps her get through it. Semi-AR, timeline is changed.
26 May 2010
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A girl who was a member of an exclusive student sisterhood is found dead, Chris and Monica is pretending to be students to investigate the matter. It turns out that new members are forced to strip in order to be initiated into the sisterhood, to then be extorted, and Monica must act at a strip club to get closer to the sisterhood
29 Nov 2010
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Our First Round of Strip Basketball. Brishaw [Me] & Desi vs. Jason & Justin. *i'm not adding part 2. im forced to strip to my briefs. lol =P
26 Dec 2010
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Farrah Fawcett is forced to strip by an intruder and he also uses a belt around her neck like a leash. I won't give away the whole film but later she more than gets her revenge!
22 May 2014
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