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3 Apr 2009
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4 Apr 2009
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22 Dec 2008
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29 Apr 2009
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11 Sep 2009
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We are pleased to introduce M/S Radhe Engineering Co. as a manufacturer of Bio-mass Briquetting Plant for converting Bio-mass or Agro-forestry waste into Briquettes. We are in the filed of renewable energy business for more than 17 years and leading the industry with successful track records in installing our Briquetting Plant all over India and overseas. Some of the benefits of setting up Briquetting Plant are as follows: Utilizing agro-forestry waste into profits. Easy availability of various types of raw material Increasing demand of finished product (Briquettes) day by day. Excellent project viability Short Payback Period Pollution free and hazardless project Eco-friendly renewable green energy project We invite you to visit our website at: www.radhegroup**** In case of queries or clarifications, please feel free to call or e-mail us.
16 Feb 2010
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Happy Valentine's Day from Miss Tawanchai Srinawong a Thai teen girl young lady a teenager schoolgirl playing with Asian elephants in Chiang Mai Thailand. More at ***********/krokosk/ Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. In North America, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers or offering confectionery. The holiday is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Asian Elephant sometimes known by the name of one of its subspecies (the Indian Elephant), is one of the three living species of elephant. The species is found primarily in large parts of Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Indochina and parts of Indonesia. It is considered endangered, with between 25,600 and 32,750 left in the wild. It is smaller than its African relatives; the easiest way to distinguish the two is that the Asian elephant has smaller ears. The Asian Elephant tends to grow to around two to four meters (7--12 feet) in height and 3,000--5,000 kilograms (6,500--11,000 pounds) in weight. The Asian Elephant has other differences from its African relatives, including a more arched back than the African, one semi-prehensile "finger" at the tip of its trunk as opposed to two, four nails on each hind foot instead of three, and 19 pairs of ribs instead of 21. Also, unlike with the African elephant, the female Asian Elephant usually lacks tusks; if tusks — in that case called "tushes" — are present, they are barely visible, and only seen when the female opens her mouth. Some males may also lack tusks; these individuals are called "makhnas", and are especially common among the Sri Lankan elephant population. Furthermore, the forehead has two hemispherical bulges, unlike the flat front of the African elephant. This animal is widely domesticated, and has been used in forestry in South and Southeast Asia for centuries and also in ceremonial purposes. Historical sources indicate that they were sometimes used during the harvest season primarily for milling. Wild elephants attract tourist money to the areas where they can most readily be seen, but damage crops, and may enter villages to raid gardens. The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. To its east lie Laos and Cambodia; to its south, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia; and to its west, the Andaman Sea and Myanmar. Its capital and largest city is Bangkok.
6 May 2010
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*******www.globalchange**** Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Demographics, digital impact, distribution and destiny.Digital impact on newspapers, direct mail and paper industry. Future of communications – does paper have a future? Future has more paper in it than people think. Why the future is about emotion and how consumers actually feel. Emotional pull of books and paper media. Touch and feel of books. Video on future of paper and packaging industry by Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise, conference keynote speaker. Why market research often gives wrong answers about the future. Future of handwriting. Future of Yellow Pages and paper directories. Future of direct mail and paper letters. Future of books and why book sales will continue to do well. Challenge to save energy, protect environment. Why paper communicates data faster to human eye than digital screens – lower resolution and lower contrast. Why printing big reports is faster to read than on-line. Future of screens. Why rapid scanning of text will be a primary leadership skill. Paper, packaging, cardboard, pulp, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, marketing, management, energy, efficiency, sustainable, sustainability, plastics, recycling, renewable, forests, forestry, environment, trees, emerging markets, boosk, magazines, newspapers, print media, direct mail and marketing, postal
22 Jul 2008
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3 May 2009
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*******www.globalchange**** Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Demographics, digital impact, distribution and destiny.Future of packaging, paper and cardboard – environmental issues and emotions of consumers / clients / customers. Sustainability. Future driven by emotional reaction to global warming issues over next two decades. Pressure for innovation and change in paper and cardboard industries. Future of climate change action and new regulations. Changes in American policies on climate changes. Video on future of paper and packaging industry by Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise, conference keynote speaker. Will we destroy our planet? Change from plastics to paper packaging. Plastic bottles to paper bottles – added efficiency on shelves from liquid cartons. Recycling challenges from liquid food cartons eg Tetrapak. Innovation in packaging to save weight, cost. Future of plastic bags – new regulations. Protection of forests and sustainable forestry. Reducing energy in paper pulp processes. Wood industry will move from supplier of paper to deliverer of power. Increased recycling will reduce paper demand in Europe, releasing more wood for power. Carbon offsetting impact on paper manufacturing, sales and distribution. Making life easy in a great way for our future world. Paper, packaging, cardboard, pulp, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, marketing, management, energy, efficiency, sustainable, sustainability, plastics, recycling, renewable, forests, forestry, environment, trees, emerging markets, boosk, magazines, newspapers, print media, direct mail and marketing, postal
8 Sep 2008
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Turn to Headwater Equipment for great deals on all your forestry & logging equipment including this like new 2005 CAT 525C skidder with good rubber, dual function grapple and more. Visit ******* for more info.
26 Aug 2009
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Like new 2003 Caterpillar TK1051 forestry machine available from Headwater Equipment with good u/c, CAT HF-221 Feller Head, Fire Supression and more. More info available here: *******
31 Jul 2009
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At *******www.hwequipment**** you will find this work ready 1998 Caterpillar 320BL with great u/c, forestry guarding, waratah harvester head and many newer components. This machine has been through our shop for a complete inspection and service.
18 Dec 2008
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Buzzing saws, falling trees and a work floor that's steep, slick and rugged. Loggers have a dangerous job. They need a truck that's as tough as they are. See why the Ford Super Duty stands high above the rest in the forestry business.<br><br />
2 Apr 2012
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Felling Forest Giants is an early silent film that documents the 1920's logging industry in the Pacific Northwest, from pictures of the felling of giant redwoods to views of the saw mills in the east. Some interesting and rare scenes from the lives of loggers are also shown, including oxen shoeing that helps the oxen transport the cut logs, and participating in a log-rolling competition on a river. Scenes of the mill work including forestry supplies and forestry tools in order to process the giant trees are explored. This film shows the timber industry in its historical form including some scenes of mistreatment of animals that would shock modern audiences. Felling Forest Giants is an eye opening exposure to logging industry history and the lives over loggers and timber workers.
28 Dec 2009
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Circulation in all living species Harnesses gravity to drive the fluids in trees, plants, animals, humans and even the Ocean Currents by acting upon minute changes in density due to evaporation / transpiration. This discovery helps us to understand how a non-living physical force generates circulation, breathing life into every living organism, including you and I. This video sets out some simple experiments that illustrate a powerful yet hitherto overlooked circulatory process capable of lifting water from ground level beyond 24 metres vertical without any artificial aids. There is no pump involved; yet water flows effortlessly like the sap in a tree to great heights. These experiments will amaze your Science Teachers and cause them to question what they are teaching in class. Mr Smith, the science teacher at Paignton Community College said when watching water flowing up to a third floor window at the College; 'I have no problem with this experiment, this is exactly how water is lifted by trees, but what can I do about it? I still have to teach the curriculum.' Doctor Choi in the engineering department at Exeter University after hearing my theory during our meeting looked out of the window of his office and said; 'For the first time, I understand a tree'. Two vascular surgeons from Torbay Hospital after witnessing the experiments and hearing the theory replied; ' I thought pure science was dead, yet here it is on my kitchen table'. Another quote went; 'This fit's with everything I know about Human Physiology and just has to be correct'. I was also asked what would happen to the pressures inside the vessels of the leg following exercise. I replied; 'there would be an increase in positive pressure in the arteries and a decreased pressure in the veins, according to my theory. They replied, this is exactly what does happen and until now we have not fully understood it. Professor Edzard Urnst at Exeter University following a short introduction to himself and several doctors wrote. We were truly fascinated! I have a huge collection of promises of further investigation and possible clinical trials being conducted to test the theory further. None have been forthcoming! A further video will follow shortly showing a scaled down version of the Brixham Experiment which was reported in the local press, witnessed by forestry senior management and scientists, yet ignored since 1995. The Brixham Experiment also featured in another video show the true power of this phenomenon. Please feel free to ask questions and leave a comment. Andrew The following review came from a letter I wrote to the Late Professor H T Hammel, who was a member of the Max Plank Institute. Within a 2 weeks I received his reply INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDIICINE date September 6/ 1995 Dear Mr Fletcher: I received the information you sent me regarding your ideas about fluid transport in trees, in tubing and in the vascular system in humans. I will study your ideas and comment upon them as soon as possible. A Quick scan of your Brixham experiment prompts me to ask if you conducted this experiment with boiled water without any solute added to the tubing on either side of the central point which you raise 24 meters? I expect that you could raise the tubing to the same height with or without solute in the water. In any case , your experiment confirms that clean water (water that is unbroken water, water that is without a single minute bubble of vapour) can support tension of several hundreds of atmospheres. The record tension obtained experimentally is 270 atmospheres. At 10 degrees C. (c.f. Briggs, L. Limiting negative pressure of water. Journal of Applied Physics 21: 721-722 1950). I expect even this tension at brake point can be exceeded by careful cleansing of the water, to remove even the most minute region of gas phase. When the water is already broken, as occurs when gas is entrapped on particulate matter in ordinary water, the water will expand around even a single break when tension (negative Pressure) is applied to the water. When you boil the water, prior to applying (2.4-1) ATM negative pressure to the water in the highest point of the tubing, you eliminate some of these breaks in ordinary water. I expect that dissolving NaCl or other solutes in the water will have little or no effect on the way you measure the tensile strength of water. I am enclosing some reprints that may interest you. Some of these deal with negative pressures we have measured in tall trees, mangroves and desert shrubs. Other reprints deal with how solutes alter water in aqueous solutions and how colloidal solutes (proteins) affect the flux of protein free fluid between plasma in capillaries and interstitial fluid. Sincerely H.T. Hammel Ph.D. (more) (less) Category Howto & DIY Google "Andrew K Fletcher" or "Inclined Bed Therapy" And see where this amazing discovery in circulation is leading us.
5 Sep 2007
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