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If you are bald and have a friend like this f*cker here, he ain’t gonna forgive the weakness you possess. It was hilarious though.
7 May 2018
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Game improvement iron heads feature a wide sole design, deep undercut cavity, perimeter weighting and short hosel design to get the ball easily airborne and to improve forgiveness. Blade style iron heads feature a narrow sole with the thinner top line, great for seasoned players seeking maximum playability. Lie adjustment available for Acer, Dynacraft, and PowerPlay iron heads.
9 May 2018
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This little girl was shot when she was three and her spine severed. She's confined to a wheel chair for the rest of here life. Her statement in court may surprise you. In an incredible act of bravery and grace this little girl forgives the guy who shot her in a compelling statement that shocked everyone in the court room.
18 May 2006
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Clairvoyant intuitive psychic Cindy Goldenberg's amazing new book features metaphysical principles from "The Secret." "Forgivess~TheDivine Connection," shows how Forgiveness creates space for new abundance and well-being.
15 Mar 2007
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self made music video of lord forgive me my homie jay cooks wrote
26 Mar 2007
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The music video for Peter Katz's song 'Forgiveness'. The song was inspired by an interview with Michael Berg, father of Nicholas Berg who was kidnapped and murdered in Iraq by Al-Zarcawi. Michael Berg chose to find forgiveness in his heart instead of carrying on the cycle of hatred and refused to support the killing of Al-Zarcawi despite what he had done to his son. This video is dedicated to his remarkable courage and to his son's life. Composer: Peter Katz Director: Andrew Moniz Producer: Daniel Mazzucco Cinematographer: Roger Singh www.peterkatz**** www.myspace****/peterkatz
12 Aug 2007
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oh brother please forgive me.
7 Dec 2007
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Virgilio Garcia talks about the need to forgive and ask for forgiveness in the Catholic Life. Virgilio is a member of St. Benedict Parish in Somerville, MA *******www.stbenedictsomerville****
10 Mar 2008
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Our culture tells us that having an abortion is no big deal; it's like having a tooth pulled. Learn2Discern from real life stories that make us all stop and ask: is that true? And understand how thousands of post-abortive women have found forgiveness beneath the cross of Jesus. Go to *******www***ralridge****/L2D and find out how you can Learn2Discern media lies and deceptions. Support this ministry and help impact lives: give online or call 1-800-229-WORD (9673).
6 May 2008
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13 Jul 2008
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In this trailer of a 45 min webinar, Auriela McCarthy, author of The Power of the Possible, addresses people's misconceptions around forgiveness and why forgiveness is the only way for a lasting and permanent change *******www.PowerOfThePossible****
17 Jul 2008
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Tym razem FFX i FFX2 w piosence Evanescence - Forgive Me
8 Nov 2008
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