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just a lil sumthing sumthing fo flaV...
16 Aug 2007
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VOTE FO ME , AKA pIMPPPPPPP! ahahhahaah.
26 Nov 2007
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Watch Iron Man 2008 Movie fo Free at: *******watchironman08.blogspot****
11 Jan 2009
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she park Car with a new style in kong fo
1 May 2008
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Mini ALBUM RELEASE on JUNE 17th on itunes! six-songs, three of them never before seen on the internet. the ep is called "Bo fo Sho" beat and lyrics by bo burnham walkin my poodles, man it never gets old with my dogs on my leash i got bitches on the hold, a first aids kit? thats a rhesus monkey, i bust more nuts than a pistachio junkie! get more ass than a giant donkey stable, got more lines than whitney houston's coffee table, i get more head than grammar school lice, i'm like a walkin glacier i'm so decked out with ice. Did you poop a virgin? cause that shit is tight. jack ain't black, barry ain't white. i do drugs in the bedroom, lie on ur back cause i got the pipe and you got the crack. though i'm sexually straight, your bound to find, i'm mentally gay, cause i'll blow your mind. the parents be snickerin "he shouldnt have written it" but i'm constipated, couldnt give a shit. chorus: My name is bo fo sho, a born bostonian, aryan librarian at the WORDsmithsonian the rap is scattered, it hides its ingenuity, i gave it this little part to give it continuity. the fellas say hey moron pass the gin cause i'm an OXYmoron breathing OXYgen give me the bottle, i'll chug two thirds cause you bitches know fractions speak louder than words and the ladies say hey fellas i'm keepin it tight and if you play ur cards right you can have me tonight should i blow you or beat you, brass or percussion? oh stop, PERIOD end of discussion chorus... walking through the garden with food at my feet, picked up the celery but dropped the beat (beet). we're in the hood ill take what you give me was einstein's theory good...relatively a smart queen's kingdumb, it doesnt mix a litter of literates, a bunch of moby dicks "get thee to a punnery" o-just to-pheelia take you with a condomn "stainless-steal" ya. half a pound of turkey breast, half a pound of chicken tits, why are only crackers staying at the Ritz? poverty, racism, isn't it strange, that only the homeless are beggin for change? i shocked Sherlock What, son? (watson) (watt, son?) Rosa Parks didnt call "shotgun"! here's a bit of irony a Ford Focus driver has ADD How'd i come to master all these things? like a tampon theif, i had to pull some strings.
26 Sep 2008
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Artist : Plies Track : Worth Goin Fed Fo Release : 2008 Album : Definition of Real HTTP://WWW.FLIXYA.COM/USER/HIPHOPFREESTYLES It Out For More Hip Hop Music & Hip Hop News . About 1000+ Hip Hop Music
3 Aug 2008
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Al Festival della Creatività 2007 il premio Nobel Dario Fo sul palco del padiglione cavaniglia
23 Sep 2008
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27 Jan 2009
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My man Fo-5 of the S-Geez out of Avondale brought that ill ghetto soul to the beat I put together for them.
2 Apr 2009
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*******www.veritascrystal****/dessert-wine.php virtuous burglarthe virtuous burglarDario fo Theatre Impresario in asso
17 Dec 2009
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Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple
12 Feb 2011
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Jerome Mayberry's Fo' Real X Workout Program - Be trained by a world-class trainer in your own home! The Fo' Real Workout Program come with 12 extreme muscle-pumping, sweat-pounding workouts! Better than anything you've ever seen! Find us on Facebook - *******www.facebook****/jerome.mayberry
17 Mar 2011
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Cai Li Fo Kung Fu: 18 Dragon Forms Chen YongFa KF560-3 coohk
19 Jun 2011
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The FSX-FO Fiber Optic Slingshot is one of the most popular that Trumark offers because of its flexibility of use and options. It comes with a folding wrist and arm brace just like the FS-1, however this sling shot also comes with sights that are easy to see in low lighting. To learn more please come see us at: *******www.muddcreek****/products/Trumark-FSX%252dFO-Slingshot-Fiber-Optic-Sights.html
1 Jul 2011
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32K -- NO Customs, -- Pure PVP BATTLES: *******www.silvermu**** 65K, -- 999+ Customs,-- FREEBEE FO+FS: *******www.funzmu**** 32K, -- 999+ customs, -- New Wings LVL4-5: *******www.ancientmu****
21 Dec 2012
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Hot new Curb 2 Ca$tle Records recording artist Romeo $tone's new club BANGER! "Wut Chu Gone Do Fo A Hunnit?" Ft. M.A.D.E. & Joe Davis
28 Feb 2013
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