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13 Dec 2009
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BREAKING NEWS: While commenting on Hillary's RFK gaffe, Liz Trotta on Fox News Channel first referred to Barack Obama as "Osama" and then laughed that they should both be killed.
1 Jun 2008
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Recently the DNC came to its decision regarding how to seat the delegates of both Michigan and Florida. Many were outraged with the outcome of the DNC's meeting and among those voicing their opinion emerged one anonymous citizen. Harriet Christian is not a political pundit or by any accounts is she an expert in field of politics yet she was dedicated a lengthy interview in regards to her recent controversial comments by none other then fox news. What do you think?
6 Jun 2008
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'The Adventure Website is featured on Fox News Chicago, there home town! Who doesn’t like the outdoors? No one. And, since you’re watching this video, we know that you’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving our free National Park Outdoor eNewsletter. Simply go to Adventure-Crew**** and fill in the A-C eNews box. You’ll be glad you did. Only Adventure-Crew eNews Subscribers get the added benefit of being the first ones to be notified of every new video that is released, FOR FREE.
12 Jun 2008
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New Political Group Uses Sexual Images Geraldo Large Fox News
17 Jun 2008
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Hottest Fox news of all time. With Bonus John McCain and Barack Obama....
26 Jul 2008
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FOX NEWS: "Thanks to the American people. You've made FOX News Channel the most watched, most trusted name in news. As active participants in the American experience, you ensure a free and fair press for all. We Report. You Decide... About four hours after the announcement that his controversial, politically charged ninth album was number one in the country, Nas was on a small podium in front of Fox News headquarters in New York City protesting what he sees as racist attacks against Black Americans and presidential candidate Barack Obama. In a brief prepared statement, the multi-platinum rapper pointed out examples of what he and ColorOfChange see as a long racist smear campaign against the Obama family: The onscreen graphic that referred to Michelle Obama as the Senator's "baby mama"; Bill O'Reilly casually using the phrase "lynching party" to refer to attacks on the Senator's wife; referencing to the couple's infamous fist thump as a "terrorist fist jab." Said Nas, "Fox poisons this country every time they air racist propaganda and try to call it news. This should outrage every American that Fox uses hateful language to talk about the person that may be the first black president."
9 Feb 2009
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Tempe12 was featured on Fox News! Check it out.
18 Feb 2009
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12 Year Old Girl Tells the Truth on Fox News about Georgia. Fox News even had to cut them off right in the middle of the account of Georgian aggression even though they had just come from a commercial break 2 minutes prior to that. Fucking Fox News and corporate media do not want the truth out.
16 Aug 2008
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*******www.calpernia****/diary Real World" article I mention: *******www.calpernia****/diary/index.php/weblog/comments/the_real_world_sydney_ignorant_homophobes_hippocrites/ Fox News video: ***********/watch?v=_O8y6OLIzzU Let Fox News's Gregg Jarrett and US Magazine's Ian Drew know what you think.: Ian Drew Editor-at-Large 212-651-7801 ian.drewusmagazine**** Gregg Jarrett - Anchor (212) 301-3000 gregg.jarrettfoxnews**** Jay Wallace - Executive Producer (212) 301-5168 jay.wallacefoxnews**** Tom Lowell - Senior Producer (212) 301-3000 (outlet) tom.lowellfoxnews****
19 Aug 2008
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*******www.236**** Fox News Channel aired the first of two presidential candidate documentaries called "Character and Conduct." First up: Barack Obama, whose documentary pretends really hard that it's not full of stereotypes and insinuations! Couldn't stomach it Monday evening? We've got it for you in a minute. See more at *******www.236****
15 Oct 2009
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*******www.236**** After watching the Fox News documentary on Barack Obama, we couldn't wait for their "hit piece" on McCain. What, you were out on Tuesday night? It was powerful, informative... did you know that John McCain has a temper? Watch more at *******www.236****
11 Oct 2009
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Investigative news report regarding cancer-causing additives to milk by Monsanto is shut down by Fox News executives.
31 Aug 2008
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my favorite white boy pawly p gets on Fox News and tells it like it is. chuuuuch
7 Sep 2008
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17 Nov 2008
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- Fox News Chicago reports on the Allerton Hotel's newly renovated, $85 Million transformation. The Allerton Hotel is located on Chicago's Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago. Within walking distance of world-class shopping and dining, you will find yourself at the center of what Chicago has to offer. For any questions or to make reservations call: (866) 553-5040 or visit
7 Dec 2008
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