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Produced by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the original creator of Tarzan, Tarzan and the Green Goddess is the most true to source material of all the Tarzan films. Shot in Guatemala, the scenes of burgeoning jungle are crisp and lush. As Tarzan proceeds through these picturesque settings, he discovers explorers hunting for a totem called the Green Goddess in Mayan ruins. With the aid of Tarzan, the totem is found and inside is a secret formula for the world’s most powerful explosive! When the formula falls into the wrong hands, Tarzan and his friends must pursue a deadly chase through the jungle. Tarzan and the Green Goddess bursts with action at every turn.
20 Nov 2007
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Produced by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the original creator of Tarzan, New Adventures of Tarzan was made along with Tarzan and the Green Goddess (also available) in order to bring a truer version of his celebrated jungle character to the silver screen. Here the well muscled Tarzan, played by the Olympic silver medalist Bruce Bennett, is out to find his missing friend in the jungle. Along the way, he encounters a stunning Ula Holt. Filmed on location in Guatemala, New Adventures of Tarzan offers breathtaking sights of real pristine jungle in the nineteen thirties. With high production values and a Tarzan who isn’t a complete dunderhead like other versions, New Adventures of Tarzan is a vine swinging good time.
14 Mar 2008
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