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In today's show we talk about Richard Sherman freaking out on a post-game interview, a Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball video, crowd funding a Jamaican bobsled film, and everything else that mattered to me.
22 Jan 2014
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Burger King’s Whopper Freakout Delivers Big Burger Boost; TNS And TiVo Battle Nielsen For Metrics Supremacy; The Price Is Right Is Returning Product Placement To Prime Time; GSN To Launch Interactive Bingo America Program.
9 Feb 2009
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David Spates falls victem to the "No Whopper" prank by Burger King. This my continuation of the original "Whopper Freakout GHETTO VRS. (UNCUT-R)" video made by ASA THIBODAUX, K-JAY, and KEVIN CRAFT. Check out their videos at "Asathecomic" and subscribe. Also Check out my many other videos on my page like "3 Time World Poker Champ" "The White Joke" "Valentines Day Ghetto Gram" and many others with more to come!
6 Mar 2008
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Brace yourself for the primeval freakout. The head-banging and the scraggled hair and the tongues flashing and the hips thrusting in perfect time. This cool rock band came into the flashrock studio to perform three hard rock songs and an interview with TFG. Zankoma AC/DC riffing and soaring Guns N Roses choruses, their sound is powerful enough to blow the balls off a charging rhino.
6 Jun 2008
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26 Jun 2008
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My Composition. General freakout tension relieving jam rock with my own backing,using Strat',Roland Groovebox MC505 for bass and synth sounds. ( My Roland GR33 is in for repair, so having to get by without it, 'boo hoo!)
6 Jul 2008
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2012 London Olympic - The Inspirational Video (Because We are LONDON) 2012 London Olympic - Inspirational Video (We are LONDON), Its a Imaginary Video to create A great vision of 2012 London Olympic The Video, and Photos re-created by the The HRH-FreakOut Custom crew, Video Created By HRH Crew 'Rock Shot' Photo Created By HRH Crew 'Try Shot' Join US for more at www.HRH-FreakOut.myimagebox****
6 Jul 2008
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Canada Olympic Games 2010- Vancouver Its a Imaginary Video to create A great vision of 2010 Vancover Olympic The Video, and Photos re-created by the The HRH-FreakOut Custom crew, Video Created By HRH Crew 'Rock Shot' Photo Created By HRH Crew 'Try Shot' Join US for more at www.HRH-FreakOut.myimagebox****
8 Jul 2008
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Are you Dumber than 5th Grade Failure? KYA AAP PAANCHVI FAIL CHAMPU HAIN? SAT-SUN 7:30 PM It's time for more hilarious comedy with the only show that dares to ask you 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain?' The episode kicks off with the disco king himself – Pappi Da, who's only mission in life is to make every Indian a Shakira! Ruk ruk has no question to which Pappi Da doesn't have a musical answer ... Pag ghunghroo baandh Meera nachi thi, toh bina ghunghroo ke kaun naacha? Keep watching to find out! And next up is the inimitable Nana Fartekar, who has done a special research study on machhars. Ruk ruk Khan is speechless when Nana has the answer to the question, ki agar ek machhar pehle ek b+ve insaan ka khoon peeta hai, phir a-ve insaan ka khoon peeta machhar ka bloodgroup kya hai? From the creators of 'Kaun Banega Champu?' comes another blockbuster, a hilarious take-off from the show 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?' And reliving the madness all over again is funnyman Sunil Grover aka Ruk Ruk Khan, who will host his second innings as SRK in 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain?'. This hilarious spoof will feature all the elements that are present in the original format, but with a slight FILMY twist! How does Kellie Picker spell watermelon? Find out on a special celebrity edition of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" Tune in this Thursday, November 15 at 8/7c on Fox! Kellie Pickler 5th Grader Are You Smarter kids game show country music Are you Dumber then 5th Grade Failure, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader,Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain, FOX, America got the talent Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader United State India HRH-Freakout Shahrukh Khan Jeff Foxworthy FOX STAR Plus Dominic Bowden 10 Year Old Noel Edmonds Dick Dom United Kingdom
14 Jul 2008
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Watch the trailer for the hotly anticipated sixth movie in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Julie Walters and Helena Bonham Carter. he Video, and Photos re-created by the The HRH-FreakOut Custom crew, Video Created By HRH Crew 'Rock Shot' Photo Created By HRH Crew 'Try Shot' Join US for more at www.HRH-FreakOut.myimagebox****
6 Aug 2008
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Dog Ate My Debate Your Daily Politics Video Blog: There're freakouts and there are freakouts. And yesterday's Manic Act Out moments from John McCain were in a class by themselves. First he tried to cancel Friday night's debate and then he tried to beg off David Letterman's show by making up a story about having to hop on a plane to rush back to Washington. We wrap it all up for you today's episode of TPMtv.
26 Sep 2008
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A video response to Christian Bale's freakout on the Terminator Salvation set. Global Ride would love to hire Mr. Bale as a spokesperson for their products.
5 Feb 2009
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Hallowed Be Thy Name (SOLO COVER) By Hell Rock Heaven (ALP): This is the Solo Cover of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" song of "Iron Maiden" by Anup Panthi (ALP), Supported By HRH-Freakout Production, Join us for more Guitar lessons, DVD's, Custom Guitar's, Sponsors, Music Video Creating, Online Support, Fast-Global publishing and more... Join us at: www.HRHFreakout****** www.myselfbiography**** (Keys): (Hallowed, Be, Thy, Name, solo, cover, musician, song, cover, hrh, iron, maiden, sponsor, help, anup, panthi, ALP, guitar, video, hell, rock, heaven, hell rock heaven, production, india, uk, united, kingdom, shillong, rock, heavy metal)
31 May 2009
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13 May 2010
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Watch this bride go crazy when her mom wants clowns to perform on her big day! The season premiere of Bridezillas this Sunday at 9p/8c on WE tv! For more bridal freakouts go to www.WEtv****/bridezillas AND don't forget to enter the $100K Dream Wedding Giveaway this Sunday *******
4 Jun 2010
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Last night's latest Bridezilla Freakout! This bride hates her makeup, her car and...her toaster???? Watch an all new Bridezillas Sunday at 9p/8c on WE tv. More sneak peeks at www.WEtv****/bridezillas
16 Jun 2010
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