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The clip Fred's problems from Fred Claus (2007) Please, let's just cut to the chase. It's simple, it's always the same thing with you, Fred. You cause problems. Sweetie... And then you make excuses..., you know, you're looking out for someone else. Ever since he was a little boy. I couldn't have said it any better. Freddie, that is what you do. That's great. Do me a favor, please. Why don't you just stay out of this? Well, I came for the intervention. Your family asked me. Don't you have a date with a guy who forgot to plug his meter? Have you been spying on me? Yes. You got nothing better to do? I don't like what I saw. If you spied on me properly... would know I didn't end up going out with that guy. Let me just say this to you. It is not flattering on your character... see you with a man who's got liver-spotted hands. It's a very weak choice. It makes you look weak. Look, I can tell you what your problem is. You won't let anybody love you because you don't think you're worth loving. If it pleases the court... ...did you have an older gentleman ask you out on a date? Yes, but that's not the point! I didn't see him again! Then she's a dater. You push and fix on one thing. Then stop dating. Put down the phone. That's it. I've had enough. Excuse me, Mr. Santa Claus. It's been very pleasant to come to the North Pole... ...and, yeah. Go find a date. Maybe get lucky with an elf on the way out. Good luck. Hope it goes well. Well, there's a lot of mistletoe out there, so you should be psyched. Fred. I think we're making some real progress. You wanna know what the good news is about all of this? Tomorrow's my last day. We don't have to have therapy. It's for people who want to be in each other's lives. We don't have that problem. I'm gonna finish my job, I'll be out of your lives forever.
30 Nov 2011
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The clip going-to-audition from Hop (2011) with Russell Brand, James Marsden. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Wow! There's a lot of people here, Fred. Way more than I imagined. You nervous? Well, a little. It's just... I'm starting to feel a bit sick, Fred. I've never actually played in front of anybody. Come on. This could be your big opportunity. I know it's my big chance, but what if I blow it? Relax. I'll give you a good intro. I'll set you up, you knock them down. -Yeah? -Yeah. -Really? -Mmm-hmm. -Thank you, Fred. -No problem. Now, if you could please remove your claws from my shoulder. Sorry about that. That's my nerves. Thanks.
11 Jan 2014
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