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Make sure you have all you need at hand: a case, solution and, if using, mirror and glasses. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel that won’t leave any fluff. Women should always take out their contacts first before removing their make-up! If you are wearing dailies, take the lens out and throw it away. If you use bi-weekly or monthly lenses, have your case and solution ready. Pour solution in the case and fill it up. Make sure you change the solution every day. Use your index or middle finger to hold your upper eyelid and use your other fingers to hold the lower one. If you don’t mind “touching” your eye, look straight ahead and very gently squeeze the lens between your index finger and thumb. This means you will touch the edges of the lens and by squeezing them, an air bubble will occur which will loosen the contact lens and make it easy to take out. If you are not comfortable with touching your eye, use the index finger of your free hand and move the lens towards your nose and remove it through the corner of the eye. Rinse the lens and put it in the case with clean solution. Make sure you follow the instructions of how to preserve contact lenses correctly. Right eye – right contact lens - R, left eye – left contact lens – L. Repeat with the other eye. Close the case properly and keep in a dry place.
23 May 2017
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Here is a press release on WFLA in Tampa for a new alcohol free hand sanitizer.
17 Aug 2009
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*******www.shmusa****. Square Tube Free Hand Application " App ". This is instructional Video on Square Tube Free Hand Application. Watch free tutorial video on how to apply Structural Steel Coupon.
5 May 2009
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Free Hand Fight of the Indian Martial Art form Kalarippayattu...
7 Sep 2009
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11 Mar 2013
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*******www.microarmorinc****/ Hi Guys. We all want clean hands with no dirt on it. Check out this website for some hand sanitizer products!
17 Sep 2009
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13 Feb 2010
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Visit ******* Thanks for Subscribing/commenting/favoring ;) Follow me on twitter. OR just Google ME and choose which account/network you prefer!
30 Apr 2010
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Visit ******* Thanks for Subscribing/commenting/favoring ;) Follow me on twitter. OR just Google ME and choose which account/network you prefer!
21 Apr 2010
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This is a spray painted picture of Sean Connery, as James Bond 007. I started the picture upside down, and was all free hand. No stencils, no grid, nothing.
29 Oct 2007
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Lay prone over your Bounderball with the exercise tubing thread through one of the three bounderball handles. Take up the slack in the tubing with your free hand. Perform a posterior delt fly, them go into a torso rotation. Enjoy!
16 Feb 2008
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Thread exercise tubing through one of the three Bounderball handles. Take up resistance with free hand and go through a nice slow tempo. Use perfect posture. Enjoy!
20 Feb 2008
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Thread exercise tubing through one of the three Bounderball handles. Take up slack in the exercise tubing with your free hand. Stabilize (watch your balance) yourself with one knee on the ball. Perform a triceps kickback. Enjoy!
20 Feb 2008
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*******www.jimbosart**** This is a spray painted picture of darth vader, It is all free hand. No stencils no grid, nothing. Hope you like it.
23 Apr 2008
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The new Travis Barker working for Creative? Sick solo and funny as This is Rock and Roll.. Category: Music Tags: funny travis solo drums asian creative Travis Barker doin some crazy snare drum solos off the top of his head. No i am not travis barker so stop asking... this is just a video i found and thought was cool. Check out some of my other video's... they are pretty random but let me know what you think ha ha. Category: Music Tags: Travis Barker Snare Drum Solo drumming practice behind the scenes just for fun marching march band free hand blink 182 (Great Drum Solo by a seven year old 'Jacob Armen' big band style) For more info/tracks: voice) This kid could count in the tonight show band as if it was his own, At only seven years old, a young Jacob Armen plays with the speed and taste of drummers up to 8.88 times his age! Witness the young child drummer prodigy, 'Jacob Armen' as he performed way back when on the Johny Carson show. At only 7 years old (then) its mind blowing how advanced he is. He is like a young buddy rich or some thing, a must see if your a drummer, or musician. drum solo by buddy rich in 1970 copyright to drummerworld****...drum solo buddy rich 1970 Sessions.. Marco Minnemann, Paul Gilbert and Linus of Hollywood.-...Space Ship One Live Marco Minnemann Drum Solo Paul Gilbert Linus of Hollywood Dave Weckl drum solo...Dave Weckl drum solo www.mikeslessons****...Drums drum lesson lessons Mike Johnston The Drum Lab drumming double bass fills drummer play cool drum fills in this fun, free online video drum lesson for beginners....drum kit set stick fill pattern beat rhythm instruction lesson free video more appropriate ways to handle the sticks with matched grip that are more healthy and efficient....Drum lesson doubles double stroke roll accents drum solo drums myspace****/thomassienko UPDATE: CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO LESSON! I discuss how you can make a funky ride cymbal groove out of a paradiddle. this lesson: I go over how you can pull accents out of a double stroke roll. You can use this in fills, or soloing. This is my first video lesson, so I would love to hear any feedback what so ever regarding teaching method, the material, or anything. Also, feel free to ask questions. I will be happy to answer them. And let me know if I was in any way helpful! I would love to hear some success stories. Thanks for watching! P.S. I do not suggest imitating the way I hold my sticks in this video. The right hand was situated in such a way that ended up giving me carpel tunnel, and the left hand has many flaws as many people have pointed out. My doubles also had a very choked sound. I no longer play traditional grip, and have been taught much more appropriate ways to handle the sticks with matched grip that are more healthy and efficient. (more) "Pattern Drumming" Double Bass with one foot pt.2 "Ad-lib Filling" Quintuplets" Drums! "Making A Milkshake" to play double bass drum techniques in this free online video music lesson on how to play the drums for beginners....drums lessons drum set solo tom How to Play the Drums: Free Online Music Lessons for Beginners : How to...
6 Oct 2010
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1 Jul 2011
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