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Frankly just wanted to post a video a freebies that was honest about what really goes on. I am doing free sites and have been for awhile. I just started promoting on online a short while ago. And I was checking out all of the other freebie vids on here. And everybody either has a hack or some sort of gimmick on here which I feel doesn't help much since alot of people think its some scheme in the first place. So here is my intro video to how freebies sites really work. And to prove that they are LEGITIMATE. So, for those not convinced, here is the list evidence. Articles Gallery Clips
29 May 2008
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Have you ever felt bad that you don't have the cash to buy exppensive stuff like iPod Touch or Wii? Well then go to this link and change all of that:*******zeropricetags****/?REF=40324 That's it just sign up at that site. Pick your freebie item. Then just refer your friends to go to that site and your all done. ENJOY! Leave comments about your success and such.
31 May 2008
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Best Freebies Resource Ever! *******freebies.fightbackforfreedom****
2 Jun 2008
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*******www.FreeCashWithChris**** Chris Barmby 250-427-2230 Furyous Saturday of the Furyous Weekend furyous weekend furious team fury focs free online cash system scam freebie sites team furry tom yatar greg drake bardi
8 Jun 2008
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*******gifts.freebiejeebies******/2364 This is the easiest way to get a FREE iPhone and it really works as you see in the video. Here is the link to the website that gives you the iPhone: really works. Make sure that you complete an offer (I recommend blockbuster online or credit check total because they are the quickest to be confimed by freebie jeebies) If you have any questions send me a youtube message and I will reply shortly. Here is a link to a website to help you get your referrals: *******gifts.freebiejeebies******/2364 Good luck, I hope you get your iPhone. Thanks for watching.
13 Jun 2008
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Freebie Force is a Powerful Money saving program. And with it comes the most powerful business sharing system and compensation program in the Industry. The free 10 pack DVD: *******www.altcasting****/DVD-Pack.bmp Freebie force web site: *******carlo11.NoCashEver****
9 Feb 2009
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there's the link. HOW IT WORKS Its quite a simple explanation. BASICALLY, we are companies cheapest form of advertising. We increase the brand awareness of companies, and in exchange they give us these freebie items. 1) Just go over to the website, select your gift and click sign up. 2) Complete one free offer. (the lovefilm is free) 3) Now get your riends to sign up under your referral link.
18 Jun 2008
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*******consoles.freebiejeebies******/57884 HOW IT WORKS Its quite a simple explanation. BASICALLY, we are companies cheapest form of advertising. We increase the brand awareness of companies, and in exchange they give us these freebie items. 1) Click the link section and register with your chosen item. 2) Complete one free offer. 3) Now get your riends to sign up under your referral link. *******consoles.freebiejeebies******/57884
20 Jun 2008
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I will show you how to get free things in your local area, things like a jacuzzi bath. Its so simple just follow the few things it won't cost you a penny or a dime lol..... and it will take you seconds to have offers of freebies in your area coming to your inbox!
29 Jul 2008
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What did Kim from ShoppingBookmarks**** get in the mail this week? Walmart freebies, OCD DVD, Magazines, Catalogs, plus shows off her Precious Moments Collection and new Avatar pic.
23 Dec 2008
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This week Kim got a new HTC touch smartphone along with a lot of cool freebies in the mail! She has got her driver's license renewed and took her daughter to the doctor for shingle - ugh!
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.prizerebel****/index.php?r=129810 This is a super easy site. I have already got 2 nintendo wii games from them in 3 days! You can complete free surveys or request information for points buy gaming stuff! Anything you want! They have 32 pages for free offers! Downloading roboform make this a jiffy! Really awesome to get free stuff! *******www.prizerebel****/index.php?r=129810 ****USE THIS LINK**** You can use this method to get ANYTHING from Amazon**** ! XBOX games, consoles or Wii and PS3 games, microsoft points, all kinds of stuff! First thing you need to do is get a "freebie" email account. Since you're going to be getting a lot of junk mail you're not going to want it all going to your primary email address, so this is what this new email account will be used for. Step 1: Sign Up Go to: *******www.prizerebel****/index.php?r=129810 Once you get there click SIGN UP and fill out your information. They will ask you for your email. I recommend you give them your real one because this is where they will email yourprize confirmation. If you give them your spam one you might accidentally delete it. The site doesn't spam you its all the offers you will be doing that send the junk email. They also ask for your address. Don't worry too much about this all they need your address for is to mail you prizes. After you sign up they will send you a confirmation link to your email address you entered. Click the link and you're done. The email should come pretty quick (usually instantly). And make sure you check your spam folders. Step 2: Complete Offers (most are totally free) To earn points click on "Available offers". There you will see a whole list of offers and how many points you'll get if you complete those offers. Also, be sure to check your email occasionally for those offers that require email confirmation otherwise you won't get credited for completing the offer properly. 1 point is equal to a dollar. Here are a few tips for filling out offers: 1. Read the offer carefully so you know exactly what to do to get the points. 2. Complete offer with realistic information 3. Use a browser that accepts cookies and turn your security down 4. Let each page load completely Step 3: Claim Your Prize After you have enough points you can now go to "avalaible prizes" and see what you can cash those points in for. Choose anything you want. 1 points is equal to a dollar. They have a ton of prizes. Prizes like iPods and video games will deliver so make sure your address is correct before you claim a prize that requires shipping. *******www.prizerebel****/index.php?r=129810 Feel free to post comments or questions
21 Nov 2008
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Kim from ShoppingBookmarks**** shows off her featured freebies, catalogs and coupons for the week, as well as showing support for her highschool football team!
11 Nov 2008
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FreePS3 -- Feel free to contact me about anything. E-mail: iBrawlaim**** - - - - - - - - Start by Clicking the Special Link: ******* Step 1.) Sign up using the link above - Pick "Referrals" as the account method. *Before You Start Step 2! To help prevent delays in receiving credit for completing an offer, it is suggested that you disable any Pop-up Blockers, and change settings to Accept All Cookies. Step 2.) Choose and Complete any Level A Offer - Pick one of the free trial offers. Most Popular: "Stamps****" Step 3.) Screenshot of Your Progress Page - When it shows "Completed Offer: Yes" e-mail me a screenshot of it. *This is used to confirm you've completed Step 1 & 2 so I can begin getting referrals for you. Step 4.) Get Your Free PS3 - The hardest part is getting referrals, but I get them for you. You'll be placed on the special rotator link and start getting referrals right away. Once you have enough referrals, you'll have your FREE PlayStation 3 sent to you. You only need 9 referrals to get a Free 80GB PS3 and Game of your choice. Average time of getting referrals could be between a few weeks or a few months. NOTE: These times are general and not absolute. - - - - - - - - Change Settings "How to" Video Here: ***********/watch?v=8Zs34f... Take a Screenshot "How to" Video Here: ***********/watch?v=r6mvVE... -------------------- Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the rotator? A: The rotator is the special link listed on the Step-By-Step Guide that everyone signs up under. It rotates through the referrals listed on it to distribute traffic equally, so everyone gets equal turns at referrals. To get listed on the rotator, sign-up using the Step-By-Step Guide. Q: Who can participate on this site? A: Any person 16 years or older and located in the United States or Canada with internet access may participate on this site. Q: What is a referral? A: A referral is a user who you refer to our site and registers using your referral link. Q: Do I have to pay for shipping and handling? A: No, upon completing the requirements for your gift, the company will purchase and ship it to you at no cost to yourself if you live in US or Canada. You have to pay if you don't live in US or Canada. Q: Why do they send free gifts? how do they make money? A: THE FREEBIE COMPANIES MAKE MONEY BECAUSE THEIR SPONSERS PAY THEM FOR ADVERTISING THEIR COMPANIES. THIS IS CALLED ADVERTISING BY WORD OF MOUTH AND SAVES THESE COMPANIES LOTS OF MONEY. SINCE THE FREEBIE COMPANY MAKES A LOT OF MONEY FROM THIS, THEY ARE ABLE TO PAY FOR YOUR FREE GIFT AND FOR THEM IS NOTHING COMPARED TO HOW MUCH THEY MAKE.
30 Dec 2008
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Unboxing my free Xbox 360 Elite I got from Trainn. I can't believe that I was able to get an Xbox 360 Elite Halo 3 and an extra controller all 100% free. Since I made this video I've gotten a Nintendo Wii, PS3, IPhone, and cash payments. Goto *******www.360Freebies**** to find out how you can you can get yours. This was so easy I just signed up completed an offer and referred 9 people! Took about 3 weeks to get all of this done & a week for them to ship it to me. If you want to see all the gifts I've gotten goto *******www.360Freebies**** All you have to do is sign up through my website. *******www.360Freebies**** Choose what gift you want on the left. "Click here to claim your gift" Step 1. First thing you need to do is choose what gift you want on the left hand side of this page. Click on the "click here to get your prize". Step 2. On the front page choose what gift you would like. It doesn't matter what you choose now because you can change it at anytime. Step 3. On the next page give them the information they will need to send you your gift. Always choose "Referral Account" Points account will take a long time and you will have to complete alot of offers. Referral account you only have to complete one offer. Step 4. After that you will come to an offers page. This is how the company can send us free gifts. You must complete one of these offers first. If you don't have a credit card you can use a Paypal plugin to generate a secure credit card. You must be verified on paypal and have a positive balance on your paypal account. Offers I recommend: eAuctionTutor Price $4.99 / Increase My Margin Price $4.99 / Overnight Genious Price $6.83 / QuickBooks Price $4.95 There are other great offers! Step 5. After you have completed the offer click on the status page. At the very bottom of the page you will see a "Your Referral Link:" copy this link and give it to everyone you know! This is how you get your referrals. Free Free xbox 360, Free playstation 3, free laptop, free lcd tv, freebies, proof, Free ps3, IPod Touch Proof , Free Nintendo Wii, Free Ipods, and more! Free IPod Touch Proof, Free ps3, Free xbox 360, Free Nintendo Wii, Free Ipods, and more! Here are some tips to ensure you get credit for your offers! - Disable all popup blockers and virus protector, and enable all cookies. - After you sign up and your ready to complete an offer clear all of your cookies. - Close internet explorer and then open it back up and log in to complete your offer. - You must close the internet and open it back up after clearing cookies. Because you need that opening cookie that it gives you in order to get credit for it. TAGS - Trainn, Transcendent Innovations, v-bux, free flat plasma screen tv, sports, kobe bryant, reggie bush, lebron james, Ipod touch, nintendo wii, cash money, paypal, referrals conga, rotators, cod4, call of duty 4, halo 3, bad company, madden, playstation 3, proof, vote, election, tv, lcd
9 Jun 2009
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Special New report on how to take advantage of project payday - "This stuff works." Find out how to use Project Payday for free, and Learn from a top Project Payday Mentor. This is probably the best "How to" guide for Incentivized Freebies (IFW) on the internet now.
28 Jan 2009
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