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Bonetti on Second Life on StyleMagazine Island, high quality freebies based on winter 2007 RL collections. Style Magazine is an offspring of Style, fashion & lifestyle magazine out every month with Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper.
5 Dec 2007
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Flos on Second Life on StyleMagazine Island, high quality freebies based on winter 2007 RL collections. Style Magazine is an offspring of Style, fashion & lifestyle magazine out every month with Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper.
5 Dec 2007
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Thousands of people just like you have received their very own FREE iPod Touch. All it takes is an email address, a mailing address and a couple friends! ParamountPrizes.Com is the leader in a premier freebie experience. We provide our users with a 15 page, full color, step by step guide to help users obtain their chosen freebie! FREE to download! We also offer live (almost) 24 hour support and can answer nearly any question you can throw at us :-) Other freebies we feature are XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, HDTV (yes full 32" HDTVs FREE!), and much much more! *******ParamountPrizes.Com
31 Jan 2008
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8 Jul 2008
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4 Jan 2010
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Hi! THIS MESSAGE IS TO PEOPLE IN THE UK ONLY! (This is real and it has been checked by the BBC, check it online to see) If you want to get a FREE PS3, click on my website link and sign up to freebie jeebies and choose your free gift (PS3). To get your FREE PS3 you have to first pick an offer, I recommend you choose the LOVEFILM 14 DAY FREE TRIAL because it is free, You have to rent at least 1 DVD (Film) to make your offer approved, after that just send back your film and cancel your Lovefilm account before the free trial ends if you do not want to pay afterwards (More information is available on the Lovefilm Website). After you have completed your offer, you have to refer a certain amount of people, after you have got all your referrals, YOU WILL GET YOUR FREE PS3 SENT TO YOU!!! If you need anymore information just make a comment and I will reply back ASAP Please go on my website url or type in the exact website below! *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817 By doing this you will be helping me get referrals. EVERY REFERRAL COUNTS!!! Thank You *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817 *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817 *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817 *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817 *******ps3.freebiejeebies******/6817
5 Mar 2008
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8 Mar 2008
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Purchase high quality mp3's over here: *******elliotck.freehostia****/9pods.html Also many freebies on my site including an entire album. Thank you! Subscribe if you enjoy my work. God bless.
18 Mar 2008
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This is my first free Xbox 360 Elite. Some more coming! *******Freebie-Reviewz****
19 Mar 2008
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Got my 2nd Free Xbox 360 Elite. *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz**** *******Freebie-Reviewz****
24 Oct 2008
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*******videoinfoguys**** features freebies,giveaways and free samples along with product reviews and tips and tricks to make make and save more money. healthy eating tips and more...
24 Jun 2008
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The Saffron is the second development launched at Sentul East, designed to revitalise and regenerate this historical part of the city. With its proximity to the city centre, The Saffron at Sentul East is downtown living in Kuala Lumpur, redefined.The Saffron is 4 towers of 17 and 24 storey condominiums, all either 3+1 or 4+1. In terms of facilities, they have this geometrically inspired playground and 3 different well-designed pools for everyone. The 30-acre Sentul Park in the West side is an enclosed area only of residents. Block A & C have 8 units per floor, while B has 6 and D has an exclusive 3. Units range from 1,000sq.ft to 1,873sq.ft. What we can see is that they’ve limited the size of the units to a smaller range, presumably to keep the pricing affordable. They are also providing the units with bare finishes (not even airconditioning provided, but the pipings are there). There is a small park next to the Saffron specially for the residents, something not provided for Tamarind.The units are pretty nicely laid out, the general feel of it is simplistic, rectangularish, with tall windows, similar to the what you see at Lake Edge.Units get one parking spot, larger ones get max of two, RM16k for an additional parking spot. RM0.25psf maintenance fee.For accessibility, there is the Sentul KTM Komuter Station right in the middle of it, the Sentul LRT Station within walking distance, and the proposed Sentul Link under construction. KLCC is just less than 10 minutes away (normal traffic) and major highways are all around. But of course, the unit sizes could have been bigger, and if they had thrown in some freebies like cabinets or better finishes, it would have been much better. But for this price, there are many good things going for it – freehold, facilities, thoughtful planning. Some people have aversion to Sentul, so for them other development may look more attractive. The Saffron, just like the Tamarind, is named after the commonly used spice. It’s from the purple crocus flower, and the spice names are a reflection of the numerous old spice shops in the Sentul town.With Barbecue Area, Covered Parking, Gymnasium, Mini Market, Playground, Sauna, Swimming Pool, Wading Pool, Tennis Court, 24hr Security. CALL WILSON +6012-3661922 OR EMAIL ME....
25 Mar 2008
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1 Apr 2008
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This Forum is one that is here to inform you how YOU can make loads of money online! If you didn't know about how to earn FREE cash or freebies online, then your life is about to change! Come on! Just sign up! Just do it, NO ONE can stop you to earn PURE CASH online! Once you have signed up, click on the "Freebie Sites" forum, and then on "Freepay (HOT) topic! This will show you how to get PS3's, PSP's, HD TV's, iPods, all for FREE in under 2 weeks. I encourage you to do it as you only need a phone to complete 1 offer! JUST GO FOR IT! Your life WILL change!
11 Apr 2008
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OfferCentric is the best freebie site! one example is the zune offer which i have as the fisrt link, you only have to get 3 referrals, yes 3! do an offer (stamps**** is completely free and easy) and that zune or $125 is all yours! Thanks for watching and good luck! Free Zune or $125 (only 3 referrals) *******www.freezuneoffer****/default.aspx?r=1101995 Free Apple TV or $275 (only 8 referrals) *******www.appletv4free****/default.aspx?r=1102281 Free iPhone or $375 (only 10 referrals) *******www.iphones4free****/default.aspx?r=1102282 Free Nintendo DS Lite or $125 **if your going for the cash here use zune instead** (only 4 referrals) *******www.ds4free****/default.aspx?r=1102063 Free MacBook Air or $1800 (only 20 referrals) *******www.freemacbookairoffer****/default.aspx?r=1102285 Free PSP or $175 (only 4 referrals) *******www.psps4free****/default.aspx?r=1079386 Free PS3 or $500 (only 12 referrals) *******www.ps34free****/default.aspx?r=1102012 Free Mac Mini or $575 (only 13 referrals) *******www.macminis4free****/default.aspx?r=1102009 Free Xbox 360 or $350 (only 8 referrals) *******www.xbox3604free****/default.aspx?r=1102011 Free Desktop PC or Mac or $700 (only 14 referrals) *******www.desktops4free****/default.aspx?r=1102288 Free Flatscreen or $350 (only 7 referrals) *******www.flatscreens4free****/default.aspx?r=1102008 Free iPod Shuffle or $70 **if your going for the cash here use zune instead** (only 3 referrals) *******www.ipodshuffles4free****/default.aspx?r=1102007 Free iPod Nano or $125 **if your going for the cash here use zune instead** (only 4 referrals) *******www.ipodnanos4free****/default.aspx?r=1102006 Free iPod Touch 8/16 GB or $275 (only 7 referrals) *******www.freeipodtouchoffer****/default.aspx?r=1101998 Free Plasma HDTV or $1300 (only 20 referrals) *******www.ipodvideos4free****/default.aspx?r=1102005 Free Notebooks or $1050 (only 24 referrals(high end)) *******www.notebooks4free****/default.aspx?r=1099167 Free iMac or $1500 (only 22 referrals) *******www.freeimacoffer****/default.aspx?r=1102002
19 Apr 2008
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6 May 2008
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