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The second official music video by famous singer Joseph W. Carrillo after the famous music video "Don't Black Me Out". "You Don't Need School to be a Celebrity" showcases the fact that "talent is something you are born with, and you can not learn it from school". Lyrics: Talent is something you are born with, You can not learn it from school, Sometimes it is a good thing, to break stupid governments rules You don't need school to be a celebrity, because school's not needed in the entertainment industry Sure there are entry barriers, but i swim through them like an aircraft carrier I know I sound vain and hollow, but some rules are not meant to be followed You dont need school to be a celebrity, because school's not needed in the entertainment industry I wont give up being a celebrity, just because of my past in school I will just have to be like Rosa Parks, and break those stupid rules You dont need school to be a celebrity, because school's not needed in the entertainment industry Forcing celebrity status, Is a good and holy thing I dont care how illegal it is, because its covered by the freedom of speech
17 Dec 2017
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The Florida Bar Association Doesn't Want This Getting Out This video is protected under 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS. FREEDOM OF SPEECH
24 Aug 2017
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We raised legal issues of all people, provide legal or latest news, and try to solve a legal problem in our show. More Info:- indialegallive
1 Jun 2017
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Chris Brown fires back to the City of LA claiming that the mural outside his home is protected by the first amendment.
19 Jun 2013
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Israeli Brutality to Freedom of Speech. True face of Israeli democracy.
19 Nov 2012
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Full right to freedom of speech at no risks continues being a utopia in Venezuela, the Press and Society Institute (IPYS) remarked. It also noted that from October 7, 2011 through October 7, 2012, some 159 attacks against journalists, camerapersons, photographers, and other media crew have been reported, which means the figure has jumped 57% in a year. According to the IPYS, the figure is the result of the authorities' refusal to take the steps suggested by countries such as France, Switzerland, Indonesia, or Australia to fully guarantee freedom of speech and remove some the existing obstacles. During the evaluation of the aforementioned period, the authorities were given 12 recommendations to better off the situation of freedom of speech. Advices included reforming the laws that punish freedom of speech and encourage self-censorship. Such laws are, for instance, the Crime Code and the Content Law. The authorities were also advised to facilitate the access to public information, yet all suggestions were dismissed by the Government.
19 Nov 2012
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What is a big corporation capable of doing in order to protect its brand? Recently, Swedish documentary filmmaker Fredrik Gertten experienced this personally. His previous film BANANAS!* recounts the lawsuit that 12 Nicaraguan plantation workers successfully brought against the fruit giant Dole Food Company. That film was selected for competition by the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. Nothing wrong so far, right? But then just before leaving Sweden to attend the Los Angeles world premiere of his film, Gertten gets a strange message: the festival has decided to remove BANANAS!* from competition. Then, a scathing, controversial and misinformed article appears on the cover of the Los Angeles Business Journal about the film a week before the premiere. And subsequently, Gertten receives a letter from Dole’s attorneys threatening legal action if the film is shown at this festival and to cease and desist. What follows is an unparalleled story that Gertten captured on film. He filmed this entire process of corporate bullying and media spin - from DOLE attacking the producers with a defamation lawsuit, utilizing scare tactics, to media-control and PR-spin. BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* can be seen as a thriller and a cautionary tale. But, mostly this is a personal story about what happened to Gertten, as a documentary filmmaker and to his company and how the livelihood of documentary filmmakers can be easily put into jeopardy. This powerful film reveals precisely how a multinational will stop at nothing to get its way - freedom of speech is at stake. As Dole’s public relations company puts it, “It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than a bad reputation”.
24 Sep 2012
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Debut music video by Kasha. The track is Black Rhyme off Kasha's album The Oracle and the single is coming soon. Black Rhyme takes a real hard look at the state of culture today. Kasha wrote it to give insight and inspire the listener. Welcome to the real world! Black rhyme, the black search for black times, I spread news like the black times, for the rebellion get ready, stop telling yourself youre heavy, your living for materialism I bring imperial wisdom, hoping that my people will listen from the young till the old to the free and in prison. I shine a light on that path leading lost souls to zion, spitting black pride with the strength of a lion. Freedom of speech my people choose the wrong meals to eat so get a plate get a fork for the knowledge I feed, knowledge I breathe breath from the black Jesus, peace on my neck teachers or righteous steps, black rhyme, black cats using a black nine, black on black crime these are black times, paint pictures of my soldiers under black skies trying to stop my grimey out your black mind get it straight, we can sit up at the table and prey and amen for modern life in the righteous of ways, the women cook while the men rant a modern day Rembrandt or Michelangelo prepared to go further than most but you dont hear me though holding toast aint the only way to see the dough, little brothers weeded though it hurts my heart, I want to make him sophisticated like Pinot Grigio, teach him different forms of art because it them that I rhyme for, I want to see their light shine more my little brothers I take time for hood life its real. Dont understand the mind of a rapist or killers that take kids away from their home where the love is. People put their business in public on Jeremy Kyle, the daily news is disgusting, whatever happened to the innocent child, lifes an injustice the hood is a position where to survive we gots to gets the hustling. I choose not to run with them dodging these traps with this god written high wisdom. I find it hard to sleep in life prison dreams of better living got me looking at the hood with the vision of those of fort the system, on a stage coach i ride by grey towers and graffiti watch the pigeons fly. It seems that we can touch but cant taste, taste but cant swallow, its snatched away for tomorrow for someone who died today. I stand tall like church archways my mind is where the past plays tying to find heaven without passing away, they stand confused I stand true work a day job even though it was a bitch how the government rapes you, in avoidance niggers rob and shoot to make papers like the news masses of youths occupation in snowmen, they roll around the city acting mili for this bacon lifes hard like the skin on toes of old Jamaicans through these bars i shed light on real life the truth to heal the world we gots to heal the youth. So heres a few pearls and dimes drop for the growing mind of you in the name of my poor people blues and reparation compare my job to plantations instead of food and water slave master pays in something called my wages. Instead of just the blacks they enslave the world of nations and tricked us into thinking we work for luxuries. So society judges a man on salary made and we compete against each other for the maximum pay. This aint freedom to survive I gots work a day am to pm my heart aches wishing to fly away, cos Im guilty that the same crimes wishing I pray for when those luxuries or mine and those worry lines fade. The wickedness of the times on the philosophers page and write scribes in the blood of the supremacist spitting in their face reach a nemesis, a single black wordsmith could start a revolution and assassinate me first kid its real.
28 Jun 2012
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Brett Keane and Censorship
12 May 2012
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image source: BoingBoing BY EVAN THOMAS ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Twitter’s getting tweaked-- the microblog is implementing a more specific censorship policy that will block illegal content and messages on a country-by-country basis. Twitter already globally censors certain content in response to copyright claims or obvious illegal activity, like links to pirated software. Twitter explains in a blog post that this new method will comply with national laws, and will allow what might be censored in one country to still be visible in others. Twitter says it’s committed to disclosing its censorship activity. If content is blocked, Twitter will post a notice and link users to an explanation of what was blocked, and why. That’s great, GigaOM says. But the fact remains: “ matter how Twitter phrases it, this news is going to concentrate attention on one thing: that a corporate entity, however well-meaning, controls which tweets are seen or not seen.” It’s a double-edged sword, TechCrunch says. Twitter allows for unfiltered global discussion. But if Twitter wants to expand into other countries, it has to be ready to deal with local rules. “This diplomatic casting of the restriction of speech, from a company that is built around the idea of free communication, is troubling. Unfortunately, it’s a logical step for a platform that wants to be accepted worldwide.” Mark Gibbs at Forbes points out-- humans won’t be the ones be monitoring the worldwide Twitter feed. “...given that over the course of 2011 the number of tweets per second (tps) ranged from a high of almost 9,000 tps down to just under 4,000 tps, any filtering has got to be computer-driven.” Gibbs goes on to wonder how Twitter’s computers will make accurate calls on millions of straightforward and sarcastic tweets. Even with a microscopic failure rate, he says, the software will be incorrectly blocking -- or incorrectly permitting -- thousands of messages every day. And the system definitely won’t be bulletproof. The Next Web explains-- there’s a workaround built right into Twitter. If content is blocked in your country... “...all you have to do if you want to see a ‘blocked’ tweet is to change your Country setting after reading the warning.” In the meantime, Twitter is working with legal watchdog site ChillingEffects**** to closely document its new censorship activity. Updates will appear at chillingeffects****/twitter.
28 Jan 2012
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This is a new single from the European hiphop artist Tijana Bass, the single was published by SLAMjamz Records (www.slamjamz****). After her debut album Playground produced by Studdah Man, she teamed up with the legendary rap group Public Enemy in a duet song, which is talking about terrors of propaganda thru todays media and neo-fascism in the modern World. Song was produced by Baby Dooks from Bolestna Braća, after the trumpets from Bojan Ristić Brass Band. The video was directed by David Burk for Outdoggy video and produced by Tijana Bass. FACE OF FREEDOM song & video is a bold statement and only the first stage of the big international & humanitarian project for the protection of the basic human rights, such as freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, etc. We hope to inspire you to join us in our fight for justice and freedom of art & expression! For more information please visit: www.tijana-bass**** ,or find us on facebook: *******www.facebook****/#!/pages/Face-of-Freedom-Project/197052326981803 FACE OF FREEDOM music-video produced by: Directed by: David Burk Produced by: Tijana Bass Co-Producer: David Burk, Aleksander Legen Executive Producer: Aleksander Legen Post Production: Dražen Zeljković Producer on the set in Belgrade: Srđan Trifunović Art Director: David Burk ''A'' Camera Operator/ Steadicam Operator: Simon Neuvirt ''B'' Camera Operator: David Burk ''C'' Camera Operator: Đorđe Legen London protest shots by: Jasleen Kaur Sethi *******www.jasleenkaursethi****/ Toronto G20 protests shots by: D.A. Cooper Tunisian People's Revolution shots: Manuel Meszarovits London War on Kleptocracy shots: queuepolitely First Assisants on the set in Belgrade: Branko Legen and Aleksa Legen Second Assistant on the set in Belgrade: Sanja Busić Make-Up on the set in Belgrade: Olivera Škorić & Marija Dimić Styling & Make-Up: Sanja Busić & Tijana Bass Fashion Accessories for Ms. Bass: Domestic Diva Designs (NY) Photography on the set in Belgrade: Bojan Vasiljević (Urban Bug) Personal Assistance & Coordinator to Ms. Bass: Mr. Goran Gajić First Assistant on the set in Zagreb and Maribor: Miha Sitar Personal Consultant & Management for Ms. Bass: Sean De Vore (a.k.a Studdah Man) PR Management for Face of Freedom video & project: Kaly Kolonič Art Direction for Face of Freedom project: Aleksander Legen (Studio Legen) Personal Assistance & Coordinator to Mr. Chuck D & Mr. Malik Farrakhan: Nemanja Anđelković (a.k.a Tuma)
18 Nov 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Costa Ricans, Their Dignity and Spirit (In Spanish). Episode: 1779, Air Date: 29 July 2011. Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Spanish, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. We are in front of the Gold Museum of San José, Costa Rica. Here, you will find many examples of the skill of the pre-Columbian indigenous people, who turned golden metal into works of art – invaluable works of art. For many, this museum holds the key to the name of our country. Actually, in the year 1502, during his fourth voyage, Christopher Columbus sighted the Atlantic coast of our country and called it a “Rich Coast” (Costa Rica). For many people, this name is derived from the gold that was used by indigenous peoples. However, history has proven that the real wealth of the country was not their gold. Here at the national museum, we will show you the true wealth of the country. We are in the recreation of a traditional house of the 18th century. Humble, with solid and noble furniture. The furniture is like the inhabitants of this house: simple but strong, well-polished, durable (the life expectancy of the Costa Rican is among the highest in the world), practical, stable (the democracy is the second-oldest in the Americas), cozy (from almost 5 million inhabitants of this country, 1.5 million are immigrants, and in its vast majority are refugees). The inhabitants of this house live on agriculture, are quiet, and carry their children to school on foot. They go to Mass on Sundays and at six o’clock of each day, they pray the Rosary: they are people of faith. In fact, the architecture is a response to the culture, the idiosyncrasy, the ideology, and traditions, etc. of the people. These corridors not only served to protect the building, but are also related to the idiosyncrasy of the Costa Rican. A mostly open society, we are calm, etc., with a rather low profile; nevertheless, we are sociable. We go to the Caribbean, to the Central Valley, and the small corridor, circling the whole building with an “L” shape, or with different shapes and typologies, but always the corridor, because it was a tradition sitting in the afternoon to be there, to spend the afternoon, waiting for the night to come, and waiting for the people who were passing by during the afternoon, coming back home, because they spent some time talking, greeting, and the children in the street and the sidewalk, playing with the neighbors. I would say, that is a peculiarity of our cities, that horizontal outline where the cultural part of the buildings prevails along with the landscape and the environment. Costa Ricans do not like fighting in any way, and even though it has been 300 years since the discovery of Costa Rica, they do not have an organized army. Certainly, there are many schools already, and towns called by saints’ names, which develop around churches and chapels. Here, God is a daily presence and the Marian devotion is already a tradition. The Basilica of the Angels illuminates the Cartago landscape. Here in downtown Cartago, the former capital of Costa Rica, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels stands out as testimony of the unshakeable faith of Costa Ricans. The simple and kind people of Costa Rica have a simple and kind faith. And it is in the Virgin Mary, the simple and kind mother of Jesus Christ, in whom they have found their refuge and rock. She is “the bright morning star,” “the comfort of the afflicted,” “the savior of the Christians.” And the simple peasants of the village come en masse each year to seek refuge in the soft and always open arms of the “negrita.” Having appeared in 1623 to the young indigenous Juana Pereira, she has since been the mother of Costa Ricans. Queen of compassion and kindness, she is a sweet reminder that God loves us with the strength of a father and with the love of a mother. Then, there is a historical reason. This is rooted in the heart of Costa Ricans. But apart from that, there is a reason of faith. Of course, each one comes with a special intention. They come because they want to precisely move with all their heart toward the mother of God. And that is what makes many Costa Ricans peregrinate many kilometers to get here. Every year, more than 2 million people, almost half of the national population, travels by foot toward her on the anniversary of the apparition to convey gratitude and filial love. This love has been translated into the Costa Rican love of the neighbor and through a solidarity that is transmitted between generations, and as a result, into an intuitive search of a peaceful resolution to conflicts. On this site, a former barrack house, Costa Ricans, people of farmers, simple and honest people, wrote the most memorable page in the history of the world, of the last century. Here, at this wall, on December 1, 1949, President José Figueres Ferrer ordained the abolition of the army, giving constitutional form to one of the most characteristic features of the “Ticos” (Costa Rican natives). This people who never wanted to sustain or perpetuate a standing army got rid of it forever, banning it in the constitution, and thus became the first and only country in the world to prohibit the army in its constitution. A little bit less than 10 years ago, Panama did the same, and today Costa Rica and Panama are the only countries in the world that prohibit as states the army. In exchange, Costa Rica is neutral permanently, promotes the peaceful settlement of conflicts, guarantees freedom of expression, assembly and religion. She also guarantees in the constitution the same treatment for foreigners and nationals. This implies that every inhabitant in this country has access to universal health, social universal security and the right to an education free, compulsory, and covered by the government. For this noble policy of abolishing the army, Supreme Master Ching Hai has honored Costa Rica in the person of President Oscar Arias Sánchez with the Shining World Leadership Award. We are in Buenaventura Corrales School, which is based in the so-called “Metallic Building,” a centennial historic monument and one of the many schools that portray the national landscape, which owes its existence to the fact that Costa Rica never had a standing army, and abolished it totally in 1949, being able to allocate more financial resources to education and health. The strength of this structure could be an allegory about the strength of the national education system, because 40% of the current population is enrolled in any of the levels of primary and secondary education. And if we add to this the university and technical people, this figure increases substantially. Education in Costa Rica has emphasized not only coverage but also quality, reinforcing the more characteristic values of the Costa Ricans… …like solidarity, respect for the rights, respect for others’ rights and freedom of speech, part of everyday life. According to tradition, it was here 509 years ago when Christopher Columbus first spoke of a “Costa Rica” (Rich Coast) and with that name the country was associated with the gold and riches. However, time and history have proven that this coast is rich – in nature prodigal and lush, beautiful and harmonious, and with its people, strong, simple, happy, believers in God, friendly from that nature that encircles them and which has protected them, declaring more than 25% of their territory as national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The Costa Ricans are calm people, happy people, people with hope, for whom the right way of living is to respect and be respected, it is each one doing one’s duties, it is each one staying in one’s own place but respecting the place of others, in the end are people of peace. Thank you kind viewers for joining us. It was a pleasure to have you with us in Enlightening Entertainment. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News, on Supreme Master Television. May God´s peace be with you today and always.
16 Oct 2011
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Rob Halford playing the Exciter Peppermint piece backwards in the Judas Priest trial. This is an audio clip that Rob played to the judge and the courtroom the chance of "formed" words in any track of music including the Stained Class album. I also included a studio copy of Exciter in the piece that Rob Halford played in court to let you hear a cleaner version of the reversed part. The last reversal is the title cut from the Stained Class LP in which people said to believe it said "Sing My Evil Spirit" backwards. If you listen to it, you can clearly hear there is no "T" on spirit when played backwards! Mostly a fluke chance of words being formed backwards. The First Amendment Of The Constitution of the United States guarantees us the Rights Or Freedom Of Speech forward or backwards! Or does it? It was challenged here when Judas Priest was called to court! If this case was won imagine what the music would be like today! This case still left a small door open and I will suspect it will happen again to another band or group! It is a shame that we live in a country where something like this could happen! Play even children songs backwards and there is stuff there. The cartoon Popeye The Sailor Man, the theme song even has it! Reversed it says "Give me a F*#$k, Give me a F*%k now"! Try it for yourself! (I do not plan to do that song, don't ask me to post it. Do it yourself!)See ***********/watch?v=hAg7aVZvZpo Long live the Rock & Roll! Metal Rules!
15 Sep 2011
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BOYCOTT BENCHMADE and go to ******* and file a TTAB hearing to get the BALI-SONG trademark revoked on the basis that it is generic and stop Benchmade from behaving in this immoral and corrupt fashion.*******AssistedKnife**** Go to my website and click on the BOYCOTT BENCHMADE link and learn the disgusting and morally corrupt behavior that Benchmade condones. I urge anyone who is a knife collector, a knife seller, a knife lover, a knife wholesaler, a knife fan to file a TTAB Hearing against Benchmade.Benchmade is attacking people's freedom of speech and attacking quality made US companies and behaving just as all the corporate monsters behave in the United States. Enough is enough with the corporations thinking they can take away civil liberties, the right to free speech, when they themselves are the most guilty of being ethically bankrupt and morally corrupt. Join in the BOYCOTT and support what is right, don't just sit on your ass about things because if we continue down this path of apathy nothing will be left. Benchmade is attacking knife sellers on many grounds this is the beginning of the series of events that are going on. If I loose it will effect everyone who sells knives just as everyone else's cases. Once one of us looses then it will give case law to Benchmade to attack whomever they feel fit to attack. The war is on with Benchmade and its corporate bullshit. They want sole control of particular styles of knives, which if we loose the battle it will kill all the small businesses out there. The matter is serious and I am going to begin to post the aspects to the case on the internet and expose Benchmade. Not just to get sympathy for my problems but to supply evidence to other people who are having the same problems with the company and not let them continue on this path of destructive behavior. I will get support from people who know me that is given, because I do have alot of people who I respect and know have a brain and see this as an attack on civil liberties. I also know alot of other sellers are in some trouble and if I can supply information to them to help defend them in their lawsuits then it is crucial because none of us can afford to let anyone of us loose a case against Benchmade. They have used this new tactic as a means to make money and are attacking small businesses who have no money to defend themselves. This is a normal tactic of corporate abuse in the United States and Benchmade has now taken this approach after they have lost the government military contract. So whether you like me personally or not this situation will effect everyone of us who are in the knife community in the United States.
12 Sep 2011
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Single off best selling independent album "Till The Wheelz Fall Off" available on iTunes and every music outlet online
1 Sep 2011
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26 Aug 2011
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