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The clip football game from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Billy Bob Thornton ** *Don't know we can do this 'Cause we always knew this * *Ha, ha Yeah, boy * *Bass How low can you go * "*Death row" What a brother know * Way to go. Do you understand? Hut! Boobie Miles. You can't turn it back to Boobie Miles! All Boobie, all the time here. "A Mojo first down." Boobie around one more.! Yeah! That's my boy! "Boobie Miles for 45 yards"... "" "Score for Mojo. Touchdown." Billingsley takes it right. Boobie. Here we go again. Into the end zone. Touchdown, Mojo. Boobie Miles has it all, "all in one great package"... the speed, the size, the athleticism. Let me tell you, folks, Boobie Miles is worth the price of admission. Yeah! Yeah, all right! "Boobie Miles breakin'loose" one more time. Yes, sir! Broke the line. "" Chavez.! Chavez is playin'like a man possessed. Whoo! God damn, I'm so proud of ya! Calm down, son. Chavez will eat you... "" Billingsley. Hey, Billingsley. Whoo! Go sit... Go get on the bench. Get on the bench. Boy, crazy. I like enthusiasm, but my goodness. He's gonna throw it. "What an arm.! Did you see"... Boobie Miles, from 35 yards out, scores a Mojo touchdown. You're doin' a great job. Give me a smile. Give me a smile. Thank you, Coach.
10 Feb 2012
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