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Video de la Guild <La Legión de Frostmourne> alianza zul'jin en el que se ve como tiran a kel'thuzad con caida del tanke incluida y sin wipe por parte de ningun miembro de la raid
10 Jun 2009
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Lich king normal, Holy pally POV, sucked into frostmourne room too. Our first kill. Setup was druid and pally tanks, pally, disc and shammy healers, demo lock, retri pally, shadowpriest, arc mage, ele shammy... enjoy.
29 Mar 2010
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Markee Dragon will be giving away a real Frostmourne Lich King Sword World of Warcraft sword. *******www.markeedragon****
25 Oct 2012
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Which weapon will be next? ► Subscribe! ******* Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he recreates the Lich King's Frostmourne from World of Warcraft! Get your Awe Me or Man At Arms Swag: *******aweme.spreadshirt**** And let us know in the comments below which weapon you'd like to see Tony build next! More AWEme on Facebook: *******facebook****/awemechannel Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/awemechannel MAN AT ARMS CREDITS Master Blacksmith: Tony Swatton Assistant Blacksmiths: Alicia Minitte and Bryan Forrest Leather Work: Johnny Bias Machinist: William the Elder and Christian M. Kollgaard III Sculptor: Karen Cope Guest Blade Smith: KC Lund Forge Assistants: Glenn Freund and Bryson Keefer Molds: Ian Hicks Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore *******twitter****/andysignore Line Producer: Adam Hiner Producer: Hayden Roush Production Manager: Phil Rogers Production Coordinator: Benjamin Montague Story Producer: Rome Mena Director of Photography: Lucas Graham Camera Operators: Lucas Graham and Chris Freilich 1st AC: Lani Wasserman and Mike Stanislawski Gaffer: Chris Anderson G/E: Chris Anderson Swing: Ross Klein Sound Mixer: Marco Meja Production Assistant: James Lourie Set Medic: George Markoski Edited by Christopher Otwell Post Production Supervisor Michael Gallagher DIT: Earl Fulchet Filmed on Location at The Sword and the Stone - www.SwordandStone**** Stunt Coordinator: Christopher Bradley Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Marnie Liesel Stunts: Christopher Bradley, Bryan Forrest and Tony Swatton The Sword & The Stone would also like to thank: Cope Studios, Sypher Arts Studios, Shawn Strider, Next Level Stunts, Justin Rojas, Steve Winsett, Glenn Freund, Black Hand Mercantile, Lennon Hobson
2 Jul 2014
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My version of a YogPod fan animation :) Tried to put alot of references in it... hope you notice them! ^^ Audio from: "Nordrassil Radio Interview (uncut, long!)"
19 Sep 2013
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Official Teaser Trailer -------UPDATE 3#------------ not really, is fan made, the song is called Official Era - Divano wow 40k views, thanx! OK OK I know i screwd it up and gave myself away with the frostmourne. I got some of these pics from some modding website, where u can get these items and just wanted to make em look lyk the new tes. Still, they look kewl though, and for some maybe convincing.
6 Sep 2009
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Arthas, prince of Lordaeron, was turned from a young paladin to the "dark side" and became a Death Knight by the power of the runeblade "Frostmourne" which he was tricked into obtaining by the Lich King. Here shows his homecoming after defeating The Scourge undead armies in Northrend; but he has his own agenda on how to become king....
2 Jun 2010
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As the Champions of the Light reach the peak of the Citadel's frozen spire, they find themselves face to face with the Lich King himself! Dark clouds gather as the final battle for life and justice takes place at the Frozen Throne! Thunder beckons with each blow dealt by the Runeblade Frostmourne! Are these bold raiders strong enough to overcome the powers of darkness? Will the souls of the dammed ever find peace after being devoured by Frostmourne? The decisive battle against Arthas Menethil, the Lich King. RUN AWAY, LITTLE GIRL!
31 Dec 2011
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From the Scourge invasion of the Eastern Kingdoms to the Icy Frost Halls of Icecrown Citadel, follow a tale of redemption, retaliation... and retribution! Witness the creation of the Argent Crusade by the Grand Paladin Tirion Fordring, in his attempt to abolish the mindless undead from the face of Azeroth! Avow the attonement of Darion Mograine, the son who sacrificed his soul to save his own father from the the terrible fate of becoming a servant of the Dead, only to be cursed in his place with the abominable burden of undeath! Behold the purge of the legendary sword of Light, the bane of the Scourge, the Ashbringer! Testify the rebirh of the Death Knights from Acherus, bound to the will of the tyrant Lich King, into the vengeful Knights of the Ebon Blade! And alas, fear for your very Soul... FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS! ------------------------------------------------------------------- All the information about Soundtrack, Software and players involved will be available at the ending credits, in part IV.
2 Feb 2012
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Simon and Lewis unwrap the Diablo III Collector's Edition with the help of Frostmourne! Diablo III is out on the 15th May, so expect more content from us closer to the time! ● 10% off Beard Heads at *******www.beardhead******/ with the code "Yogscast" ● Yogscast Gear: *******yogscast.spreadshirt******/ ● Facebook: *******www.facebook****/yogscast ● Twitter: *******www.twitter****/yogscast ● Forums: *******yogscast****/forum.php ● Podcast: ***********/gb/podcast/the-yogpod/id304557271
13 May 2012
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Hey everyone! Thanks for watching, the massive fail opening of the Alienware m18x r2. Zzz. These are the need to know specs: Processor 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3920XM Overclocked Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz (8MB Cache) Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate, 64bit, English Video Card NVIDIA® SLI® - 2GB GDDR5 Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M Hard Drive 1.2TB Solid State Drive(512GBX2) (Raid 0) Memory 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM (4x8GB) Audio and Speakers Creative Sound Blaster Recon3Di High-Definition 5.1 Audio with THX TruStudio Pro Display 18.4" (46.73 cm) WLED WideFHD (1080p) display (1920 X 1080) Optical Drive Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (BD-ROM, DVD±RW, CD-RW) System Color Space Black Anodized Aluminum Opening Apparatus Frostmourne(TM) Sword Warcraft III(TM) Prop Replica This is my first video so please have mercy :)
6 Oct 2012
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History of Invincible from WoWWiki: Invincible was the steed of Arthas Menethil, both in life and death. He was the skeletal steed that Arthas rode throughout Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Invincible was born to the mare Brightmane on the Balnir Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades, in the winter of the year Stormwind fell. Prince Arthas, then nine years old, was present when he was born, and was given the horse by the Balnir family, who bred horses used by the royal family. The horse had a white coat, different from the usual Balnir stock, which normally had gray coats. Arthas had considered naming the horse "Snowfall" or "Starlight", but in the informal tradition of Lordaeron knights and nobles naming their steeds after a quality (Uther's was "Steadfast", King Terenas' "Courageous"), he named the colt "Invincible". Ten years later in winter, before Arthas was inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand, Arthas' exertion in the numbing cold resulted in a crippling injury to his beloved Invincible. Too far from help and unable to heal the stricken horse, Arthas was forced to kill him in order to relieve his pain. He was buried on the grounds of the Balnir Farmstead at Arthas' request. Invincible's death was one of the events that inspired Arthas to become a paladin. After the fall of Lordaeron years later, Arthas - now a death knight - ran directly from Lordaeron after murdering his father, to the Balnir Farmstead where Invicible was buried. With the power of Frostmourne, Arthas resurrected the horse as his undead steed. Now fully living up to his name, Invincible could become a spectre and disappear, to be resummoned by Arthas at any time. During the Scourge's siege on the Sunwell, Anasterian Sunstrider confronted Arthas in single combat, severing Invincible's forelegs with his runeblade, Felo'melorn, to dismount him. Witnessing Invincible's injuries brought on a surge of memories and sent Arthas into a rage, during which he shattered Felo'melorn and struck down Anasterian. This time, however, Arthas was able to necromantically repair the injuries. It is likely that Invincible still serves as his master's steed, even after Arthas became the new Lich King, though Sindragosa has also been referred to as his mount. Music made by Blizzard, Pictures I got from www.deviantart**** and Blizzard fanarts Community. Video made by me. Links to fan arts pictures: 0:01 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss702.jpg 0:30 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss901.jpg 1:10 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss606.jpg 1:40 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss662.jpg 2:02 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss885.jpg 2:32 - *******us.blizzard****/_images/community/fanart/en_us/screens/ss694.jpg
25 Jul 2013
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"Sincere thanks to you and all of our family and friends who came to watch and to be part of our special day -- whether in person, online, or wherever you may be..." - Adam (Artix) & Michelle (Trini) *******www.AdamBohn****/ FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/ArtixKrieger TWITTER: ********twitter****/artixkrieger WEDDING NOTES - The Wedding took place at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, Florida - The guests had no idea - Neither did the hotel staff... (we figured if we told them they would not let us do it.) - Yes, the swords were metal - The groomsmen wore Knight armor over their suits inspired by in-game weddings from the video game AdventureQuest Worlds. - The videographer scrambled and got 3 extra cameras when tipped off by a man in an Iron Man suit about what was going to happen. - The groom is Artix, creator of a number of video games including AdventureQuest Worlds. - The bride is clearly too blinded by love to realize what she got herself into. Also, she paid for the wedding. - Maybe this will start a new genre "Battle Wedding" - WWE legend Jimmy Hart picked out a special suit with hearts on it for the occasion. - The Ninjas included American Ninja Warrior stars Drew Drechsel and Reko Rivera - George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated the cake cutting... which was cut using the #2 Frostmourne replica from World of Warcraft - Musical guests Voltaire & One-Eyed Doll performed during the reception - No gifts were accepted at the wedding, only donations for a local school that serves children with disabilities. - Batman is still alone in his cave with his total gym if any of you ladies out there are interested. LORD OF THE WEDDING RING Since the Don Cesar is not big enough to fit two-hundred thousand players, we will be having a special wedding event in-game for you. Which is odd since this is sort of art imitating life... which is imitating art... which was originally imitating life. It will happen on Friday the 13th at Sundown. What could possibly go wrong? VIDEO GAME EVENT Event will take place Friday the 13th, in-game at... *******www.AQ**** WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY by Fairytale Production Event Services *******www.fairytaleproductions**** WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Sylvain Gentile Photography at www.sylvaingentile****
7 Dec 2013
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