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Pomelo fruit is largest citrus fruit related to grapefruit. It takes eight years before it starts giving fruit. The pomelo fruit has lot many health benefits such as it boosts your immunity system. Pomelo fruit is the rich source of vitamin C which is responsible for healthy gums and teeth. Pomelo fruit is loaded with dietary fibre which bulks up the stool and makes your peristaltic movement smooth.
24 Aug 2017
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25 Aug 2017
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Jam Muffin Recipe is Easy to make Snack Recipe with Tangy Taste of Kissan Real Fruit Jam. It is Healthy and Tasty Recipe which is perfect for your child’s Tiffin. Jam Muffin is a small and sweet little treat you can give your kids. You can be sure that they’ll finish it all and bring you back empty Tiffin.
4 Sep 2017
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dragon fruit is a less known fruit among people. this video will help you understand what dragon fruit is and how good it can be for you.
6 Sep 2017
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Fruit orange slicing machine can cut the vegetables and fruits to cube,strip and slice .Apply to carrot ,potato,pineapple,taro,melons,onion,green pepper,mango,apple ,ham,papaya etc.
8 Sep 2017
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We are here to help you in celebrating your Diwali festival with dry fruits. Buy quality & fresh dry fruits online from Madhurima Sweets. Here wide range of dry fruits hampers, mixed dry fruits etc. just Select your location, packaging gift & get delivery in banglore, delhi, chennai, kanpur, patna, mumbai etc. Order now!
14 Sep 2017
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This video will help you to make fruit custard.
3 Sep 2017
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Pancake Sandwich Recipe is Easy to make Tiffin Recipe, Pancake Sandwich is Easy to make Breakfast and Snack you can make it More Tasty by mixing it with Kissan Tomato Ketchup. When it comes to kids you can’t go wrong with pancakes, but Monika shows you how to make pancakes even more interesting with Kissan mixed fruit jam and some yummy fruits.
13 Sep 2017
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French Toast Roll up Recipe is Easy to make Healthy Recipe for Kids. It is Protein Enrich Snack with Tangy Taste of Kissan Fruit Jam. Watch and learn how to make an easy French Toast Roll Up by Neha Mathur. French Toast is a perfect breakfast recipe to start your day with. Don’t forget to add some Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam and serve it to your kids.
7 Sep 2017
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Food4Life helps people being healthier and change their lifestyle. By delivering healthy and organic Fruits and vegetables to them in an easy way. Clients can choose a box they want (Fruits, Veggies, or mix fruits and veggies) and get their box every week or every two week. They will be charge from their credit card after the delivery. The service can be put on hold or cancel anytime.
12 Sep 2017
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The watermelon is a large annual plant with long, weak, trailing or climbing stems which are five-angled (five-sided) and up to 3 m (10 ft) long. Young growth is densely woolly with yellowish-brown hairs which disappear as the plant ages. The leaves are large, coarse, hairy pinnately-lobed and alternate; they get stiff and rough when old. The plant has branching tendrils. The white to yellow flowers grow singly in the leaf axils and the corolla is white or yellow inside and greenish-yellow on the outside. The flowers are unisexual, with male and female flowers occurring on the same plant (monoecious). The male flowers predominate at the beginning of the season; the female flowers, which develop later, have inferior ovaries. The styles are united into a single column. The large fruit is a kind of modified berry called a pepo with a thick rind (exocarp) and fleshy center (mesocarp and endocarp).[1] Wild plants have fruits up to 20 cm (8 in) in diameter, while cultivated varieties may exceed 60 cm (24 in). The rind of the fruit is mid- to dark green and usually mottled or striped, and the flesh, containing numerous pips spread throughout the inside, can be red or pink (most commonly), orange, yellow, green or white.[2][3] History The watermelon is a flowering plant thought to have originated in southern Africa, where it is found growing wild. It reaches maximum genetic diversity there, with sweet, bland and bitter forms. In the 19th century, Alphonse de Candolle[4] considered the watermelon to be indigenous to tropical Africa.[5] Citrullus colocynthis is often considered to be a wild ancestor of the watermelon and is now found native in north and west Africa. However, it has been suggested on the basis of chloroplast DNA investigations that the cultivated and wild watermelon diverged independently from a common ancestor, possibly C. ecirrhosus from Namibia.[6] Evidence of its cultivation in the Nile Valley has been found from the second millennium Royal Mentor Lee.
17 Sep 2017
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If you suffer from chronic inflammation, you are probably eager to find a way to reduce it. Here, we offer eight generally-effective strategies: Eat More Fish Have a Colorful Diet Explore Various Spices to Reduce Inflammation Control Sugar Intake Limit Your Alcohol Use and Avoid Alcohol Abuse Consider Removing Gluten from Your Diet Eat More Nuts and Use Oils Based from Nuts Probiotics for Improved Immune Health We are the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy, we are dedicated to helping people replenish deficient hormones and providing health education information that will radically improve your life. Please look us up at HGH dot TV.
28 Aug 2017
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When sweet tooth comes a knockin, visit Madhurima Sweets, the most famous sweet shop in Lucknow. We offer wide variety of delicious evergreen Indian sweets that are sure to please you. Watch this video that will leave you craving for sweets.
30 Aug 2017
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you will get astonishing collections of Diwali gifts from corporate to personal gifts and that too at affordable prices. Like every year this year also Elitehandicrafts is launching special and auspicious Diwali gifts that are apt for the festival. For such an auspicious festival like Diwali the gift must be equally auspicious and for that you can explore Elitehandicrafts where you can find the best collections of auspicious and spiritual gifts.
11 Sep 2017
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The festive season is upon us. Now is the time when we send gifts to our relatives and wish them with our heartiest greetings. Breaking the monotony of same gifts every year is quite tough to. SendBestGift is here for latest and trendiest Diwali Gift Ideas: Choose Unique & Best Diwali Gifts 2017. No more head scratching and thinking what to give the family members and relatives this year. Just dive into our online platform of endless possibilities to find the best gifts for everyone within the best price.
18 Sep 2017
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Garcinia Cambogia is the fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. It is also used for cooking but the best part of Garcinia Cambogia is, it is used for the weight loss. Researcher says that Tone 360 Garcinia has the ability to block fat and keep the blood sugar and cholesterol in level. it contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA) naturally which is the best source of reducing weight. The researcher claimed that it has natural effects which lost the weight quickly. So it can also help you to look smart and fit. As it contains 90% HCA. "RUSH YOUR FREE TRAIL"
23 Aug 2017
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