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Titre Extrait de la X-a Tape en téléchargement gratuit au lien suivant: ******* Sashem: *******www.myspace****/sasheasy Brascofonik: *******brascofonik.skyrock****/ *******fr-fr.facebook****/brascofonik Derniere mixtape de Brascofonik aka el Nino: *******www.partage-facile****/GTXKLZYXGV/brascofonik___el_nino_vol_2__bcwn___... Où trouver X-AP: *******www.facebook****/XAPLOUTSIDEROFFICIAL *******www.reverbnation****/xap *******www.noomiz****/xap *******www.twitter****/xaploutsider *******www.myspace****/xaploutsider
9 May 2011
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1:35 on en a rien à foutre...
13 Oct 2011
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as above killie goal v huns
29 Nov 2011
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GOODBYE BABYLON ███─███──█─███ ──█─█─█─██───█ ███─█─█──█─███ █───█─█──█─█── ███─███──█─███ BABYLONENS CHALDEORUM Link:*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Chaldean_Catholic_Church Past 60 years 8 Million Victims & Counting..... EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ******* Guinea Pig Kids pt. 1 of 3: ***********/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r6oRHcmdRd0 Child abuse scandal cost US Catholic Church $3 billion: ***********/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hdducl7hQD0r8S2o6nYLmitBXR2w Ninos Son Traficados Por Monjas Trenes "ORPHAN TRAINS": ***********/watch?v=Ac3uLDiv5-g Baby Scoop: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Baby_Scoop_Era World Wide Vatican Sex Abuse & Criminal Actions: ************/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiDFKCpLviw8dHJnczI2NG1TdkpIMnQxLTZpVFZxMVE&hl=en_US#gid=0 Vatican's Plan for World Dominance: ***********/domplot.htm "The Roman Catholic barbarian invasions destroyed Classical Civilization in the period 350-700 A.D. Western Civilization created itself by drawing together elements from the barbarian roman tribes, the Roman world, the Saracen world, and the Judeo-Christian world. After passing through its period of gestation from 700-970 A.D., Western Civilization experienced four periods of expansion and conflict": 970-1440 -- Core Empire: England, 1420 1440-1815 -- Core Empire: France, 1810 1815-1945 -- Core Empire: Germany, 1940 1945-2005 -- Core Empire: United States, 2005 "But what more oft, in nations grown corrupt, And by their vices brought to servitude, Than to love bondage more than liberty --Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty." - Milton, "Samson Agonistes"
14 Feb 2012
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Zach Hiles, Also known as Party Life, is an up and coming Canadian House Producer/DJ in Vancouver, Canada. Starting his career in September 2011, Party Life (Zach Hiles) has become one of the most popular DJs in Vancouver, playing at downtown clubs such as Boss NightClub, and The Venue. Subscribe to Party Life: *******youtube****/partylifeofficial Follow Party Life: *******twitter****/legitpartylife *******facebook****/partylifemanagement
8 Apr 2012
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#3 from the album The End of The World Suite. *******itunes****/vespertine All rights go to Vespertine
8 Jun 2012
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8 Apr 2013
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Kanye West rants. They’re a national treasure. And they are abundant. From Kanye West Twitter rants to hearing how Kanye West rants backstage at SNL after they apparently took down his set before he wanted them to, they are all as unique and inspiring as a snowflake. Which really isn’t that surprising. These rants are coming out of the mouth and out of the brain of a grown man. And that man’s name is Yeezy. Well, the boys and gals here at Ranker decided it would be funny to see some video to go along with that Kanye West rant audio and guess what? It matches up perfectly to Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Home Alone 2 is basically a dramatic reenactment of Kanye West’s SNL rant. It’s perfect.
11 Mar 2016
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The fucking wind will drive Chi crazy. Song perfomed by Hui-Chi, Chiu. Soon in www.unllocunmon**** El vent Maleit tornarà boja a la Chi. Cançò interpretada per Hui-Chi, Chiu. Prest a www.unllocunmon**** El viento cabrón volverá loca a Chi. Canción cantada por Hui-Chi, Chiu. Próximamente en www.unllocunmon****
15 Apr 2007
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Just Bullshitting ya diig. new york my Bitch ... man Hey tell her ima call her after I finish this lil video but yeah All yall hataz can suck somthing. Cause Im getting money I dont need this show to blow up I got that exposure coming up already so Fuck yal and fuck anybody who aint n=showing no love cause Im getting money regaurdless with or with out new york... BUt Got mad LOVE for her cause she came up from nothing Like Me...
15 May 2007
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It's just a list of music I love...and if you don't love it too...then FUCK YOU! I also chew big red...if you don't chew big red too, then FUCK YOU!
25 May 2007
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I made this Mix. Fuck J-Kidd he cant Play for Shit. Hope You enjoy it.
10 Jun 2007
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from vezoom****--We love comments but we fucking hate stupid sluts Related: youtube staff secrets wacky wakeup burst stardom clean clear babies music humour polish south park queen elizabeth ii kills shoots snuke the video videos funny comedy dance movie kingdom Related: sexy aishwarya rai black sexy britney spears hot babes hot girls plus size sexy com sexy free sexy funny sexy girl sexy... --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
30 Aug 2007
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listen what a child ask for truck or fuck.....
5 Dec 2007
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some my friends hy wont to be fucked
2 Sep 2009
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Lizards fucking on my window seal!
20 Aug 2008
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