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Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen, GME Manager , Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Deployment: GM's global commitment to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
2 Mar 2008
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Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen, GME Manager , Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Deployment: GM's global commitment to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
13 Feb 2008
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* New, robust design form serves as a test well for GMC's future design direction * First combination of GM's two-mode hybrid system with E85 ethanol-capable engine * Height-adjustable suspension and cargo space-enhancing Midgate® CHICAGO -- GMC unveiled the Denali XT concept at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. It offers a 50-percent increase in combined fuel economy over comparable small pickup trucks when running on gasoline, and it incorporates a new, muscular form in a performance-styled, hybrid sport-utility truck (SUT). The Denali XT has a unibody architecture and rear-wheel drive, enabling its distinctive design and efficient performance. It builds on the equity of the Denali line and its reputation for advanced engineering and refinement, including the first combination of GM's two-mode hybrid system with an E85 ethanol-capable engine. Denali XT's new, more efficient 4.9L version of GM's small-block V-8 features fuel-saving technologies such as direct-injection technology and Active Fuel Management. The engine is matched with GM's unique two-mode hybrid propulsion system, giving the powerful SUT exceptional fuel economy and uncompromising capability -- including all-electric drive at low speeds. It is a powertrain combination that makes the Denali XT perfectly suited to a variety of active lifestyle activities, such as hauling skis and snowboards to the mountain or towing a sport jet boat to the lake. "Like all GMCs, the Denali XT is functional and capable, but it blends those traits with a more efficient, sporty driving experience," said Jim Bunnell, GMC general manager. "It is a vehicle that exemplifies GMC's engineering excellence, as well as GM's commitment to hybrid and advanced technologies." With its unibody structure, the Denali XT is lighter than conventional body-on-frame trucks, with great ride-and-handling characteristics. This design enhances fuel economy while giving the vehicle a sporty driving experience. True to its GMC Professional Grade heritage, the Denali XT is filled with technologies and features that maximize its flexibility, including a cargo space-enhancing Midgate® and height-adjustable suspension. Produced for General Motors
14 Feb 2008
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Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen, GME Manager , Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Deployment: GM's global commitment to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
12 Feb 2008
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Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen, GME Manager , Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Deployment: GM's global commitment to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
12 Feb 2008
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The life and fuel saving (see vid)High-Efficiency stove, developed by Ashkok Gadgil and Christina Galitsky to address the challenge to the refugees and local environment of having to travel long distances at great risk in search of fuel to feed inefficient, poorly designed cookstoves back in the refugee camps of Darfur, Sudan.
6 Feb 2009
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Know about life imprisenment for RJD MP, Fuel prices hike, Pappu Yadav, shiv sainiks thrash couple in Uttar Pradesh on velentine day, Notification on delimetation commission, John Gloster to quit indian cricket team.
26 Mar 2008
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kno3 suger fuel
19 Feb 2008
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This is incredible and just a little hard to believe, but you can use water for gas fuel to your car, see this video how it works and how to make your car run on water
20 Feb 2008
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A commercial from Shell where scientists in a factory conduct a musical fire-filled symphony with a freakin fuel injector!!! So cool and don't miss the explosive ending!
26 Feb 2008
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-- *******ebooks-guides****/#jeuxvideos -- technique sympa pour commander des jeux récents sans dépenser d'€z. frontlines fuel of war est le petit frère de battlefield : les explosions de frontlines fuel of war sont impressionantes. L'univers de frontlines fuel of war est frappé par une guerre de fou. Les balles fusent dans frontlines fuel of war et c'est de toute beauté. Les voix françaises de frontlines fuel of war sont bien retranscritent. frontlines fuel of war propose un eventail d'armes très variés et des véhicules. De plus les maps créées pour frontlines fuel of war sont immenses et le plus beau c'est que frontlines fuel of war dispose d'un mode 32 multijoueurs. frontlines fuel of war est dispo sur ps3, xbox 360, wii, pc
8 Mar 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Tips on how to safely re-fuel your vehicle by reducing the risk of sparks caused by static electricity.
3 Mar 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. If this is a look into our future, it's not too pretty... but at least it's clean. What you're looking at is Honda's hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle called the FCX. As part of their continuing research into advanced transportation technologies, Honda has actually brought this little car to market in limited quantities, and for those who get to drive it, it's a very unique experience.
20 May 2008
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Epileptic Gaming host Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham wants you and your friends to know about GGL's Frontlines: Fuel of War video gaming tournament going on now. *******epilepticgaming.ggl**** for more info.
5 Mar 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Have you ever wondered how a fuel cell works? Watch this video from Ballard Power and learn how hydrogen fuel cells will power the cars of tomorrow.
15 Apr 2009
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Reducing the nation's dependence on foreign oil was a major aspect of President Bush’s State of the Union address. Car manufacturers are on their way to making that goal a reality - creating vehicles that can run on a variety of energy sources. General Motors plans to produce 400,000 flexible fuel engine vehicles this year. The vehicles are able to run on gasoline that is made of 85 percent ethanol, normal gasoline or any combination thereof. Ethanol is a renewable resource that can be made from crops like sugar cane, corn or potatoes. Bio-fuels like ethanol are also good for the environment - reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. There are currently about 600 service stations in the U.S. that offer 85 percent ethanol fuel - nearly twice as many as two years ago. Many states and the federal government are rolling out incentives for more service stations to make the fuel available.
10 Mar 2008
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