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Michael Furrh, Caddie Master of Caddie Club Golf and Assistant Golf Professional of Rolling Hills Country Club, breaks the world record for longest shot with the longest usable golf club. Mr. Furrh's driver measures 14' 2.5" and is constructed from regulation steel shafts and a 460cc club head. This attempt was conducted at the facilities of Hank Haney Golf at the Golf Academy at The Lakes of Castle Hills in Lewisville, Texas. The session was recorded on a Trackman III device, administered by Trackman PRO Tom Harlan, to measure carry distance of each shot regardless of the condition of the testing. Michael surpassed the current standing record distance a total of 5 times during the session with his longest shot, shown here, carrying a distance of 146 yards. Caddie Club Golf is proud of Mr. Furrh's accomplishment and hopes that his feat will bring awareness to our company's goal of raising $40,000 for local charities in 2012-2013 through appearances at charity and corporate golf events. Find out more at: *******caddieclubgolf**** Special Thanks to: Hank Haney Golf | Jeremy Okler | Tom Harlan | *******KEYimageMedia**** | The Lakes at Castle Hills | Gary Wolfe and the Edwin Watts Staff (located below at) 901 W Lamar Blvd Arlington, TX 76012 (817) 861-6677 *******www.edwinwattsgolf****/
4 Jun 2013
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hello fellow youtubers! i hope you enjoy this new cover of "remind me" by brad paisley and carrie underwood. i am so excited because i have a special guest with awesome pipes singin along with me on this one, mitch rossell! make sure to check out his youtube channel.. he posts lots of incredible country covers: ***********/user/teleplayer68 thank you so much to kerry furrh for filming this! check out her channel here: ***********/user/amylaneproductions also it would be great if you could stop by our websites: *******www.oliviamitchellmusic**** *******www.mitchrossell**** *******www.KerryFurrh****
3 Apr 2012
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A group of young boys are stranded alone on an island. Left to fend for themselves, they must take on the responsibilities of adults, even if they are not ready to do so. Inevitably, two factions form: one group (lead by Ralph) want to build shelters and collect food, whereas Jack's group would rather have fun and HUNT; illustrating the difference between civilization and savagery. Important: all copyright goes to the owner!
9 Sep 2011
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From the movie Lord of the Flies - Ralph (Balthazar Getty) runs for his life as Jack (Chris Furrh) and the others hunt him down, but saved when he runs into a marine officer (Bob Peck).
1 Jul 2011
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From the movie Lord of the Flies - When Ralph (Balthazar Getty) blames Jack (Chris Furrh) for letting the fire go out, Jack declares that he’s starting a new camp for hunters.
1 Jul 2011
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From the movie Lord of the Flies - Ralph (Balthazar Getty) calls an assembly on general misconduct and Jack (Chris Furrh) undermines his authority.
1 Jul 2011
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Click to tweet! *******clicktotweet****/Ib83N FREE download! *******www.facebook****/jaymedeemusic?sk=app_178091127385 Howdy folks. So me and my friend Kerry started a tree on fire infront of my apartment while filming this video.... don't worry, we put it out with water bottles and only pissed off a few of my neighbors :) Hope you guys like this mellow arrangement, here's how we recorded it... Kerry Furrh filmed with a Canon 5D MkII and edited in Final Cut Pro ( ***********/amylaneproductions ) ( *******www.kerryfurrh**** ) I recorded the audio live with a sterling audio ST77 & Apogee Duet interface and edited in Logic Pro. I added harmonies on the chorus to the live track right after. Check out my music here! *******www.facebook****/jaymedeemusic *******www.myspace****/jaymedeemusic *******www.twitter****/jaymedee123 *******www.jaymedee**** Thanks for watching!
19 Jun 2012
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Soundtrack on iTunes: ******* Soundtrack on Amazon: ******* Follow Julian on Twitter: *******twitter****/juliansmithtv Add Julian on Facebook: *******facebook****/juliansmithtv Written & Directed by: Julian Smith Produced by: Justin Johns Cinematography by: Julian Smith & Justin Johns ( *******youtube****/popfriction ) Cast: Julian Smith Jeffery Dallas Chris Rogness Johnny Kocourek Josh Holt ( *******youtube****/joshholttv ) Joe Hanson ( *******youtube****/badgeofshame ) Kerry Furrh Matt Friedman Rhett Mclaughlin Link Neal Donnivin Jordan *******
23 Jun 2012
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SUP GUYS! my friend introduced me to this song a couple months ago and i'm so glad i was finally able to cover it! and i'm also super pumped cause my dog oscar is making his official youtube debut in this video!! hahaha. for those of you who like my facebook page or know me know that i am obsessed with dogs. especially MY dogs :) anyway, i hope you like this video and if you do, it would be great if you could give it a thumbs up or share it with your friends on facebook :D oh, and you may also be wondering how i got such a good quality video...the super HD quality is all thanks to my super talented friend kerry furrh! she's a film major at USC. check out her channel and subscribe to her! *******youtube****/user/amylaneproductions and as for the harmonies--they are all my voice! i recorded this video live with a shure 58 mic and later went back to the audio recording and added some harmonies. i hope you like them. FREE DOWNLOAD: 1. go to this link: *******www.facebook****/omitchellmusic 2. click the "band profile" tab 3. click download next to the pumped up kicks track! Olivia's website: *******www.OliviaMitchellMusic**** Kerry's website: *******www.KerryFurrh****
26 Sep 2012
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Buy my single "Tip Toes" on iTunes here: ***********/us/album/tip-toes-single/id552404922 HI FRIENDZ! I decided to do a live version of my song on The Hunger Games Soundtrack! Added some harmonies on the chorus afterward :) Here's a link to the version on iTunes... ***********/us/album/hunger-games-songs-from-district/id509605019 For all you LA folks, I have a show coming up at The Roxy on May 3! Come party! *******www.ticketweb****/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4332885 Love u guys, thanks so much for the support!!! Couldn't have gotten this far without ya. xoxo *******www.jaymedee**** *******www.facebook****/jaymedeemusic *******www.twitter****/jaymedee123 Per the usual... filmed by the wonderful Kerry & Alex Furrh! Thanks guys! *******www.kerryfurrh**** ***********/amylaneproductions
16 May 2013
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DOWNLOAD MY NEW EP! ************/album/remedy/id591402370?v0=9989&ign-mpt=uo%3D1 hello youtube friends! i hope you enjoy this cover of stereo hearts that i did with my friend annie ting! she is a violin major at USC and i actually convinced her to be in my video as a birthday present haha--my birthday is on thursday :) isn't she great?? as usual, a big thank you goes out to kerry furrh for filming and editing this video! i would not have such a high definition video without her. you should check out her website and youtube channel when you get a chance! *******www.KerryFurrh**** ***********/amylaneproductions another big thank you goes to jayme dee for recording the audio for this video! and for anyone who's wondering, the audio was all done live--no lip synching or anything. check out jayme's channel..she is awesome! ***********/jaymedee333 *******www.jaymedee**** My Websites: *******www.OliviaMitchellMusic**** *******www.facebook****/omitchellmusic *******www.twitter****/omitchellmusic *******www.reverbnation****/oliviamitchell
22 Dec 2013
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Get the free download of my "Mirrors" cover HERE: 1. Soundcloud: ********soundcloud****/kolusola/mirrors-justin-timberlake-k-o 2. Bandpage: ********www.facebook****/KO1Music/app_178091127385 Thanks for listening to this live acoustic cover of "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake! More to come in the near future! Guitar - Eric Nicolau www.ericnicolaumusic**** www.facebook****/EricNicolau ericnicolau Youtube: MrEricNicolau Cajon - Ben Rose onenightsofly Filmed by Kerry Furrh (kerryfurrh****)
 Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Endless Noise at Endless Noise Studios. www.endlessnoise**** 

 *******www.twitter****/KOlusola KOlusola

*******www.twitter****/ptxofficial ptxofficial
17 Jan 2014
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