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Hindu Vedic astrology is ancient property of India. In Hindu astrology future predictions are based on Sun and Moon. Equal importance has been given for Sun and Moon in Vedas. From the position of Moon we can know birth star and present Dasa period. From the position of Sun one can know Janma Lagna and through Janma Lagna everything we can know from one’s birth to death i.e. 1. General health 2. financial status 3. relations with brothers/ sisters, friends 4. education, own house, own vehicle, relation with mother, whether you will have comfortable living or not.. 5. optimistic or pecimistic; believes the god or not 6. debts, enemies 7. marriage and how will be married life and nature of spouse 8. longevity ( life span ) 9. relation with father, whether gets ancestral property or earns the properties with individual effort 10. prosperity in job or business 11. gains or losses 12. sexual happiness and travel to abroad. All these above can be predicted by preparing Kundali charts of an Individual with the base of his date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. if you want to know your future mail your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth to ksrsastryyahoo**** *******hinduastrology.webs****
17 Apr 2012
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REASONS FOR FAILURE OF PREDICTIONS : 100% people are not aware reasons for the failure of predictions. Simply they throw the mud on Astrologer. Even some times ; most of the Astrologers are confused why their predictions got failed. 1) Time of birth : Accuracy of Time of birth plays key role in failure of predictions. If Lagna gets changed with change of time of birth from 1 minute to 10 minutes ; astrologers shall inform the same to the native and correct time should be fixed as per the past, present life events of the native. Here ; time of birth recording also plays vital role. Do you know how to record the birth time. Time of birth should not be noted for the following status of baby. a) Seershodayam ( head of the baby coming time from Vagina is being called Seershodayam in Astrology ) b) Baby came completely from mother’s body ; but did not weep. Correct time of birth means baby completely gets separated from mother’s body and starts weeping. The weeping time of baby is the real time of birth as revealed by several Sages through Lord Shiva. 2) Immature knowledge of Astrologer : Though time of birth is accurate ; because of Astrologer’s wrong analysis ; predictions may gets failed. 3) Reflections/ influence of partner’s horoscope : While delivering predictions to a particular person ; if he or she is married ; both husband and wife horoscopes should be thoroughly examined so as to assess the influence of partner’s horoscope on the client’s life. 4) If the delivery is a cizarian operation and if date and time of birth is being pre- fixed by you with the help of a ( famous ) astrologer ; definitely that horoscope predictions gets failed because instead of Brahma ; you have decided the delivery date and time 5) Good and bad deeds performed by the native during present janma : Horoscope of a particular person will reflect his past life ( previous janma) Good and bad deeds performed. Any human being will have to experience the results of good and bad deeds on this earth only. We will experience the results of previous and present life good and bad deeds impact during this present life span itself. 6) After completion of our longevity ; the remaining good and bad deeds will be brought over for the next birth. This is clearly mentioned in Vedas and karmas ( deeds) are categorized as three : a) PRARABDA KARMA : Previous Birth good and bad deeds b) SANCHITHA KARMA : Present life good and bad deeds c) AAGAMI KARMA : Remaining unexperienced good and bad deeds NOTE : GET RECTIFIED YOUR TIME OF BIRTH by "Daivajna" Kuchibhotla Sitarama Sastry and get accurate future predictions. 1) for rectification of birth time ; you need to reveal your past important incidents good or bad like failure in education ; marriage date ; getting job, accident or illness or any important incidents happen in your life. 2) maill your date of birth, time of birth as informed by your parents, place of birth to ksrsastryyahoo**** 3) deposit Rs.5000/- in following bank account. ( Rs.2000/- towards rectification of birth time ; Rs.3000/- towards complete horoscope analysis, future predictions for 2 years + 1 year membership ) NAME : KUCHIBHOTLA SITARAMA SASTRY BANK’s NAME : CORPORATION BANK BRANCH : HYDERABAD – NALLAKUNTA ACCOUNT TYPE : SAVINGS ACCOUNT No : 074300101002351 IFSC CODE : COR P 0000743
9 Apr 2012
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Here's all the hot Hollywood gossip including Audrina Patridge's preference across the pond, Paris Hilton's faulty future predictions, Chord Overstreet's Glee fate, what celebrities will be partying with the royal couple and Eliza Dushku's catty career move.
11 Jul 2011
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Predictions) *******surviving2012.webstarts**** This site is a directory of internet links to prophecies and "2012 predictions" relating to the year 2012 2012 phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1975, author Terence McKenna had also arrived at a New Age prediction for the year 2012. This was subsequently refined to December 21, 2012 in 1983 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The completion of this cycle and the repetition of the previous Creation's Long Count ending date have been central to the 2012 phenomenon... December 21 2012, The official Website for 12 21 12 Information 2012: The Mayans and Other Strange Predictions of Our Time · The Gravity of Enlightenment and 2012 · Is There Science Behind 2012 Prophecies? 2012 Predictions 2012 Comet We believe that a lot of the '2012 predictions' were created to discredit revelations in the Bible. Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible (also known ... [Predictions for 2012], 2012 Apocalypse, End of Days, Mayan Calendar ... [2012 Predictions] End of Days explores the 2012 apocalypse prophecy that foretells the End of the World. Other topics contained in this site include Bible Prophecy, Nostradamus 2012 PREDICTIONS-world war 3,nibiru predicted - world ... Nostradamus 2012-prophecy.(Predictions of 2012) world war 3,apocalypse,collision with nibiru,planet x or comet,book of prophecies for year 2007 and 2012,prophet ... nostradamus2012 (Predictions for the year 2012 AD) There are many websites related to 2012 - due mainly to the Mayan prediction. The reason the Maya expected the world to end isn't clear. End of World "2012 Prediction" - December 2012 Mayan World Ending Article on end of world theories relating to the Mayan and Hopi Indians predictions that the world will end on December 21, 2012. 2012: The Mayans and Other Strange [2012 Predictions] of Our Time ? - 5 days ago by Chris Holly The Mayan calendar is set to end on Dec 21, 2012. There are many theories why this date ends the Mayan Calendar. Many feel that this date ... 2012 prediction nostradamus 2012 predictions year 2012 predictions 2012 predictions astrology 2012 predictions end of the world predictions 2012 psychic 2012 predictions nostradomus 2012 predictions 2012 world predictions doomsday 2012 predictions nostradamus 2012 prediction cayce 2012 predictions 2012 predictions mayan december 2012 predictions mayans 2012 predictions the year 2012 predictions mayan 2012 prediction 2012 aztec predictions 2012 myan predictions predictions for 2012 2012 preditions 2012 predications 2012 predicitions 2012 doomsday predictions predictions 2012 prophecy 2012 doomsday mayan 2012 end of the world 2012 december 2012 end of the world predictions future predictions 2012 nostradamus bible code predictions 2012 the end of the world psychic predictions 2012 end of days december 21 2012 2012 end of world 2012 prophecies nostradamus predictions for the future psychic prediction future predictions 2009 2009 world predictions nostradamus 2012 history channel predictions of the future nostradamus and 2012 nostradamus predictions predictions for 2009 armageddon 2012 web bot predictions 2009 predictions 2009 web bot predictions nostradamus future predictions nostradamus end of the world prediction nostradamus armageddon year 2012 mayan calendar 2012
23 Nov 2010
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AstroSwami TWINS are the TWIN iPhone & Android Apps by SimplyAstro****. Get PERSONAL! Get AstroSwami Pro is the SLOGAN! It's the ONLY & First Ever App in the iPhone & Android Market that is about YOU! AstroSwami PRO App gives you the opportunity to read personalized predictions & remedies for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS and yes of-course anyone else that you may like to know about! Barrack Obama's future predictions is just one of the several examples of what you can know from AstroSwami PRO App! AstroSwami PRO is the Vedic Astrology Science & Western Astrology Zodiac app for the more seriously-inclined and not a frivolous kind. Per Jackie Judge: My boyfriends first impression of AstroSwami Pro was, TRIPPY. I cant think of a better word to describe this app. Horoscopes and Zodiacs, Astrology studies and websites vary far and wide, ranging in quality from pure silliness to the exceptionally serious. Youll often find the silly, frivolous horoscopes on the back pages of Cosmopolitan and in the lower, easily-overlooked corner of a newspaper demarcated in its short blurb of a box. AstroSwami Pro by SimplyAstro**** definitely takes a more serious and believable course in its zodiac principles, as it follows Indian Vedic Astrology along with Western Astrology. The app provides life predictions at a personalized level based on your birth date, birth time, birth place, and birth country, and includes a personality breakdown based on Numerological analysis. It also prescribes remedies like Red Book remedy, Gems Remedy, and Saturn Transit Remedy, all of which when viewed critically, provide ways for you to better yourself or avoid certain predicted obstacles. The Numerology section is exceptionally thorough, and even includes a list of ideal professions and personality faults that eerily resemble truth. A general day-to-day horoscope is given for all the different zodiac signs, along with a love section that doesnt resemble the frivolity of less serious sites you may find online. Ill admit I was surprised maybe a bit spooked at the accuracy of AstroSwami. Like any good girl, I made a beeline for the love prediction tab, and was pleasantly greeted with a very descriptive summary and analysis of my attractions and relationships, with several poignant insights. You can find the App on the iPhone App Store by searching on the keyword: ASTROSWAMI PRO ABOUT THE APP FEATURES: AstroSwami Pro (from SimplyAstro****) are the pioneer in bringing on your iPhone the most personalized horoscope predictions along with remedies based on your birth details using the Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. We are all about being simple but smart! AstroSwamis belief of using Astrology as the Science to guide your path in life has been taken a step further by providing remedies at the most personalized level based on your birth details now directly on your iPhone! We truly are the one source for all your astrological guidance. Below are few of the highlights of the AstroSwami iPhone Apps PERSONALIZED Predictions & Remedies based on your birth date: • Yearly Prediction • Number Analysis, Predictions & Favorable Years • Saturn Transit (Sade Satti) Analysis, Predictions & Remedies • Lucky Gem Stones Analysis, Predictions & Remedies • Red Book (Lal Kitab) yearly Analysis, Predictions & Remedies • Zodiac Sign based Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prediction • Love Zodiac Sign based Monthly Prediction WONDER WHAT ELSE? - You have the ability to change birth details to not only read your personalized predictions and remedies but you can do the same for your family members and friends! And yes very soon it will be priced high! So dont wait any more and install our App now! And yes we have over 200,000+ birth place cities information across the world and adding several more every day.
1 Sep 2010
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*******www.predicto**** Predicto**** asks celebrities to predict the hottest topics in Hollywood gossip! Tennis star Andy Roddick talks to Predicto TV host Brandhyze about Beyonces possible win at the MTV Music Awards. Aleksandra Wozniack makes a prediction about the Black Eyed Peas and 25 weeks at 1 on the Billboard 100. Find other fun celebrity predictions in other episodes of Predicto TV!
29 Jan 2010
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*******www.GetPsychicAdvice**** How true are future predictions? and other interesting facts: There is a field of science that studies the physical power of the human mind, called Noetic Science. A horoscope is actually defined as a representation or scope of the hour of birth. Visit GetPsychicAdvice**** for more information on the field of free psychic reading!
21 Jan 2010
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*******www.GetPsychicAdvice**** Do future predictions really exist? Learn the facts here! When you receive a reading, your energy and openness determine the quality of the insights the psychic reader receives. ESP, or extrasensory perception, includes clairvoyance, psychic sight, and telepathy. Want to know more? See the truth about free psychic reading at GetPsychicAdvice****.
15 Jan 2010
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*******7thunders****/ Celebrate your birthday with a bang! Wear your lucky color and play your lucky number. Get your birth astrology and cards reading. Map your future predictions and transcend fate to its greatest. This video will show you the how to's. So what are you waiting for? Get your free online tarot reading and other free readings online. Have a rockin' roarin' birthday. Watch now! Http://7thunders****/
15 Oct 2009
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*******7thunders**** If you want to master the card science, you might be asking how long it takes for you to master it. This video tells you how long you can master it and how you can give future predictions readings reading fast. You can also visit us at *******7thunders****
23 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders**** How would you like to know a cards reading science that will allow you to learn to give future predictions? Robert Lee Camp can help you learn this skill. Get your free online reading NOW at his website at *******7thunders****
22 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders**** There are at least 4 systems that I know that are used for future predictions. Know what these are in this video that includes the Cards of Destiny that I am using. You can also visit us at *******7thunders****
15 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders**** If you are new to the Cards of Destiny, you might be wondering if it is really possible to give future predictions using it. Yes, it is definitely possible! Watch the video to find out how. You can also visit us at *******7thunders****
15 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders****/ Ever felt that cosmic imbalance and felt muttering “just my luck” that day? Get a head start and get some future predictions. Have your free readings or a free tarot readings. Get free online reading of your fate and find your soul card. Visit us at *******7thunders****
8 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders**** I've been into several free online reading websites. Some provide good readings, some are just plain lousy. Our webiste deals with destiny cards to provide future predictions. Visit us at NOW *******7thunders****
3 Aug 2009
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*******7thunders**** Do you want to get a free online reading of your destiny? Robert Lee Camp's 7thunders**** website provides one by using destiny card. It can also provide future predictions. Visit the website NOW *******7thunders****
2 Aug 2009
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