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2 Sep 2017
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How to use Microsoft office EXCEL CONCATENATE function easily and efficiently This function in excel is used to connect cells values into one value. What is Excel concatenation function? The Microsoft Excel CONCAT function allows you to join 2 or more strings together. It was released in Excel 2016 and replaces the CONCATENATE function. The CONCAT function is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a String/Text Function. It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in Excel. As a worksheet function, the CONCAT function can be entered as part of a formula in a cell of a worksheet.
7 Sep 2017
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7 Sep 2017
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8 Sep 2017
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How to Use a Mala|beads with meaning A Mala is a string of beads that is used in meditation in order to count mantras or breaths. Malas are meant to ground the practice of meditation and recitation of mantras. Malas can also be used in ways other than meditation, like in divination. Having and using a mala can help expand your meditative and spiritual practice and help provide a calming structure. 1 Identify the guru bead. The guru bead, or mountain bead, generally hangs perpendicular to the counting beads. The guru bead is intended to be used as a place of rest and contemplation during meditations and mantra recitations. Guru beads can be connected to a tassel, made of different material than the counting beads, or have carvings and other ornamentation.[1] The guru bead will be where you begin and end your meditation or mantra recitation. 2 Place the mala in your right hand. The right hand is the traditional placement for malas as some cultures view the left hand as being impure. However, there are many other cultures and traditions that do not specify in which hand you need to place the mala. Consult the specific tradition you are practicing in if you are unsure of which hand you should place the mala.[2] If you are relatively new to meditation, or do not practice within a specific tradition, use whichever hand is most comfortable.
10 Sep 2017
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12 Sep 2017
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My mom is expert in this.See how a beautiful pattern can be created by skillfully maneuvering the string inbetween the fingers.AMAZING !! Give a try .
24 Oct 2006
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a short banana video made using a cardboard box, banana, and string.
15 Mar 2007
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In this trick, I am removing a ring from the string. Do this trick and amaze your friends.
28 Dec 2006
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I do not claim to be an expert on string theory. I work for musicians, though, and am well aware of how a plucked string rings out. The fundamental and harmonics, all play a part of this execution. Sphere magnets allow a cool, slow enough to see, version of this dynamic. No math needed, but it does apply if you can be bothered.
19 Jan 2007
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These guys play really well, they also have a website if you want to have a taste of real folk music. This performance was at the Green Gate Inn in Camillus, New York. Folk Strings Performs Hard Travelin' by Woody Guthrie
24 Jan 2007
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Robert Conti opens with beautiful chord melody and progresses into a swingin' version of the popular tune during a concert at JU in Florida. Notice the custom 8 string guitar he's wielding...
5 Feb 2007
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I'll show you how to perform "The Cut And Restored String" trick. Check it out and amaze everyone!
3 Feb 2007
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A string goes through my neck, if you want the explanation e-mail me and I will trade you the explanation for another trick. My e-mail address is magicbyaaron13aim**** and my Myspace is myspace****/magicbyaaron13 and I rarely check my e-mail so Myspace is the way to go as far as contacting me!
19 Feb 2007
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With a loop of string, you can make the traditional figure known as a "cat's cradle". Amaze your friends with this neat trick!
20 Feb 2007
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Demonstration on how to make a web from a string.
27 Feb 2007
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