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A snapshot of this week's news from HotNewz.TV, including Iranian missile tests, the G8 summit, California fires, the iPhone is unleashed, and some celebrities have offspring.
12 Jul 2008
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Watch this Web-exclusive CBN News update with Mark Martin. Top Stories: mortgage crisis, G8 Summit, national speed limit.
17 Jul 2008
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In 2001 more than 300 000 people came to Genoa to stop the G8 meeting. Many suffered extreme police violence. 7 years later the trials are coming to an end. The mayor of the city of Genoa has invited the people to ask for public reconciliation. 25 people were sentenced for up to 11 years of prison for property damages such as breaking windows compared to sentences of a maximum of 5 years for the 76 Italian police officers under trial so far. 15 have been found guilty for torture and systematic abuse of authority.
23 Jul 2008
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Cars****'s Lindsay Bjerregaard and Stephen Markley take you through the latest, coolest, weirdest car-related news they could dig up. Check out KickingTires**** for more about the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, tires made from dandelions, and hybrid buyer loyalty.
22 Aug 2008
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From the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, Cars****'s Kelsey Mays takes a look at the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO. It competes with the Dodge Charger and Pontiac G8.
24 Feb 2009
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Seven months after a judge found two policemen not guilty for nearly killing two anti-G8 activists in 2003, the tribunal of the Canton of Vaud decided to reject the appeal filed by activists Martin Shaw (English) and Gesine Wenzel (German). Following on from the shocking
9 Mar 2009
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Was Russia's President Medvedev drunk on Wednesday as world leaders had their group photo taken at the G-8 summit in l'Aquila, Italy? Several Russian YouTube viewers believe so and have started an active debate on the website *******www.yaplakal****/ Take another good luck at this enlarged version of the video to see if that is the case. The footage clearly shows that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as host of the meeting, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have to help Medvedev as they walk towards the podium. Medvedev also appears to bump into Sarkozy. before they arrive at the podium. According to the Italian news agency ANSI, teh following drinks were the menu at the G8 Working Lunch that took place before the photo opp: - toast with Ferrari Spumante ******* - Ferrari Perle Nerò, a very rare wine 187/C... - Grappa SoleroDistributed by Tubemogul.
29 Nov 2009
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Obama and Sarkozi admiring a woman's backside on G8 summit, 2009, Italy
11 Jul 2009
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Per giocare all'app facebook clicca qui: *******apps.facebook****/gcap_press_the_eight/ - Una martellata di gommapiuma sulla testa degli otto potenti della Terra per spingerli a fare di più contro la poverta’. Si tratta di “PRESS THE 8”, il videogioco per Facebook lanciato dalla Coalizione Italiana Contro la Povertà (GCAP) in occasione del vertice di Copenaghen allo scopo di fare pressione sui grandi del G8 affinche’ si adoperino nella lotta al sottosviluppo e per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi del Millennio. sito: *******
10 Dec 2009
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Click here to play on facebook application: *******apps.facebook****/gcap_press_the_eight/ - A foam rubber hammer on the head of the eight powers of the earth to push them to do more against poverty '. This is "PRESS THE 8", the game launched on Facebook by the Italian Coalition Against Poverty (GCAP) at the Copenhagen summit in order to put pressure on the G8 so that children 'should strive to combat underdevelopment and achieving the Millennium Goals. Site: *******
9 Dec 2009
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Shame on you! Police brutality against girls and women at the G20 G8 2010 in Toronto, Canada. 15-18 year old girls only get 3 tiny cheese sandwiches and 3 cups of water for over 30 hours. 100's of girls are strip searched, watched naked and some sexually harassed by male police officers. Sexist behaviour and explicit sexual remarks ar very commonplace in the G20 detention center. Women and girls are violently detained, snatched and shot at by police in Toronto, Canada during the G20 2010. A female journalist is harassed to get raped and gangbanged multiple times by male police officers. They want to make SURE she NEVER works as a journalist again... Young people traumatized for their life. Held for 30 hours in a guantanamo like prison camp with insufficient food and 3 tiny cups of water, 40 women held in tiny, cold cells. No right to a lawyer, no right to a phone call, freezing cold - is this the way we want to raise our children - society? 'I had to remove my bra because it could be a weapon. We had to remove our shoes because they said it could be a weapon... so we were barfoot... and it was freezing cold. Then they told me I was going to be strip searched.' Survivor account, canadian girl - ~ 17 years old
9 Jul 2010
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12 Jan 2018
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This got caught on tape when Blair accidentaly turns on the mic
23 Nov 2006
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Secret footage of Nicolas trying to stand on a box.
12 Jun 2007
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Unter dem Klimawandel könnte zwar die deutsche Automobilindustrie schwer leiden, Investoren können aber auch profitieren.
27 Jun 2007
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50 Cent chills with YouTube's christabelle28 and IGotShotgun at the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Will Christa score a role in his next video?
12 Nov 2007
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