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The world's 860 million hungry people are fighting a losing battle with the world's 800 million cars for access to food crops. ActionAid urges G8 leaders to freeze production of biofuels in favour of other sustainable energy sources.
4 Jul 2008
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从7月1号开始,中国北京开始进一步加强对市内维权人士的拘捕、驱赶,计划将他们或者关押至9月20号奥运后,或者赶出北京。当天北京维权人士华惠棋及家人遭到警方殴打后被赶出家门、流落街头。下面请看本台记者发来的报导。 北京维权人士华惠棋对本台记者表示,7月1号十几个国保人员强行砸门入室,将他们全家人殴打、驱赶到大街上,且不准他们回家。 其他推荐: 2008新唐人电视台全球系列大赛(小提琴,声乐,舞蹈,武术,钢琴,汉服设计,油画,厨技,摄影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 热点话题:周永康操纵海外特务制造事端 *******big5.soundofhope****/topic-92-1.htm 抗暖化技术 G8每年投资百亿美元 *******
5 Jul 2008
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A snapshot of today's news from HotNewz.TV, including a terrorist attack in Kabul, the G8 summit in Japan, ceaseless fires in California, an erupting volcano in Sicily, and a hundred new words in the Miriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.
8 Jul 2008
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A snapshot of today's news from HotNewz.TV, including the murder of a University of Miami student, hurricane Bertha, G8 and the French Spider-man, a beheading in Berlin, and Madonna denies recent rumors.
9 Jul 2008
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Top 20 New Cars for 2008. Includes: Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper SRT10 & Caliber SRT4, Audi S5 & R8, BMW M3 & 1series, Lancer Evo X, Impreza WRX STI, Maserati GranTurismo, Benz C63 AMG, Lexus IS-F, Jaguar XF, Pontiac G8, Honda Accord Coupe, Cadallac CTS, Infiniti G37 Coupe, Saturn Astra, and Volvo C30 [Road & Track]www.roadandtrack**** join free business *******join.zenzuu****/beawealthy
10 Jul 2008
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Join Racemaster Ryan as we head to Norwalk, Ohio for the fastest quarter-mile of your life. Race a G8 GXP at the Summit Racing Nationals, smell the burnouts and check out some fast metal. Part 1 of 2.
11 Jul 2008
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A snapshot of this week's news from HotNewz.TV, including Iranian missile tests, the G8 summit, California fires, the iPhone is unleashed, and some celebrities have offspring.
12 Jul 2008
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Watch this Web-exclusive CBN News update with Mark Martin. Top Stories: mortgage crisis, G8 Summit, national speed limit.
17 Jul 2008
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This is my first free rider video. This video sucks compared to my others. This is my version of a skate park. The code is below. Enjoy. Check out my other free rider videos and subscribe! -18 1i 18 1i 32e 1i 32e 2q 33c 2q 33c 3o 34a 3o 34a 4m 358 4m 358 5k 366 5k 366 6i 374 6i 374 7g 382 7g 382 8e 390 8e 390 9c 3qq 9c 5vi 9c 5vs jc,3j0 8o 3im 92,3j0 8o 3ja 8e 3ou 8e 3pi 92,3ki 8e 3ki 9c,3ks 8e 3ks 9c,3n2 8e 3n2 9c,3nc 8e 3nc 9c,7g 1i bi a k0 a o2 1i,1ag 1i 1ag -1i 1aq 1i,1ag -1i 1a6 1i,1ag -18 19s 1i,1ag -u 19i 1i,1ag -k 198 1i,1ag -a 18u 1i,1ag 0 18k 1i,1ag a 18a 1i,1ag k 180 1i,1ag u 17m 1i,1ag 18 17c 1i,1b4 1i 1ag -18,1ag -u 1be 1i,1ag -k 1bo 1i,1c2 1i 1ag -a,1ag 0 1cc 1i,1cm 1i 1ag a,1ag k 1d0 1i,1da 1i 1ag u,1ag 18 1dk 1i,2c8 1i 2fm a 2j4 1i,2fm a 2fm 18 2fm 1i,-18 1i -q8 1i,4cu 9c 4cu 84 4d8 9c,4cu 84 4ck 9c,4ca 9c 4cu 8e 4di 9c,4cu 8o 4c0 9c,4bm 9c 4cu 92,4cu 8o 4ds 9c,4e6 9c 4cu 92,518 9c 542 7q 5f0 7q 5i4 9c,550 7g 55k 76 5do 76 5e2 7g,57g 76 57g 7q,57q 7q 57q 76,5c6 76 5c6 7q,5bs 7q 5bs 76,5vi jc 6lo jc 6lo 9c 6le jc,5vi 9c 5vi j2 5vi jc,5vi 9m 606 jc,5vi a0 60g jc,5vi aa 60q jc,5vi ak 614 jc,5vi au 61e jc,5vi b8 61o jc,5vi bi 622 jc,5vi bs 62c jc,5vi c6 62m jc,5vi cg 630 jc,5vi cq 63a jc,5vi d4 63k jc,5vi de 63u jc,5vi do 648 jc,5vi e2 64i jc,5vi ec 64s jc,5vi em 656 jc,5vi f0 65g jc,5vi fa 65q jc,5vi fk 664 jc,5vi fu 66e jc,5vi g8 66o jc,672 jc 5vi gi,5vi gs 67c jc,67m jc 5vi h6,5vi hg 680 jc,5vi hq 68a jc,68k jc 5vi i4,5vi ie 68u jc,698 jc 5vi io,69i jc 5vi j2,6lo 9c 8he 9c 8ic 9c 8ic a0 8ic aa 8ja aa 8ja b8 8k8 b8 8k8 c6 8l6 c6 8l6 d4 8m4 d4 8m4 e2 8n2 e2 8n2 f0 8o0 f0 8o0 fu 8ou fu 8ou gs 8ps gs 8ps hq 9uo hq a1i hq a1i em,6l4 jc 6lo 9m,6lo a0 6kq jc,6kg jc 6lo aa,6lo ak 6k6 jc,6js jc 6lo ak,6lo au 6ji jc,6j8 jc 6lo bi,6lo bs 6iu jc,6lo c6 6ik jc,6lo cg 6ia jc,6lo cq 6i0 jc,6lo d4 6hm jc,6hc jc 6lo de,6lo do 6h2 jc,6go jc 6lo e2,6lo ec 6ge jc,6g4 jc 6lo em,6lo f0 6fq jc,6lo fa 6fg jc,6lo fk 6f6 jc,6lo fu 6es jc,6lo g8 6ei jc,6lo gi 6e8 jc,6lo gs 6du jc,6lo h6 6dk jc,6lo hg 6da jc,6lo hq 6d0 jc,6lo i4 6cm jc,6lo ie 6cc jc,6lo io 6c2 jc,6lo j2 6bo jc,736 9c 778 84 7iq 84 7lu 9c,77s 7q 786 7g 7hi 7g,7i6 7q 7hs 7g 7hi 7g,7a2 7g 7a2 84,7ac 84 7ac 7g,7ga 7g 7ga 84,7g0 84 7g0 7g,874 9c 88c 8e 89a 9c,8h4 9c 8he 9c##T 9u4 hg,T 9u4 gs,T 9u4 g8,T 9tg g8,T 9tg gs,T 9tg hg,T 88c 84,T 7d6 76,T 6ag j2,T 5a0 6i,T 4cu 7q,T 3lq 84,T 2fm 0,T 1ag -1s,T fk 0
17 Apr 2009
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民運人士封從德和熊焱今天(7月16日)在法拉盛舉辦演講會﹐向中共無神論黨文化宣戰。請看以下報導。 封從德和熊焱都是六四時期的學生領袖。封從德後來在法國研讀宗教歷史﹑道教和中醫。熊焱在美國攻讀神學﹐曾作為隨軍牧師前往伊拉克。熊焱說89年的民主運動﹐還是從無神論出發﹐沒有意識到﹐要破除共產黨的文化。 熊焱﹕「今天是一個非常好的起點。真的要破共產黨﹐先要破他的無神論文化。」 封從德說﹐黨文化是中國現今普遍的暴力和謊言的源頭。無神論在中國固有文化中從來不是主流﹐也不是西方文明的主流。中國有不同宗教信仰的人﹐包括相信科學的人﹐都是黨文化下面的無神論的受害者。需要聯合起來向無神論宣戰。 封從德﹕「怎麼辦﹐怎麼解決中國的這種普遍的道德淪喪和謊言的問題﹐我開的藥方就是回歸主流﹐回歸這種敬神敬天敬道的這種主流。」 熊焱澄清一點﹐是要向中共利用國家機器強制推行的黨文化宣戰﹐並不是向無神論者宣戰。 熊焱﹕「我們要回到神﹐回到真理﹐回到人的尊嚴。這是今天中國的關鍵問題。」 與會聽眾與兩位主講人就這個問題和具體做法進行了討論。 新唐人記者蘭青紐約報導。 其他推薦: 2008新唐人電視台全球系列大賽(小提琴,聲樂,舞蹈,武術,鋼琴,漢服設計,油畫,廚技,攝影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 退出共產黨(首頁) *******tuidang.epochtimes****/ G8峰會 聚焦經濟與氣候變遷 *******
18 Jul 2008
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In 2001 more than 300 000 people came to Genoa to stop the G8 meeting. Many suffered extreme police violence. 7 years later the trials are coming to an end. The mayor of the city of Genoa has invited the people to ask for public reconciliation. 25 people were sentenced for up to 11 years of prison for property damages such as breaking windows compared to sentences of a maximum of 5 years for the 76 Italian police officers under trial so far. 15 have been found guilty for torture and systematic abuse of authority.
23 Jul 2008
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7 Aug 2008
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7 Aug 2008
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Cars****'s Lindsay Bjerregaard and Stephen Markley take you through the latest, coolest, weirdest car-related news they could dig up. Check out KickingTires**** for more about the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, tires made from dandelions, and hybrid buyer loyalty.
22 Aug 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Indian Roman Catholics have their first female saint after Pope Benedicr XVI canonized Sister Alphonsa to sainthood at Vatican. The canonization comes at a time when Christians have been attacked by Hindu mobs in eastern and southern India. Sister Alphonsa India’s first female saint Pope Benedict XVI canonised of Sister Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception in the Vatican.Thousands of Christian Indians travelled to Rome for the ceremony. The Pope described her as "an exceptional woman", who lived in "extreme physical and spiritual suffering", Sister Alphonsa is only the second Indian to be elevated to sainthood. She was so determined to become a nun that she stepped into a fire to disfigure her feet so that her aunt would stop pressuring her to marry. She was plagued by serious illness for much of her life, but was known for her stoicism and compassion. She died in 1946 aged 36. After her death, numerous miracles were attributed to her powerful faith.. The canonization follows attacks on India's Christian minority by Hindu mobs in the east and south of the country. The Pope urged Christians and Hindus to "work together in building a civilisation of love". Filipinos in the United Kingdom have condemned a BBC sketch comedy for airing a skit that is considered demeaning to Filipino domestic helpers. The "Harry and Paul” show showed a Filipino domestic worker in a maid's uniform dancing provocatively in front of a man in an attempt to seduce him. Racist skit reflects Pinoy migrant plight The "racist" portrayal of a Filipina domestic worker in a comedy show of the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) was only reflective of the true plight of Overseas Filipino Workers. Lack of opportunities for comfortable income force Filipinos to work overseas where they face racism, discrimination at the workplace, sexual harassment, rape, and other violent attacks. The BBC sketch is a painful reminder of the real plight of Overseas Filipino Workers which is often ignored by the Philippine government. The much-criticized skit, aired in the September 26 episode of "Harry and Paul,." It showed comedian Harry Enfield telling a postman that he is ordering his Filipino maid to mate with his friend Paul Whitehouse. The Philippine government should formally protest the racist slur. Overseas Filipino Workers are often times called heroes. President Arroyo's praise for the overseas migrants will only become more meaningless if such racial insults are not opposed. Reports of Charles Sobhraj’s secret marriage with his girlfriend Nihita Biswas in the prison has taken a toll on Bikini Killer .Nepal's central jail authorities have tightened the security of murder 64 year old murder convict and restricted his visitors too. Bikini Killer’s security tightened Charles Sobhraj the notorious Bikini Killer’s wedding to his 20 year old fiancée has produced an opposite and greater reaction. The prison authorities decided to crack down on the 64-year-old murder convict. They issued an alert carrying 10 detailed instructions for the prison staff for many believe that the marriage was a gimmick to escape from the prison. Sobhraj henceforth will not be allowed of the prison except under most pressing conditions can he be escorted out. His cell is to be checked periodically and no policeman can accept any food or drink from him. The jail authorities have also cracked the whip on Sobhraj's new "wife”. The 20-year-old woman however is now allowed to meet him only twice a week, and then too, only for half an hour. In the past, she would stay with him in prison from morning to evening, often taking a packed lunch for him and sharing the food with him. Brazilian economy is growing bigger day by day. It is fast becoming the power house of Latin America with a registered growth rate of 10 percent. Growing economic clout combined with political stability has given Brazil an opportunity to play a major role in world affairs. Brazilian economy marches at phenomenal pace Brazil is all set to become a country for the future with its fast growing economy moving ahead at a phenomenal pace. The country’s expanding manufacturing sector, rising agriculture output, mineral oil industry are together fuelling its economic advancement. It is transforming into a power house for Latin America whose growth becomes all the more evident at Bovespa the country’s stock exchange. Since January this year it has registered a growth rate of 10 percent, thereby expanding the country’s economic clout in the region. The political stability within the country along with the changing geo political map of the world has given Brazil an opportunity to play major role in the world affairs. No doubt it is asserting its right to not just a permanent seat on the UNSC but also major world forums such as the G8. Brazil has a long way to go in terms of addressing its social security concerns but that cannot prevent it from spreading its wings and soaring high in the sky. *******www.instablogs****/
4 Jun 2010
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24 Nov 2008
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