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A toy trian filmed in black and white.
17 Aug 2006
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Old red Chevrolet pickup cruising around the grounds down by the miniature scale train ride.
21 Apr 2009
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4 Jun 2012
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Monster mega review of the Newqida remote control G-Scale model train system for those on a tight budget. Setting up this garden railway was a massive learning curve for me, hopefully I don't look too dumb as I struggle to get this railway up and running in the garden.. This G scale train has some amazing detail, it's right up there with LGB but at a fraction of the price (LGB clone / copy). I did find out you get what you pay for. It's a poor man's G scale but still loads of fun and well worth the few hundred dollars I paid....I think! The Newqidia web site indicates the model number is 757 Steam Locomotive, Krupp built. *******en.rc757****/home.html I purchased this train from my local Hobby store. *******www.hobbylandaustralia****.au/ Not a Thomas Tank in sight in this video. Web Links : *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/G_scale *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Garden_railway *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Steam_locomotive Also well worth a read about Krupp, more than just amazing trains. *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Krupp
29 Apr 2013
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This is the Longest G Scale Train on YouTube! This incredible 152 car train is being pulled by (1) single USA Trains Big Boy locomotive. On the third segment of this video, we swapped out the (1) USA Trains Big Boy for (6) Aristo-Craft Dash 9's. (2) Dash 9's probably could have pulled the train, but (6) locomotives looks much more impressive. Every car in this train has had the plastic wheels changed out to metal rolling bearing wheels and axles. And the funky LGB couplers were changed out to body mounted Kadee couplers. These (2) items alone almost doubled the wieght of each car. Had we kept the plastic wheels and LGB couplers on each car, it would have been alot easier to pull the 152 cars. But it would have been a lot more unrealistic too! Both the Big Boy and the Dash 9's are being powered by online batteries and they are being remote controled using AirWire. AirWire is the greatest remote controlled software out there. It does so many things! We feel the Big Boy could have pulled more than the 152 cars you see here, but some of the couplers kept failing. The preasure of 406 pounds on the first 20 cars is tremendous! It took us (9) takes just to get these (3) video segments because of the coupler problems. If we could solve the coupler problem, I really think the Big Boy could be pulling close to 200 cars all by itself! So we will work on that for a future pull. The Palo Verde and Southwestern RR really lends itself to pulling these long trains. We have extremely long straight-a-ways (there is (1) straight-a-way 297 feet and another one 274 feet), all of our curved track has 20' diameter curves or greater, and, all of our curved track is super elevated. So pulling long trains around the layout is very smooth. We hope you enjoy this video that we made! Thanks for watching! Dennis
8 Aug 2013
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This was a video that Movie Mix Productions did for us a year ago during the EagleWings Open House. It shows the inside of our train building where we stage and store our trains. We then shot a Southern Pacific freight and a Santa Fe passenger in different areas of the layout. Have fun!
6 Dec 2009
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The Orlando N-trak Club is a well established model railroad club with its own building located off E. Colonial Dr (Highway 50) on the east side of Orlando, Florida. Their train room is 30ft. by 60ft. and they run a Digitrax control system on the permanent layout. In this video you will see a couple of locations on the permanent layout and the modules. This video has DUBBED AUDIO, so turn up the volume. For more information about the Orlando N-trak Model Railroad Club, visit their website at *******www.trainweb****/orlandontrak Video Uploaded & Copyrighted by Jared Davis of Whistlepost Productions
21 Jul 2010
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My fifth engine running in the snow.
31 Aug 2013
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An interactive video series among three modelers, featuring HO scale trains, hypothetically moving freight across america. The participants in this video series are: mtrails wesolint chessie4155 Kansas, "Song for America" Copyright © 1975-2004 Kirshner, RCA, CBS Records, Sony Entertainment
24 May 2009
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More Info at www.FPVpilot**** . California Southern Rail Road N-scale train layout being run in First Person View. Train operator sits in dispatch room as train is run by viewing monitor. Layout is a double decker in a 16x22 room and run with digitrax DCC system. The camera is on a amtrak passenger train making it's way from Corona to Fallbrook.
29 Sep 2010
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This is a Z scale model of an N scale train layout--a model of a model. And it works. I built it to sit in the window of a Z scale hobby shop on my "real" train layout, the James River Branch. (By the way, it's about one-third the size of the last one I made.) You can read how it was built here: *******jamesriverbranch****/detail_16.htm
23 Jun 2011
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DVD available at *******www.spicerpro****/catalog.html Excerpt from the DVD "Backyard Railways" featuring 60 minutes of G-Scale trains, trolleys and trams. The finale of the DVD is where our LGB passenger train plunges into a water-filled ravine. Not to worry, the train was recovered and is working fine (LGB's are waterproof). The full DVD is great family entertainment. ©2008 Spicer Pro, LLC
1 Nov 2011
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Example of lighting controls and effects in Z scale trains
18 Jan 2012
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This is a video clip havf8 used to help convince me of the lies being told about the Boston Marathon Bombing and the actors who helped make it seem so real. Don't buy into the lies! Main stream media is not to be trusted! Would you trust another word that is said by someone you've busted? Please watch this video and the ones listed below before you post your opinion on this matter. I'm trying to deal in facts and evidence here, not speculation and hearsay or opinions gained from watching repeated hours of the same hand picked, cut up, main stream media, video propaganda. Until you examine all of the available video and photographic evidence closely for the details they are trying to keep hidden, and sincerely listen to some opposing views to the official stories being told, you most likely have no idea of what really happened. Please keep your uneducated opinions to yourself. After you have examined all the facts that I have, I would love to hear from you. Watch his video here. Published by havf8 on Apr 17, 2013 MORE FACTS THAT THE BOMBINGS IN BOSTON WAS STAGED JUST WATCH Pt I ***********/watch?v=4GaplTm8kzI MORE FACTS THAT THE BOMBINGS IN BOSTON WAS STAGED JUST WATCH Pt II ***********/watch?v=KamUgbo59nE&bpctr=1366409688 MORE FACTS THAT THE BOMBINGS IN BOSTON WAS STAGED JUST WATCH Pt III ***********/watch?v=6bYIso97pBE SMOKING GUN FACT BOSTON BOMBINGS WAS STAGED FEMA DOCUMENT TO PROVE IT !! ***********/watch?v=zHym0NyR05s FEMA|HSEEP VOLUME IV - Exercise Planning Workshop (EPW) ******** DOUBLE AMPUTEE IS NOT JEFF BAUMAN NEW BREAKING NEWS THIS IS A MUST WATCH ***********/watch?v=JjS7z7lBsrQ This is the Most Powerful Smoking Evidence That Boston Crime Scene Was Staged ***********/watch?v=MfrNGx_nEwA You can also find more videos that I found important on this matter and worth examining, in my Boston & Texas Bombings playlist. ***********/playlist?list=PL1kZM7H4yqccB9qo0gJXbOqySLIWB79AO Want to see some hi resolution photos taken seconds after the blast from a window behind and above the blast zone, that may help convince you of what I am trying to explain here? Be sure to view them in original size, so you get the best resolution. You most definitely won't see them on main stream media! ***********/photos/95222051N04/ More High Resolution Photos overlooking the blast zone! ***********/photos/hahatango/sets/72157633252445135/ Glass in window behind the blast still in tact! *******farm9.staticflickr****/8124/8678837410_83bc6ec7fe_b.jpg Boston Bombs, The Fed Goes "Terminator" by Gordon Duff *******www.veteranstoday****/2013/04/16/boston-bombs-the-fed-goes-terminator/ Actors, Directors and Bloody Squibs: Was the Boston Bombing Pure Hollywood? *******beforeitsnews****/alternative/2013/04/actors-directors-and-bloody-squibs-was-the-boston-bombing-pure-hollywood-2627154.html Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK? *******buelahman.wordpress****/2013/04/20/are-you-just-a-believer-or-do-you-think/ Boston Blowout!!! ***********/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eMMK5-VyADo#! BOSTON LIES!! NEW HARD EVIDENCE!!! YOU ALL MUST REALLY WATCH THIS!!!! ***********/watch?v=4tIYKHssxYU Boston Commissioner Gets His Lines WRONG!!!!!!!! ***********/watch?v=FYXmhBNz5D0 What Most People Don't Know About the Boston Marathon Bombing! ***********/watch?v=3CZsMo3J0ik Boston Marathon Bombing Motives Explained! ***********/watch?v=pjAqj0DUI2g Busted!!! Boston Marathon Bombing Makeup Artist Caught Red Handed!!! ***********/watch?v=6Y7Z7wSOhjs Here is an interesting find. Sunday, May 22, 2011 Urban Shield: Boston - Boston Marine Industrial Park "Boston and other local area SWAT, USAR, Bomb Squad Emergency Medical Services took part in a large scale training exercise. This exercise was modeled after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai." *******cournteysaccophotography.blogspot****/2011/05/urban-shield-boston-boston-marine.html Is this the woman in pink? Suzanne Bump ***********/news/nation/articles/2010/03/04/for_the_record/ Comparison Photo of Suzanne Bump and woman in pink. ***********/photos/95222051N04/8701711433/in/photostream GOP cries ethics foul on Suzanne Bump Bump dismissed the complaint, saying: "We've obviously officially entered the political silly season." *******bostonherald****/news_opinion/local_politics/2010/10/gop_cries_ethics_foul_suzanne_bump
1 Jun 2013
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Bachmann large scale train, Thomas Tank Engine, Percy harvest the pumpkin crop
3 Aug 2013
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An investigation into two inexpensive large scale train sets. The G scale RC Black Canyon Express is compared to a Christmas Holiday Express train. Both train sets cost $49 purchased on the same day in the same store. Both train sets are impressive, but one seems to be far more impressive than the other! Be very careful buying these Christmas trains as often they have applied to them the Christmas tax which seems to vanish the day after Christmas. Ho Ho Ho! I also have mt 5 cents say about Blue Mountain Mystery and the character Luke. Web Links : *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/G_scale *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Rail_transport_modelling
21 Oct 2013
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