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Jo Garcia picks her favorite games, gadgets, DVDs, viral videos and more of 2010.
29 Jan 2011
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Apple iPhone 4 Launch Review Girlie Gadgets by Crazyfunbabe. Girlie Gadgets took a look at the iPhone one day after the June 24, 2010 launch of the iPhone 4 in the United States. With a camera on both the front and back of , the iPhone 4 enables you to video chat with friends using iPhone "Face Time" feature. It has a slick look and a stainless steel band that goes around the phone which is the antenna system for better reception. The camera is 5 megapixel with LED flash. It also records HD video. As Apple iPhone 3GS affectionados Girlie Gadgets is crazy for the iPhone 4.
12 Feb 2011
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These are the gadgets we'd most like to see in our Easter or other non-denominational holiday basket.
30 Mar 2011
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AVAILABLE FROM: *******myworld.ebay****/first-gadgets INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. This handheld gameboy system plays retro games/roms that can be downloaded & installed on this console. Get games from: *******www.doperoms****/roms/Nintendo_Nes.html
16 Apr 2011
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AVAILABLE FROM: *******myworld.ebay****/first-gadgets INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME. Plays NES roms.
17 Apr 2011
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Awesome gadget
18 Apr 2011
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We're counting down the top 5 most sought after gadgets this month.
26 Apr 2011
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17 May 2011
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Gadget Town Coupons, Use Gadget Town discount coupons on huge selection of USB Flash Drives, Cables and Adapters, External Hard Drives, USB Webcams, Memory Card Readers, Keyboards & Mice, Mouse Pads, USB Hubs, USB Gadgets, Scanners, Skype Phones, Computer Accessories and more. Grab the *******www.redtagdeals****/gadget_town-coupons writing Desks Coupons, Codes as early as possible
26 May 2011
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In this episode of Lifehacker, we take to the outdoors. We'll learn how to resurrect a gadget from its watery grave, make our own Sun Jars, treat bug bites with household products, and much more!
6 Jun 2011
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Jim Barry of CEA is a technology expert. Here he talks shop regarding the latest technology for your vehicle from safety to keeping the kids entertained on the road, and showcases innovative and cool new gadgets for the road. Video by CEA.
10 Jun 2011
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It's almost officially summer and we've got the gadgets and apps that will help you make the most of it!
20 Jun 2011
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It's almost officially summer and we've got the gadgets and apps that will help you make the most of it!
21 Jun 2011
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GDGT and Tom Merritt bring us the MOST lusted after gadgets of July 2011!
5 Jul 2011
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Cool Gadget Gift - Lecci MP3 Mixing Deck - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. This is a Lecci MP3 mini mixer. It is a tiny little deejay kit that is perfect for whether you are just starting out or you are a regular deejay, you do not want to lug around heavy expensive equipment everywhere you go. There is an internal speaker, but it has two ports so that you can plug it into a larger stereo, standard stereo jack, so you can really get a booming party. Or, if you are just practicing, and you do not want anyone to hear what you are doing, you can plug in your headphones, too. On the other side you have the two inputs which are just standard headphone jacks so you can plug into an iPod, or a laptop, any kind of music device that you have. It has a cross fader, as well as two cue buttons, so you can experiment with your deejaying for a cheap price of $30 here, at AC Gears.
12 Jul 2011
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Win the best gadgets at *******freegadgets4you****
26 Jul 2011
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