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Comoros Islands, November 23, 1996 with US ambassador (to myanmar and later to tajikistan) Frank Huddle and his wife onboard. they survived. the clip describes the 3 hijackers as having died on impact, but that may be incorrect: *******www.cnn****/WORLD/9611/24/ethiopia.hijack/index.html "Among the survivors: two of three known hijackers. Both were identified as Ethiopian and arrested, said Ethiopian Airlines General Manager Ahmed Kello. The fate and nationality of the third hijacker remains unknown." there was some "confusion" about who the hijackers were and what became of them after the crash: *******www.israelfaxx****/webarchive/1996/11/6fax1127.html "The head of Ethiopia's investigation team, Guetachew Assefa, said the three men who hijacked Flight 961 died in the crash, and the two men held by Comoran police had nothing to do with the crime. He said the hijackers were Ethiopians, while the suspects are from Kenya and Djibouti." more about some of the victims (from same link as above): "A fourth Israeli victim of Saturday's crash of the hijacked Ethiopian airliner was identified Tuesday. He is Gadi Levy, a manager at Israel Aviation Industries. Two other senior employees of IAI, victims of the crash, were identified yesterday: Shraga Bar-Nissan, 50, of Carmei Yosef, and Amram Ben-David, 46, of Netanya. Yaakov Braun, 30, a student from Tel Aviv also perished in the crash landing. Three other Israelis who were aboard the plane are still unaccounted for. Lior Fuchs, the only Israeli survivor, returned to Israel, and efforts are being made to fly the bodies of the four deceased back to Israel via Nairobi." more info: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Ethiopian_Airlines_Flight_961 *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Franklin_Huddle
26 Jun 2013
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