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Watch this and become aware and you'll be able to capture them too!
11 Nov 2010
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Accelerate your own evolution and create peace on Earth through understanding of who you are. This video is an introduction to the basics of reality creation and provides key lessons to awaken your consciousness to new levels of awareness and joy. Produced to support the upcoming book 'Infinite Eureka' by Nick Lankester. With thanks to Daryl Anka (*******www.bashar****) and Carlos Diaz for the lightship photo. Check out *******www.infiniteeureka**** for more info and sign up to the social network to get involved: *******infiniteeureka.ning**** Love, peace, joy and oneness.
24 May 2011
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I'm looking through my telescope looking for a UFO I'm looking through my telescope searching for a ray of hope to come out of this dark night I hope they understand wrong from right and maybe they can show us how to clean up our mess I'm looking through my telescope looking for a UFO I wonder what they see on earth do they see the hate and hurt or do they see the Christmas lights and mirth and hear songs of peace on earth Somebody will have to fall out of the sky somebody to show us how to survive oh, wouldn't that be nice Somebody to guide us out of this dark night somebody to show us how to take hate and hurt and turn it into peace on earth I'm looking for a UFO I'm looking through my telescope for somebody with a ray of hope
13 Oct 2008
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www.innerbalancehypnotherapy**** The Call to awakening is now the time to help others in thier awakening is now. We can all feel the shift in consciousness we can all feel our personal Call to awakening. Become that which you know you are. Blessings
13 Oct 2008
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original video taken in mexico on september 12th; ships in the ocean Alexander Perls - The Drive "From time to time, we very briefly uncloak some of these Motherships in order to show your secret government that we are still here and do not intend to go away. We know that infrequent sightings of these ships by your astronomers go unreported. They fear reprisal, either by their peers or by those who give them their grants. Your secret government fears these ships the most because they fully realize the capability of such a fleet and the insignificance of any response they could mount. The outermost ring of our vast fleet is, by far, the largest. It contains millions of immensely varied ships, ranging from Motherships the size of large ocean liners to those nearly the size of Neptune or Uranus. These Motherships are simply our final back up, serving as components that will enter the second ring only when necessary. They proclaim to all potential adversaries that Mother Earth and your solar system are clearly experiencing a transformation that no Being, corporeal or non-corporeal in form, can prevent." ^j^
14 Oct 2008
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On November 11, we will UNITE to amass our consciousness to provide positive intention to earth, and to end the UFO and free energy secrecy.
2 Jul 2009
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Consciousness precedes material existence. Understanding this new paradigm gives us the chance to unite our wishes, and initiate positive change for the world.
27 Oct 2008
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For thousands of years, people spanning every continent of earth have described a supernatural Dragon-like humanoid that came down from the sky. The dragon mythology is the most universal story told in human history. The story is the same as the story of Lucifer. The dragon may not intervene in human culture, but it is allowed to persuade humans so long as we retain our free will. As the French poet Baudelaire would say, "The greatest trick the Devil (Dragon) ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. "
8 Jun 2009
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Why is it that humans have so little knowledge regarding the meaning of the Dragon; the most universal symbol in the world? Part of the reason is because the origins of the symbol have been purposely repressed. Such laws were common with the Dogon Tribe (West Africa), Sumerian culture, the Mayan culture, and according to the biblical fourth commandment. Historically it has also been a huge taboo to ever consider the Dragon as anything more than a symbol. As you watch this video, remember that according to French Poet Baudelaire, "The greatest trick the Devil (Dragon) ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
20 Feb 2009
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Play with the flames ... :)
12 Nov 2008
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This short music montage exposes the illuminati by exploring the ancient beliefs of world culture; their universal connections eerily reflect the culture of modern secret societies.
7 Feb 2009
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About 1.8 billion years ago, a meteorite or comet the size of Mount Everest slammed into what is now Canada.... Meteor caught on tape lit up the sky in Western Canada. People across western Canada were treated to a light show yesterday evening that may have come from outer space. From Alberta to Manitoba last night, people phoned in reports of multi-coloured lights and fireballs that some suspect came from a meteor. Police were flooded with calls about the sightings.
23 Nov 2008
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Please check my Updated video GFL SHIP-Look what ive found in google earth. To see this on sun icon in latest google earth on bottom left panel MUSIC: Men In Black opening and closing Theme
6 Dec 2008
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Wanna get initiated (Ralph Buckley)Uploaded by conkling Click To Play *******www.blogger****/blogoptionsfeed.g?blogID=19821289 Blogger: The Blues Explosion of Freedom - Feed and Syndication Settings
11 Dec 2008
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Phoenix (Ralph Buckley)Uploaded by conkling Click to play *******www.blogger****/blogoptionsfeed.g?blogID=19821289 Blogger: The Blues Explosion of Freedom - Feed and Syndication Settings
16 Dec 2008
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Click To Play *******www.blogger****/blogoptionsfeed.g?blogID=19821289 Blogger: The Blues Explosion of Freedom - Feed and Syndication Settings
16 Dec 2008
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