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Jon shares his thoughts on BlackBerry 10 and its ability to compete against other mobile operating systems, Samsung's abundant line of Galaxy devices, Sony's and Microsoft's soon to be announced next-gen consoles and Apple's 2013 iPad and iPhone releases. All this and more on Ask the Buffalo! *******gamehackerz****/tetris-battle-cheat
12 Feb 2013
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Jon is talking about the possible unveiling of a Samsung smart watch called Galaxy Gear, how the price may come down for the consumer edition of Google Glass, and more.
17 Aug 2013
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Samsung Simlock Calculator version 0.9 only available from: *******simlockcalculators****/samsung-calculator/ Reasons to unlock your device with simlock calculator * If you are travelling, buy a local simcard and save on roaming fees * The resell value of your device will increase significantly as it is available to more carriers. * Easily switch between simcards, using the same phone. * Unlock your phone from the comfort of your own home * You never send your phone to anybody. * No complicated software, or cable, just simply enter the unlock code * There is absolutely no risk of damaging your phone by unlocking it. * 100% Guaranteed To generate unlock code you need: - YOUR TELEPHONE IMEI NUMBER ( It should be located on the box from phone and under the battery. You can also check it by entering the code *#06# ). - PHONE MODEL ( It also should be located on the box from phone and under the battery ). Calculator can unlock samsung device like: Samsung B5330 Galaxy Chat, Samsung E2250, Samsung i589 Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III, Samsung E1200, Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2, Samsung Galaxy Beam, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance, Samsung Star 3, Samsung Star 3 Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Y pro Duos, Samsung E2600, Samsung S5360, Samsung P7320 Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, Samsung I8350 Omnia W, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung C3350, Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Samsung S5610, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung P8600 Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung S8600 Wave 3, Samsung S7250 Wave M, Samsung S5380 Wave Y, Samsung E1190, Samsung E1180, Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover, Samsung I9103, Samsung I9001, Samsung P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi, Samsung C3322, Samsung B7510, Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung C3750, Samsung C3560, Samsung E2222 Cht 222, Samsung S3850 Corby II, Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi, Samsung E2230, Samsung P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, Samsung E1050, Samsung E2530, Samsung S8530 Wave II, Samsung S5750 Wave, Samsung S5780 Wave, Samsung I9100, Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung E3210, Samsung I9003, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit, Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio, Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini, Samsung C3500 Cht 350, Samsung S3350, Samsung S5260, Samsung C3530, Samsung B2710 Solid, Samsung S7230 Wave, Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551, Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab, Samsung B7722, Samsung S5250 Wave, Samsung S5330 Wave 2 Pro, Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4, Samsung B6520 Omnia Pro 5, Samsung I5800, Samsung I5500 Corby, Samsung S5530, Samsung C3300 Champ, Samsung I9000, Samsung S3370, Samsung E1130B Solid, Samsung E2550, Samsung C3200, Samsung E2370, Samsung B3410w, Samsung S5350, Samsung S3550, Samsung S5550, Samsung S5620, Samsung B5722, Samsung S8500 Wave, Samsung I8520, Samsung E1150, Samsung S7070, Samsung S5230 Avila GPS, Samsung I5700, Samsung C3510 Genoa, Samsung S5150, Samsung SGH-C270, Samsung M5650, Samsung C6112, Samsung B3410, Samsung S5510, Samsung E1107, Samsung B3210, Samsung S7350i, Samsung B5310, Samsung S3650, Samsung B3310, Samsung E2120, Samsung E1310, Samsung E1310B, Samsung E1080, Samsung S5200, Samsung S5050, Samsung M2310, Samsung M2510, Samsung C5510, Samsung S6700, Samsung E2210B, Samsung M8910 Pixon12, Samsung S8000 Jet, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro, Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro, Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite, Samsung C3060, Samsung S3310, Samsung SGH-J700i, Samsung S5230, Samsung I7500, Samsung B2100, Samsung S5600, Samsung S7220, Samsung S3500, Samsung C3050, Samsung M7600 Beat DJ, Samsung M6710 Beat Disc, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Samsung S8300, Samsung S7350, Samsung E1070, Samsung E1100, Samsung E1120, Samsung E2100B, Samsung E1125, Samsung C5212, Samsung SGH-B2700 Solid, Samsung i7110, Samsung SGH-D780 Duos, Samsung SGH-D980 Duos, Samsung S3600, Samsung SGH-M8800 Pixon, Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani, Samsung M3510 Beatb, Samsung S7330, Samsung SGH-L700, Samsung i8510 INNOV8, Samsung SGH-M150, Samsung SGH-J800, Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia, Samsung SGH-E251, Samsung SGH-U800 Soulb, Samsung SGH-L870, Samsung SGH-i200, Samsung SGH-B300, Samsung SGH-F110, Samsung SGH-i550w & Others
10 Oct 2012
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Samsung Galaxy S III, cliquez sur le lien suivant pour en savoir plus sur le Samsung Galaxy S III. *******
8 Aug 2012
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Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing—and it's already here. Learn more and join the community at*******facebook****/SamsungMobileUSA.
12 Oct 2012
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LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video - Keynote 2012 PhoneSuit for iPhone 4/4S - Top rated battery case Samsung Galaxy S® III iPhone 5 Booting Up iPhone 5 REVEALED iPhone 5 Concept iPhone 5 Concept Features iPhone 5 New Concept Features iPhone 5 Event on September 12th CNET News : Apple sends out invites for likely iPhone 5 event - Inside Scoop Rumor Has It - iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the Reckoning iPhone 5 - iPhone 5: Leaked Video + Official Release New iPhone 5 Prototype Leaked A Few More Leaks Before Apple's iPhone 5 Launch iPhone 5 Revealed! iPhone 5 Commercial CNET Top 5 - iPhone 5 Features you want iPhone 5 Back Cover or Middle Plate/A new iPhone iPhone 5 Launch Date and the Galaxy Note 10.1! The latest iPhone 5 rumors - Inside Scoop Official iPhone 5 Promo Video September 12 2012 iPhone 5 iPhone5 iPhone five iPhonefive Videos Samsung Galaxy S® III iPhone 4 Custom Housing
9 Nov 2012
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In this episode, Jon shares his thoughts on iOS 7 and also what we might hope to see with the iPhone 5S. Jon also touches upon rumors of an "unbreakable screen" belonging to Samsung successor to the Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. All this and more!
11 Dec 2012
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Samsung acknowledged a vulnerability in its popular Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II phones that could allow someone to write a malicious app and gain access to your device. The vulnerability was first discovered on XDA, an online forum for developers. The flaw allows someone to get access to your processor and deep-level functions of your phone. By the way, not all variants of Galaxy devices are affected. It depends on the processor your phone uses. In a statement to Android Central, Samsung said it was aware of the issue and is working on a software fix. Here's the statement: Samsung is aware of the potential security issue related to the Exynos processor and plans to provide a software update to address it as quickly as possible. The issue may arise only when a malicious application is operated on the affected devices; however, this does not affect most devices operating credible and authenticated applications. Samsung will continue to closely monitor the situation until the software fix has been made available to all affected mobile devices.
21 Dec 2012
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Download free here: *******shareusfile****/s/download/8156750/z51592/ Its Official version of Mojang! One of team members gived me test,but i wanna give for all PEOPLES!! Enjoy :) This version WITH NEW FEATURES! • Multiplayer • Skins - Mentioned in the 0.6.0 stream • New Options Menu - Stream and Smooth Shading Mentioned in the 0.6.0 stream • Caves Extra Description (please ignore) : games,Download games,games Apk,games Android,Download games Android,Download games apk,Download games Free,Download games Apk Android Free,games Free,how to download games One of Pocket Edition's greatest strengths is its seamless multiplayer capabilities, provided all the players are on the same Wi-Fi network. Players can jump in and out of any other player's world, making it easy to pick up and start playing with friends. However, it does lack ban commands. If you're concerned about griefing, be sure to keep your Pocket Edition world hidden. Pocket Edition looks great (in its own, blocky way) on mobile devices and the controls are extremely responsive. Even with 15 other apps running in the background and the game's graphics set to "fancy," I only noticed the slightest stutters as I skimmed over the digital landscape in creative mode. Though I did notice my Samsung Galaxy S III became noticeably warmer, even through the touchscreen. Survival, which has AI monsters, had a few laggy moments but nothing that interrupted gameplay. To interact with the world, you select blocks with your thumb and tap and hold to mine them. While mining, a halo appears around your thumb which fills as you work through the mineral before it breaks with a jolt from the phone's vibrator. Satisfying! Experienced players will note that you can mine and place blocks much farther away in Pocket Edition than on the PC version, which makes for easier mobile play. games,Download games,games Apk,games Android,Download games Android,Download games apk,Download games Free,Download games Apk Android Free,games Free,how to download games games,Download games,games Apk,games Android,Download games Android,Download games apk,Download games Free,Download games Apk Android Free,games Free,how to download games For a longtime player of Minecraft, some aspects of Pocket Edition breathe new life into the game. Jumping into combat against a squad of skeletons in the dead of night and frantically tapping the screen feels thrilling and dangerous. When building my first home, I didn't want to put the game down. games,Download games,games Apk,games Android,Download games Android,Download games apk,Download games Free,Download games Apk Android Free,games Free,how to download games
2 Jun 2013
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Today Jon talks about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note III that is rumored to be packing an octo-core processor and a octo-core GPU, the HTC One getting a little brother with a similar build quality but slightly lower specs, Apple's plan to increase the iPhone's screen size past 4" to compete with Android devices and the next generation Xbox is not being called Xbox 720 but Xbox Fusion instead. *******gamehackerz****/war-commander-hack-facebook-cheats-download
11 May 2013
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Have a look at ******* with Discount code YOU45XU to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 now! The phone uses the Android OS, v4, Key features include a stunning 4, As long as your contract has ended and that you didn’t purchase your phone in the US after 26th January 2013, you can unlock it easily and legally, Your phone will be unlocked in a blink of an eye, The number should be around 15-17 numbers long, Key features include a stunning 4, With rumours abound that the S3 could be released at any time it looks like Samsung will continue their co domination with Apple for the remainder of 2013
26 Jun 2013
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Download the JAY Z Magna Carta app now in Google Play, and on July 4th, JAY Z and Samsung will release 1 million free copies of his upcoming album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" to Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Note II owners, 72 hours before it drops to the rest of the world. Learn more: *******magnacartaholygrail****
2 Jul 2013
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