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Watch Doctor Who Episodes at *******watchdoctor.blogspot****/ 19-year old cockney girl Rose Tyler, working as a shopping assistant at a superstore in London, England is about to find her life is about to change. One night when she meets The Doctor, who saves her from plastic aliens creatures known as "The Autons". Curious about the man who saved her, Rose discovers The Doctor is not human, he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor's race The Time Lords have been wiped out by the Daleks in a war and the Doctor is the last Time Lord alive. Rose decides to join The Doctor on-board his space/time machine "The Tardis" and the Doctor and Rose travel through the time/space continuum where they travel to distant planets, through Earth's history (Past and Future) and travel back in time to historic events. Where the Doctor and Rose do battle with the galaxy's most evil beings and menacing aliens and encountering all sorts of people of lifeforms on their adventures. It is the ride of a lifetime Rose will never forget...
10 Apr 2008
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In today's show we talk about awesome new movie trailers, cops throwing their dogs in cars, children dying in schools, and everything else that mattered to me.
11 Dec 2013
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Another trailer, featuring extract sentences from the first page of the second novel to show you (hopefully) how good it is on average. It features the track this is Gallifrey by Murray Gold; which is owned by the latter. Visit the site, you will be getting the books for free years before they get properly published (they nearly were a year ago but for money constraints, and I can't wait to give them to you lot!). The site was and is developed by my uncle, with many thanks sent his way. You can contact us via this channel or from the site www.ortana****. You can just search ortana on google now by the way!
16 Apr 2009
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Trailer for the future cycle of the Ortana book series, which will be released on an as of yet unspecified E-book site by the summer. Note that the future cycle follows both Legends and Strife; therefore it wont be done for a few years.
24 Feb 2009
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