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MeTripping Travel Profile allows you to create your travel history where you can make your travel wishlist Here you can choose destinations from the list and you have three options to play with, Travel Wishlist(Your bucket list destination) Been There(Have you already been to the location?) Would Go Again / Blacklist(Would love to go again or don’t want to know about this place) List them down to check your travel map and share with your friends to earn Trippies(MeTripping Currency) which helps you claim cashback on Hotel Bookings at MeTripping.
9 May 2018
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Episode 7 of the Weekly Gaming Review brings you up to speed on the must-know gaming news, including Sony’s botched firmware upgrade, the huge announcement of Diablo 3, DLC for Metal Gear Solid 4, and more.
26 May 2009
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Macgirl's back with a new iPod game review: UNO! It turns out, it isn't quite the same...
8 Aug 2008
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Fable 2 See the Future-Game Review-xbox 360
17 May 2009
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Perfect Balance Inferno iPhone Game Review - theapppodcast****
1 Jul 2009
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The old classic original trailer from the Summer of 1990 for the debut of the series of bad game reviews known as the "Angry Nintendo Nerd", which was portrayed by a then 15-year-old boy named James Rolfe. He was then renamed to the "Angry Video Game Nerd" in 1996 when he started doing any type of game review. When the series was cancelled in August 2001, James had started a brand new series known as the "Angry Electronics Nerd" with reviews for now any type of technology, and it's been running ever since.
24 Aug 2009
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Some old classic Angry Nintendo Nerd game review for the game "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on the NES. What The Fuck!!
17 Sep 2009
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FaceOff iPhone Game Review - DailyAppShow.Com
20 Sep 2009
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WordWeaver iPhone Game Review DailyAppShow.Com
20 Sep 2009
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iDrop Dead iPhone Game Review - DailyAppShow.Com *******DailyAppShow.Com
20 Sep 2009
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18 Mar 2010
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Casino War Table Game Review *******www.crazyvegas****
3 Mar 2011
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