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This series has alot of potential seeing as it is made by me. but im still figuring out what I could improve. I will add narration if this series start. It will be exclusive to the Metacafe audience not Youtube. This is posted once every month. but I still have to decide weather or not i'll do it. Just make sure you comment and rate and tell me what I could improve. I will also include a tiny montage video at the end. Just to make this unique. Enjoy and hope to see the comments and ratings.
4 Oct 2008
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Combat Racing on the PS3 just got fun. Wipeout HD is THE best reason to log in to the PSN store, find out why in this video review. *******www.bluntmation**** Blunty reviews WipeoutHD the fast, slick and thumping new futuristic racer on the playstation 3 network. (so yes fanboys, please now shut up... I've "finally" reviewed a PlayStation3 game... now go to the comments and tell me what your custom soundtrack selection for this game would be... or just be asinine and question my ability to play, tell me how much better you are and how you could "pwn" me any day of the week like being a bit better at a Vidjagame than someone else makes you cool and will surely, finally, get you laid ;P )
15 Oct 2008
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Gripshift is a downloadable game for the ps3 and 360 and this is my video review for Gripshift! Right off the bat this game looks a lot easier than it really is to play, but after 10 or 15 minutes of practice, the controls come natural and Gripshift becomes extremely addictive and enjoyable! I can guarantee that anyone that likes puzzle racing games will love Gripshift! Gripshift has the perfect combination of the racing and puzzle aspect of games, but keeps the casual gamer in mind as well. So if you just want a game to waste some time and have some fun, Gripshift will work! Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html For a Playstation Network game that is DLC, Gripshift provides an insanely wide variety of customization options and has the most levels that I've ever seen in a PSN game! Gripshift will provide you with hours of entertainment and even some frustration. I have to say that some of the levels get pretty difficult to figure out how to get through them and beat the level entirely. That being said, I must admit, I have had to look up videos of how to get through levels a few times because I just didn't have the patience. The wide range of customization offered reminds me of the Need For Speed series, where you can pretty much customize everything you would want to. Now, that being said, this is only a PSN game, so don't expect to build a car from scratch, but I think you will be surprised with what Gripshift has brought to the table for us all to enjoy. I must say that with everything that Gripshift has offered, that they could have done a better job with their range of characters. I think they could have spent some more time adding at least four or five more characters, but that's just my opinion. I'm going to have to give the Gripshift controls a 10 out of 10 because all the buttons do exactly what you think they would do, the graphics are a 9 out of 10 because it's a PSN game so the graphics aren't the best thing you've ever seen, but they're impressive for a PSN title, and the overall gameplay is great! This is starting to sound like I'm advertising for them, but this is my honest opinion on Gripshift. I love this game and if you don't have it and you like puzzle games or like racing mini games, then you must buy this game! *******www.themodelship****
28 Mar 2009
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Shaiya is a 3D fantasy MMORPG boasting a medium sized community and an in-depth PVP System whereby players can fight members of the opposing faction in specific areas. In Shaiya, players are asked to choose a difficulty level before they begin playing, that decides their experience gain - and on the hardest difficulty - whether or not they can continue playing after death. *******mmohub****/game/shaiya/
13 May 2009
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The review High Velocity Bowling PSN game for the PS3! High Velocity Bowling is a PSN game that you use the six axis controller to bowl. From tilting the controller to move your bowler, to moving your hand in a sweeping motion to make your bowler try for a strike, it's all done through the power of six axis! Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html Wii bowling and other Wii sports got really big and became the Wii's claim to fame. Up until recently the Wii really didn't have any competition in their niche, but now Sony is trying to take a piece of their action. I must say, I think Sony did a very good job of getting themselves into a competitive position with High Velocity Bowling. I personally never really enjoyed Wii bowling, I think it was fun, but very gimmicky and just overall not very enjoyable. When I played High Velocity Bowling, the story was completely the opposite! From the way you hold the PS3 six axis controller, to the graphics and game modes, High Velocity Bowling got it right! Besides the obvious graphical advantage of Sony's Playstation 3 over the Wii, the design of the classic Playstation controller has finally proved to be the winner. The way you hold the Wii controller is comfortable and controlled, but not even close to the way you would hold a real bowling ball. With the six axis controller, you hold it almost as close as you can get to the way you hold a real bowling ball. This makes the gameplay easier and much more realistic. Sometimes the six axis gets a little confused and when you put your hand forward the bowlers hand goes backwards, but that's the only issue I have had so far with the PSN game. This being said, at least you don't have to have a sensor bar on top of your TV or game system just so you can play a motion game, so we expect a few quirks anyway. High Velocity Bowling definitely gives you a bunch of contend for you to download or unlock. They have been consistent with putting out free DLC for the holidays and I think they will continue with that. Of course there are paid add-ons available to purchase from the Playstation Network and they are reasonably priced! Overall I would say that High Velocity Bowling blows Wii bowling out of the water and down the street! Watch out Wii, there's a new competitor in the market and they've already outdone you with their first attempt! *******www.themodelship**** *******www.powershelfoutletcovers****
14 May 2009
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Opening vid
30 May 2009
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Mac-online-slots**** has a complete review of Golden Shamrocks slot game. It includes descriptions of how to win as well. The review will walk you through game instructions and even has videos of the Most Amazing Wins encountered while doing a Frequency study of the RTP.
25 Jan 2010
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This week we review the best physics puzzle game about an alien call center employee that's been released so far this year.
9 Mar 2010
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Released in 1999, UT was a breath of fresh air to the PC FPS. Taking a familiar genre and packing in dozens of bots, levels, weapons and game modes as well as cranking up the pace of the game making "story" secondary to action created a whole new emphasis and form of FPS game. It didn't do it alone, Quake 3 Arena should also share some of the credit for this and much of this video is directly comparing the two games. For anyone who never played these games the first time through they're still very much playable and fun as they ever were and it's only really in the graphics department that they've aged.This video review will form part of a three set with the subsequent UT including 2003 and 2004. The audio mixing has been better so apologies if you can't hear the commentary crystal clear especially at the beginning, but hopefully the video does just as much of the talking as I do. A real modern classic and watermark in FPS gaming.On a side note I understand there's an online petition to call on Crytek to pursue a 4th Timesplitters game. I'm hardly political but given it took 2 seconds to sign did without a moment's hesitation - that site is: *******www.petitiononline****/TS4tcbd1/petition.html for those of you who also care.
17 Mar 2010
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Back to form after the 03 wreckage?
17 Mar 2010
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The old classic and very first "Angry Nerd" review ever made. It features a then 15-year-old kid named James Rolfe reviewing the game "Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
15 Nov 2010
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Bytejacker episode 48
3 Feb 2011
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