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Five banned video games from around the world! In this first episode of fives I bring you my top five banned video games to date. Including AAA gaming titles such as Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto, there are some strange facts to be learned about games and why certain games and even certain versions of games have been banned in certain places across the world. From weird, bizarre laws to hidden mini games within the games themselves, there exists a whole range of weird and wonderful reasons the games on this top five list have been banned from public consumption. Gaming, being an aspect of society that has always been controversal is something that almost everybody does love to a certain extent. However the featured games in this list tend to go above and beyond with some of their content to warrant them getting banned. In some cases, the bans may be deserved and in others, it makes you question the game and the content itself. So what do you think of the bans and the banned video games featured in my top 5 list? Do you think some of the bans were justified? Or do you think that the bans on the games are stupid? Let me know your thoughts on these banned games in the comment section below – I am eager to hear what my fellow gamers are feeling and thinking about these banned games. With all that stated, I hope you enjoyed my first top 5 list on banned video games. Just note that these are only my personal top 5 list on banned games, there may be tons more of insane video game bans out there! (if there are, be sure to let me know :D) Be sure to check back every Friday for a new video! Season 1 of Fives is on the go. If you have any video or topic suggestions for a Fives list or my top 5 lists, be sure to leave a comment below or send me a private message! I'd love to hear your suggestions! Or, even, suggestions for my upcoming top 10 series! All the best for now and have a nice day!
1 Feb 2018
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25 Jan 2018
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As the first proper numbered entry in the Ace Combat series in ten years, Ace Combat 7 is finally delivering that arcade-y flight action to current-gen consoles. In a genre that’s admittedly begun to wane on home consoles, Ace Combat has arguably been the most accessible franchise for would-be fighter pilots. And having briefly played Ace Combat 7 both on console and in VR (which is exclusive to the PS4), it’s safe to say we’re ready to strap back in and go wheels-up
30 Jan 2018
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Looking at the way the marketplace for computer gaming components is behaving towards the end consumer, seems now it is the worst time if you want to build your own gaming machine. DDR pricing along with graphics cards makes one wonder on the beginning of 2018 that previous year has been a wild journey for the computer tech industry, not just for the usual tech giants, but also consumers. Just as I write this article I wander around some of the go-to online shops to buy a gaming computer component, just to find every GPU out of stock. Gets worse, graphics cards pricing changed from eventually starting to relax in the late months of 2017 to get along to 2018 past absolutely berserk and it is absolutely damaging than ever for budget seekers. There are a few motives for why this has happened and these intentions have all come collectively to create the ideal marketplace typhoon. These troubles involve cryptocurrency mining and elevated memory production prices to start. The tale of cryptocurrency mining profitability is way up the trending scale right now, with nearly every miner snapping up each last GPU they could get. The DDR memory pricing, which has been pushed up due to a loss of supply at the same a time of an excessive call of consumers, fixed well above any expectations in the beginning of 2018, and in equal matters, I am absolutely amazed to see what will happen with GDDR5 memory and the anticipated RAM scarcity that will boom the cost of every single GPU, from low budget to high-end graphics cards. Miners and gamers are supposed to be tech enthusiasts, but game supporters appear to be pointing the finger in every direction. After all, a few different strategies should have taken place before this turned into an actual serious supply/consumer failure case for a lot of people.
31 Jan 2018
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Lolsmurf Accounts is the best site to find Unranked accounts at the most reasonable price. Our accounts have been leveled only by the genuine players. So, with no risk of ban rate, Lolsmurf Accounts welcomes every gamer to make a deal. The players can get access to ahigher rank by buying one of the accounts.
2 Feb 2018
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If You Become a Champion then you should do something different. Counterstrike is the Very difficult game. There are so many users that are playing the game and everyone wants to hit the better rank. If you want to grebe this options you just log in to my website and place an order. There are so many bright features in this account if you are a better gamer you can get so many benefits from this opportunity. If you interested logon to CS GO Smurf Shop Buy Cs Go Smurf Ranked Accounts.
6 Feb 2018
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Gaming laptops seem quite heavy funded and can take a lot out of the pocket of hardcore gamers. However, it would depend on what the gamer is after in a laptop, internally and externally. Having both can cost an arm and a leg. A hardcore gamer seeking perfection would need to fork out their full savings to even invest in a high quality looking and strong performing laptop. However, laptops with a budget can also do this. Mid-range and budget laptops pack a punch to play the modern gaming titles on reasonable settings without spending too much money. Obtaining the highest level of design and performance is quite difficult to manage. Although budget laptops might not allow the gamer to run the full and high settings, however they will hold up to give you the ultimate gaming experience. Performance of the gaming laptop is dependent on the internal specifications, something that hardcore gamers would always look at as a priority. Yes, the look and design should apply to provide that ultimate gaming experience, but performance is what matches the real expectations of the hardcore gamer. There are many powerful laptops that are on a budget, it is just a case of identifying them! Gamers with experience will always look for value for money!
7 Feb 2018
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Why would you choose Mac if you are a gamer.
5 Apr 2006
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PC Gamer VidCast 10_20_2006
14 Nov 2006
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real hardcore gamer
20 Oct 2007
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Idiot gamer
31 Jan 2007
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For any gamer who hasnt discovered it yet. Xfire is awesome. Offer many cool features, watch this video!
9 Feb 2007
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